Wednesday, May 3, 2017

This May marks 26 years since 1991 Wilcox County UFO incident

White cattle egrets among cattle.
This week’s edition of The Wilcox Progressive Era marks the first week of May, and each passing May marks the anniversary of one of the best documented UFO sightings in Wilcox County history.

The most detailed information about this incident can be found in a report filed by a witness through the Mutual UFO Network, an international organization of UFO investigators, commonly referred to as MUFON. According to the witness report, it was in May 1991 that multiple witnesses reported seeing a UFO while working in a cattle pasture off Cobbs Landing Road, south of Millers Ferry, in Wilcox County. The names of the witnesses in this case have been redacted from the report, but the details of the incident remain extremely unusual.

At the time of the incident, the main witness and a coworker were in a pickup truck on their way to a pasture to assist in tagging and weighing a newborn calf. They were traveling in an easterly direction, and the witness noted that the only airport in the area was the Camden Municipal Airport, about six miles southeast of their location.

When they arrived at the pasture, the driver saw what he at first thought was a white cattle egret bird fly up from the trees on the far side of the pasture. The witness said that it caught his attention because these birds usually appear in flocks, but this one was alone. It also wasn’t flapping its wings as it rose into the sky at a steady 45-degree angle. The witness watched it for a couple of seconds and estimated that it was about 400 yards over the trees.

The witness pointed it out to his coworker, but before he could locate it, the strange object vanished. The witness began describing the object to his coworker when it reappeared, higher in the sky and to the left of where he’d last seen it. He watched it for five to 10 more seconds before it vanished again, then reappeared much higher in the sky.

“It was still brilliant white and didn’t seem to be diminishing in size in spite of the distance it was traveling,” the witness said. His coworker still wasn’t able to locate it before it disappeared a second time then reappeared higher and to the left of its previous position in the sky. In all, the object repeated this sequence a total of five times, and the coworker finally spotted it on its fourth and fifth appearances.

“I interpreted this trajectory to be a spiraling ascent that carried it upward and southward at about a 45-degree angle,” the witness said. “It seemed to be visible to us only along a portion of its spiral, possibly due to light reflecting from its surface and then vanished when the surface angle changed. On its fifth appearance, it entered scattered clouds, and we lost it.”

The witness noted that the object didn’t seem any smaller when it entered the clouds compared to when the witness first saw it, which made the witness come to a couple of conclusions. First, the object was probably further away than he’d thought at first, possibly miles away, and that it was much larger than a cattle egret. The witness said that the object emitted no sound and left no visible trail, but it did appear “bird-shaped” with apparent fixed wings.

“The reason I’m reporting this is because it certainly did appear to rise from the field or from the trees beyond the field,” the witness said. “We did not see it fly into that location. It rose from that location as if it had been there some time, and I can think of no location a plane could have taken off from in that direction.”

In the end, I’m interested in hearing from anyone with more information about the incident described above and from anyone else who has witnessed a UFO elsewhere in Wilcox County. I think a lot of other people would be interested in hearing your story too, and I’m willing to accept your report anonymously.

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