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110-year-old news highlights from The Monroe Journal from July 1905

The Monroe Journal newspaper in Monroeville, Ala., under the direction of Editor and Proprietor Q. Salter, published four editions 110 years ago during the month of July 1905. Those issues, which were dated July 6, July 13, July 20 and July 27, can be found on microfilm at the Monroe County Library in Monroeville, Ala. What follows are a few news highlights from those four editions. Enjoy.

JULY 6, 1905

Mr. S.H. Dailey was down from Tunnel Springs Tuesday evening to attend the meeting of the Royal Arch Chapter.

Mr. J.W. Fore is nursing a bruised hand as the result of a too vigorous encounter with a baseball.

Masonic Officers: Monroe Lodge No. 485 – Tinela – R.W. McCants, W.M.; J.G. Lambriecht, S.W.; T.G. Reynolds, J.W.; J.R. McCants, Treasurer; J.D. McKinley, Secretary; J.F. Rowell, S.D.; C.G. Reynolds, J.D.; A.P. Najors, Chaplain; G.C. Nettles, Tyler.
Regular communications on Friday before the second Sunday in each month at 10 o’clock a.m.

At a picnic near Axle, this county, last Saturday, Andrew Broughton shot and killed Bill Henderson. Both men tanked up on Peruna or some similar concoction and the killing was the result. Broughton made a desperate effort to escape but the Sheriff overhauled him Sunday night and he is now in jail.

Dr. J.B. Stallworth desires those who are in need of first-class dental work to know that he can be found in his office during the three weeks of the special term of Circuit Court. Dr. Stallworth has a conveniently situated office upstairs in the old courthouse, equipped with the most approved appliances and is winning a large clientele of appreciative patrons.

Court officers, attorneys and others look forward to the approaching special term of court with considerable dread because of the sweltering heat they must endure.

JULY 13, 1905

Dr. G.H. Harper and Mr. A.C. Lee were up from Manistee Wednesday.

Mr. Riley Kelly of Excel attended the meeting of the Masonic Lodge here Wednesday.

Lt. Charles L. Scott, U.S. Army, having graduated at West Point Military Academy, is now at home enjoying his leave of absence until Oct. 13, when he will report to his command, 12th U.S. Cavalry, stationed at Camp Thomas, near Chickamauga Park. Lt. Scott is the son of Hon. Rob G. Scott of Mt. Pleasant.

New Hack Line: I am now operating a hack line from Monroeville to Monroe Station, meeting all trains daily. A liberal share of public patronage respectfully solicited. - W.B. Jones.

The Commissioners Court has been in session this week transacting business relating to tax matters. The full board was in attendance.

Sheriff Fountain is on a business trip to Birmingham.

Rev. Mr. Metcalf of Georgiana occupied the pulpit at the Baptist church last Sunday morning.

Dr. G.G. Scott of Mobile, president of the Scott-Blacksher Commission Co., was here this week receiving the cordial greetings of his many friends. He will visit several point in this and Wilcox County in the interest of his house.

JULY 20, 1905

Dr. G.H. Harper and Mr. A.C. Lee were up from Manistee last week attending the Masonic lodge.

Dr. Samuel W. Yarbrough died at his home in Monroeville on Thursday evening, July 14, after an illness of several weeks, and was buried at the Baptist cemetery on Friday afternoon with Masonic honors. Dr. Yarbrough had been a valued citizen of Monroeville for more than 20 years and stood at the head of his profession as a dental surgeon in this county.

Open Cotton: The first open bolls of cotton reported this season were left at The Journal office on Monday by Messrs. E. Talbert and Russell Broughton of Monroeville and J.M. Dees of Peterman. The bolls were pulled in each instance on Sat., the 15th inst. This is several days earlier than the first reported last season and indicates that conditions have been more favorable for growth and maturity than last year.

The adjourned term of the Monroe Circuit Court convened on Monday. Judge John T. Lackland presiding and Solicitor Oscar L. Gray attorney for the State. In view of the numerous murders and homicides committed since the sitting of the grand jury, the presiding judge deemed it best to organize a special grand jury to investigate the offenses.

Hon. George W. Taylor, the distinguished congressman from the first district, and Mr. S.W. Compton, superintendent of education of Marengo County, addressed our citizens at the courthouse Monday evening of the subject of a special county school tax.

JULY 27, 1905

Cases Tried: The adjourned term of Circuit Court has made a remarkable record so far, not so much for the rapidity with which business is being dispatched, but for the character of the verdicts returned by the juries.
The following cases have been tried:
The State v. Sonny Coker, rape, sentenced to hang Sept. 8.
The State v. Frank Coker, murder, sentenced to penitentiary for life.
The State v. John Sanders, rape, 10 years in penitentiary.
The State v. Wes. Rains, murder, five years in penitentiary.
The State v. Sam Mixon, arson, 10 years in penitentiary.

Rev. C.M. Hutton of Fort Worth, Texas, former chaplain of the 36th Alabama Regiment in the Confederate service, accompanied by Mr. J.L. Marshall of Perdue Hill, to who he was on a visit, paid our sanctum a pleasant visit Saturday. Mr. Hutton had the pleasure of meeting a number of his old comrades whom he had not seen for upward of 40 years. From here he goes to Scooba, Miss. to participate in a family reunion.

Col. Nick Stallworth of Evergreen was a pleasant visitor to The Journal office while in the city last week. Col. Stallworth spent some time in New Mexico this past winter and spring and his many friends are gratified to see him greatly improved in health.

Rev. C.H. Motley fill his regular appointment at the Methodist church last Sunday.

Dr. S.B. McMillan of Jones Mill favored this office with a call Tuesday.

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