Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Evergreen Courant's Sports Flashback for March 29, 2016

MARCH 28, 1974

The Conecuh County High School Blue Devils will field a football team this Fall for the first time since the late 1930s. The Devils will play Repton and Frisco City in a jamboree at the Repton High Bulldog Field at seven o’clock Saturday night. The team and coaches are Randy Chavers, Eddie Ryals, Chris Anderson, Bobby Brown, Gerald Anderson, J.W. Monk, Bill Baker, Johnny Godwin, Stan Pate, Keith Merritt, Michael Gantt, Eddie Garner, Willie Jones, Angelo Dees, Duncan Smith, Carl Sanders, Michael Sims, Phillip Etheridge, Wendell Kast, Ricky Godwin, William Ryals, Paul Ellis, Donnie Green, Rusty Bethune, Johnny Chavers, Homer Holland, Dennis Darby, Bill Godwin, Steve Pate, Hugh Bradford, Floyd Coleman, Bobby Barnes, Wade Wilcox, Donnie Laster, Royce Baker, Rusty Wilson, Ricky Reeves and Andy Pate.

Alvis Griffin killed this fine gobbler on the opening day of the spring turkey hunting season Wednesday of last week. The bird weighed 18-3/4 pounds and had an 8-3/4 inch beard.

Olen Brooks, son of Mrs. Ida Woods, formerly of Evergreen, was saluted by the Southern Star paper of Lansing, Mich. He participates in major sports which include basketball, football, track and wrestling. He wants to go to Southern California to play football.
During the wrestling season, Olen won three of his matches. He wrestled at 155 pounds. His shortest pin took him 26 seconds and the longest four minutes. Olen came in third in the City Meet.

MARCH 28, 1929

Dr. Hawthorn Tells Of “Wonder” Cage Team: A story of how a basketball team from Joes, Colorado, a town of two or three stores and a population of 40, won the 1929 state high school championship of Colorado is told by Dr. H.M. Hawthorn, a native of this county, in a letter received a few days ago by the editor of The Courant.
Clippings from The Denver Post of March 17 give an account of the final game and photos of what it describes as the “wonder team.” Joes slashed its way through all opposition in the final contest over Fort Collins, a team with a national reputation in basketball, by a score of 37 to 14.
The Post thus describes the town: “Tucked away in the southwest corner of Yuma County – miles and miles from nowhere – is the little village of Joes. A solitary dirt road curves down from the north and ends at Joes. Two or three stores constitute the commercial life of the village. The nearest railroad point is 28 miles away at Vona. To speak figuratively, Joes is the jumping off place. Last year a new principal came to Joes. He was Lane Sullivan, former courthouse reporter for The Denver Morning Post. Sullivan used to play basketball in the east. He got the boys together, aroused public interest and a fine gymnasium was erected and the rise of Joes to state supremacy in the basketball world was meteoric from the start.”
Dr. Hawthorn’s letter follows:

Editor, The Courant,
Dear Sir: -
Enclosed you will find clippings from last Sunday’s Denver Post which are self explanatory. Thought it would be interesting to the smaller schools to know what a small school did out here. Thought it would be an incentive to the small schools to put forth the effort to reach the top.
This team is made up of a bunch of farmer boys, and they look it on the floor. The runners-up were from a large town in which is located the State Aggies, and they had the benefit of college coaching to some extent. My son saw the game and he said that Joes playing was dazzling and that a college team would have a hard time winning over them.
The public at large will send them to the National Tournament at Chicago, as the section of Joes could not afford it.
I read your write-up of the dairy proposition there, and as soon as I can get around to it, I want to write you an article on the industry out here. It might help to get the people at it back there. While I live in Colorado, I still call Conecuh County home, and am interested in her progress.
With kindest regards to my friends, I am very truly yours,
Henry M. Hawthorn.

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