Thursday, July 1, 2010

Never cracked a skull like this before...

I sampled another of this month’s Great American Beer Club selections earlier this week, and this time around, it was Laughing Skull Amber Ale.
This month’s edition of “Beer Expeditions” described it as “one of the South’s favorite craft beers,” saying that it is a “full flavored amber with a crisp, clean finish. This brew has the full spectrum of flavors to delight all palates. Seven malts and two hops provide a firm but subtle finish. Suggested food pairings include BBQ chicken, fish and chips, fried chicken or the crowd’s favorite pizza.”
Brewed and bottled by the Atlanta Brewery, this beer comes in an interesting bottle. Feature a unique skull logo (pictured above), the label reads as follows:
Back from the dead and better than ever! Like a zombie that just won’t die, one of the South’s favorite craft beers is back. This newly reincarnated version of Laughing Skull is a full flavored Amber Ale with a crisp, clean finish that’s sure to clear out the cobwebs. So crack open a Skull. You’ll be glad you did.”

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