Thursday, April 16, 2015

Two UFO reports were filed in Alabama during the month of March 2015

It’s the third Thursday of the month, so this week I’m giving you an update on UFO reports in Alabama from the previous month, courtesy of the Mutual UFO Network.

A search for UFO reports in Alabama between March 1 and March 31 on MUFON’s website,, resulted in two reports from within our state during that time.

The first incident occurred Thurs., March 26, around 1 a.m. in Auburn. The witness in this case reported that he was outside smoking a cigarette when he saw silent flashing lights that changed colors and seemed to change shapes in response to light. The witness noted that he lives near a small airport and is familiar enough with aircraft to know that this UFO wasn’t a plane.

The witness said he first saw the unusual object while looking northeast. At first, it looked like “a formation of three diamonds,” which appeared to be connected as it traveled silently and more slowly than landing aircraft. As he watched, the object split into three separate diamond-shaped objects.

Each object appeared to have flashing lights of different colors, and he continued to watch as each object appeared to change shapes, including the shapes of triangles and cigars.

“I have a spotlight in my back yard so I shined it at one of the objects which darted forward and backwards and left to right as if darting to evade the light I was shining,” the witness said in his report. “As I watched, the shapes seemed to rejoin into one large diamond and, in a large flash of color and no sound, shot directly into the sky with lightning speed.

In all, the witness said he watched the unusual objects for about 15 minutes.

The second incident occurred on Mon., March 30, around 9:15 p.m. The report doesn’t say exactly where in Alabama it took place other than to say that it occurred somewhere within the state’s borders.

The witness in this case saw what he called an “unusual aeronautical phenomena” while stargazing. While facing west, he saw a bright, glowing object directly above him, moving north. The object was about the same brightness as the planet Jupiter in the night sky, the witness said.

“It dimmed then brightened again and faded away as it moved north,” the witness said in his report. “Second behind it were two of the same objects side by side. They behaved in the same way. Whatever it was, it was not natural and was flying in formation.”

Before closing out this week, I just want to put it out there again that I would be very interested to hear from anyone who have witnessed a UFO, especially in Conecuh County. I think a lot of other people would be interested in hearing your story too, and I’m willing to accept your report anonymously. You can contact me by e-mail at or by phone at 578-1492.

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