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The Evergreen Courant's News Flashback for Oct. 11, 2016

OCT. 8, 1891

Information Wanted: The following letter addressed to me as coroner of Conecuh County has been received.
STILLWATER, MINN., Sept. 28, 1891.
DEAR SIR: We have just been informed of the death of our uncle, Benjamin Morgan of Alabama, who died in 1885. If he died in your county, please let us know the manner of his death, as business of importance is to be settled at once.
Yours truly,
The name of Benjamin Morgan is not on the register of deaths for Conecuh County, therefore I am sure he did not die in Conecuh County.
Inquiry has also been made through a German consul about the death of Louis Rudolph Goldbeck by a railroad accident near Evergreen. A transcript from the register has been forwarded, showing a man aged about 25 years was killed by a railroad accident near Evergreen on Dec. 4, 1884. He was considered a tramp.
His death was reported by Mr. J.T. Amos, the railroad section master, who said it was impossible to ascertain a name from anything on his person or otherwise. This is the only instance that a death is reported in the register with name and other data unknown.
Coroner, Conecuh County

Hon. G.R. Farnham returned from Montgomery Tuesday morning where he had been assisting in the prosecution of Bradford Dunham for the killing of young Cunningham.

OCT. 10, 1906

Veterans Hold Meeting: A meeting of Camp Capt. Wm. Lee, U.C.V., was held in the grand jury room on Monday morning and was largely attended.
G.R. Boulware of Brooklyn was elected commander to succeed the lamented Dr. Bruner. B.M. Johnson was adjutant pro tem.
The following were elected delegates and alternates to the State reunion: Wm. Morris, J.W. Darby, J.L. Bowden, W.L. Stallworth; alternates – M.B. Salter, J.R. Myers, J.W. McInnis, H.J. Beasley.
A resolution was adopted requesting the county tax assessor and collector to procure a complete list of all veterans in the county and furnish same to the Camp historian.
The following comrades were in attendance: W.L. Stallworth, J.W. McInnis, G.W. Riley, R.H. Riggs, M.A. Gantt, P.D. Bowles, G.R. Boulware, T.A. Jones, C.G. Russell, J.A. Golson, J.H. Northcutt, H.J. Beasley, W.K. Burt, J.C. Travis, A.A. McKittrick, Jas. W. Darby, A.H. Stokes, J.M. Shell, J.L. Bowden, W.R. Watson, B.M. Johnson.

At the Opera House, one night only, Wed., Oct. 10th, the grand opening of the season, Mr. Brandon Courtney presents the new, bright, breezy, snappy musical comedy, “Violette,” featuring Corinne Frances, America’s youngest and most talented comedienne, surrounded by a bevy of clever comedians and a chorus of pretty girls. Fifteen big song hits. Carrying a carload special scenery; beautiful electrical effects. Most gorgeous organization ever witnessed. Prices 35, 50 and 75 cents.

OCT. 12, 1921

A Hundred Years Ago! At Brooklyn Church, Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 15-16, there will be held services in recognition of the 100th anniversary of the church. All friends of the cause of religion are invited to be present. Dinner will be served Saturday in the grove where the congregation originally worshiped.

C.E. Mills had the misfortune to lose his private garage at his home, together with two automobiles, shortly after midnight Thursday night. It is not known how the fire originated.

LENOX NEWS: Our school is continuing to grow, the enrollment having reached 107.

PAUL ITEMS: School is progressing nicely, with a total enrollment to date of 90 pupils and more to come in.

Beasley School Items: The death angel visited the home of L.J. Etheridge and took away his beloved wife on Oct. 3. She was 73 years old and is survived by her husband and six children. Mrs. Etheridge was laid to rest in Owassa cemetery, the funeral conducted by Rev. J.T. Peak.

J.P. Langham and his winsome young bride were here Sunday returning from their bridal trip to their home at Repton.

Rev. Stanley Frazer and family from North Carolina are guests of their parents, Dr. and Mrs. J.S. Frazer.

E.T. Millsap and wife motored over from Monroeville Sunday to visit relatives.

OCT. 8, 1936

New City Officials Now Govern Evergreen: A new administration took charge of municipal affairs in Evergreen on Monday night with inauguration of the newly elected mayor and council.
Dr. J.R. Brooks was formally inducted into office as mayor and J.T. Gaillard, C.B. Wilson, Cecil Hagood, J.H. Robison and J.W. Shannon took their seats as members of the council.
All incumbent city employees were renamed by the council and a new position, that of street foreman, was created and H.Z. Gunter named to take this place. Those re-named were: Clerk and Treasurer, J.R. Simmons; Light and Water Supt., F.M. Wright; Ass’t Supt. Foster Brooks; Chief of Police, Harry L. Riley; Night Marshal, G.W. Moorer; Attorney, J.L. Kelly.

Work on the Evergreen-Skinnerton highway will begin within the next few days.
Orders have been issued for the transfer of convicts to the state’s newly constructed camp two miles north of Evergreen and they are expected to arrive no later than Monday.
Work will begin immediately after their arrival. The camp is constructed to care for approximately 100 convicts but it is not expected to be filled to capacity at this time.
Construction of the 24-mile stretch is expected to get underway first in the vicinity of the camp, which is located on county property formerly used as a site for the county alms house, recently abolished with the advent of the old age pension system in this state.

OCT. 11, 1951

Death claimed John Dickerson Diamond, one of Conecuh County’s oldest citizens Friday afternoon at his home some two miles from the Wilcox community. He would have been 100 years old next April.
Mr. Diamond was born in this county and lived here all of his life. For the past 76 years, he had lived in the home he moved into after his marriage and it was in this home that his death came. He was until his retirement a few years ago a farmer, a calling he followed all of his life.

Local Soldier Serving With 24th Inf. In Korea: With the 24th Inf. Div., U.S. Army, in Korea – Pvt. John H. Johnson, son of Mrs. W.J. Johnson, Avenue “A,” Evergreen, Ala., is serving with the 21st “Gimlet” Regiment of the 24th Infantry Division in Korea.
Before entering the service, Johnson was employed as a mill worker at Evergreen Heading Co.

Sallie Covan, three-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Covan, was seriously injured Sunday afternoon, Sept. 23, when the accidental discharge from a shotgun struck her in both legs. The gun went off at close range and resulting injuries caused the amputation of the right leg.
The accident happened at the Covan’s home northeast of Mabank, Texas. The accident occurred as the father of the child was removing the gun from the floor of the car.

The Covans are former residents of Evergreen and their many friends here will be glad to know that Sallie is recovering.

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