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100-year-old news highlights from The Wilcox Progressive Era

Grave of George H. Strother Sr.
at Canton Bend Methodist Cemetery
What follows are 100-year-old news excerpts from the July 19, 1917 edition of The Wilcox Progressive Era newspaper in Camden, Ala.

THE NEW METHODIST CHURCH: Last Sunday was a beautiful day and it seems that God’s presence was near the building when the first service was held in the new Methodist Church at Camden. The frame church building that was torn down last spring was erected 75 years ago. Mr. David McIntosh Sr., now 93 years of age, was a worshiper in the old church when it was first erected and attended the services last Sunday. Excellent music was rendered by the choir, the pastor Rev. T.Y. Abernathy led in prayer, and afterwards gave an interesting talk in which he outlined the pride and pleasure the members felt in seeing this edifice completed. Rev. B.H. Grier of the A.R.P. Church spoke beautifully and eloquently of the pleasure it afforded other denominations and creeds in attending the service. Mr. E.W. Berry of the building committee expressed the hope that the members felt in giving this house to God’s service not in pride, but in humility. The dedication of the church will take place on July 29, when Bishop McCoy is expected to be present and also 14 of the former pastures of the Camden church.

The following is a list of the newly elected officers of Widow’s Son Lodge at Furman: Dr. P.V. Spear, worshipful master; J.T. Purifoy, senior warden; J.N. Perdue, junior warden; Dr. Ross Spear, treasurer; O.J. Spear, secretary; C.H. McCondichie, tyler; P.E. Wallace, senior deacon; W.A. Stuart, junior deacon.

R.E. Lee Lodge, No. 379, at Pine Apple has elected the following new officers: J.R. Melton, worshipful master; Dr. E. Donald, senior warden; L.P. Cone, junior warden; Simon Patterson, treasurer; W.F. Snowden, secretary; W.W. Ptomey, senior deacon; Z.D. Reard, junior deacon; A.W. Sills, tyler.

Unity Lodge No. 186 at Lower Peach Tree has elected the following officers: Dr. K.A. Meyer, worshipful master; T.A. Powe, senior warden; M.L. Stabler Jr., junior warden; A.L. Slaughter, treasurer; W.R. Welch, secretary; J.M. Kirk, chaplain; W.H. Floyd, senior deacon; B.D. Stabler, junior deacon; J.D. Suthall, tyler.

Dr. J.D. Perdue of Furman is now enlisted in the U.S. Medical Reserve Corps and has received his commission as first lieutenant.

The editor, Hon. S.D. Block, was at home this week. He will be in Mobile about two weeks, and during his absence, Prof. O.C. Weaver will be in charge.

Mr. Peter Vredenburgh Jr., Mgr., and his party of the Vredenburgh Saw Mill Co. visited Camden last Sunday, guest of the Bloch Wilcox Hotel.

Mr. Roderick Ross’s home in Canton was accidentally burned last week. It was partially insured and was the former home of Geo. H. Strother Sr., deceased, and was a substantial building.

The connections are being made with residences, storehouses, banks and offices with the Camden water works. The indications are that Camden will have a plentiful water supply for its present needs.

The Wilcox County Masonic Conference: The 25th Annual Communication of the Wilcox County Masonic Conference will be held with Dale Lodge, No. 25, at Camden, commencing on Monday, Aug. 13, at 8 p.m. and continuing to such hour on the following Wednesday as the conference may determine after assembling.
OFFICERS: Jno. T. Edwards, Dale Lodge, Camden, worshipful master; K.A. Mayer, Unity Lodge, Lower Peach Tree, senior warden; J.R. Melton, R.E. Lee Lodge, Pine Apple, junior warden; J.C. Benson, Dale Lodge, Camden, secretary and treasurer; J.M. Kirk, Unity Lodge, Lower Peach Tree, chaplain; J.D. Carmichael, Sunny South Lodge, Sunny South, senior deacon; W.P. Roberts, Cokerville Lodge, McWilliams, junior deacon; P.H. Dunn, K.A. Mayer Lodge, Pine Hill, senior steward; E.I. McBryde, Wilcox Lodge, Oak Hill, junior steward; A.D. Campbell, Dale Lodge, Camden, tyler.

Grand Ball: The young men of Camden will give a grand ball at Masonic Hall ball room on next Friday evening. The Inter Orchestra will furnish sweet music and many visitors are expected from Monroeville, Beatrice, Selma and other towns.

Catherine: Mr. Smith, the county road supervisor, was here this week looking after bridges built on the new Cobbs landing, Catherine highway, which with grading finished, is now being graveled.

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