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125-year-old news items from the May 1889 editions of The Monroe Journal

One hundred and 25 years ago, in May 1889, The Monroe Journal newspaper in Monroeville, Ala. published five editions during that month under the direction of Publisher and Editor Q. Salter. Those newspapers were dated for May 3, May 10, May 17, May 24 and May 31. What follows is a selection of new highlights from each of those editions.

MAY 3, 1889

Rev. S.P. Lindsey will preach at the following times and places during the month of May: First Sabbath, Repton; second Saturday and Sabbath, Old Salem; third Sabbath, Hamilton Hill; fourth Saturday and Sabbath, Oak Grove; and first Sabbath in June at Corinth.

Mr. S.W. Yarbrough has sold the machinery of his saw mill near town to Mr. Keiser who will remove it to Belleville, where he will re-erect it.

Sheriff Harrengton returned Tuesday from Selma where he went on official business.

The grand jury failed to return an indictment against Geo. C. Sellers, who has been confined in the county jail for several months, charged with killing W.S. Hall, but immediately upon his release, from that charge, he was arrested on an indictment for forgery in the second degree. The forgery was committed several years ago. He plead guilty and placed himself at the mercy of the court. He was sentenced to two years in the penitentiary, which was the lowest penalty under the law.

B.F. Elmore, Esq. of the Grove Hill bar, attended court here during the latter part of last week. Col. Ben was elected clerk of the last House of Representatives and proved himself one of the most popular and efficient officers who has ever served in that capacity.

MAY 10, 1889

Capt. C.R. Broughton gave us a pleasant call Monday. Capt. Broughton is the oldest surviving pioneer of Monroeville, having resided at his present valuable homestead near town upward for 47 years and is familiar with every important incident in the chequered history of the place during that time, and can relate many interesting and amusing reminiscences of its palmy days.

Father A.B. Friends, a Catholic priest from Mobile, was in Monroeville last week, the guest of Hon. D.L. Neville.

HIDE-AND-SEEK: Is the cogno-men of a most interesting little game between Sheriff Harrengton and his deputies and some of the boys during the recent session of the grand jury. The boys did the “hiding,” it is entirely useless to add.

Capt. John Burns of Pineville, Monroe’s popular ex-Sheriff, gave us a pleasant call Tuesday. Capt. Burns is extensively engaged in farming and stock raising on one of the best plantations in the county, and his robust appearance indicates that the freedom and pure air of farm life agrees with him.

REMOVAL – Dr. W.W. McMillan has removed his office to the opposite side of town and is domiciled in the J.F. Fore building, where he also has comfortable bachelor’s rooms.

MAY 17, 1889

BURNT CORN – We learn that Mr. W.H. Betts had the misfortune to lose his dwelling house at Burnt Corn and all the furniture contained therein, by fire on last Tuesday morning. No insurance; loss about $1,300. Particulars not learned.

The Mayflower Temperance Society of Perdue Hill has a membership about 30.

Supt. Thames of Perdue Hill was in town Monday. He informed us that Perdue Hill has been selected as the place and June 7 as the time for holding the next Teachers Institute.

Mr. James McGill of Mt. Pleasant was in town this week.

Mr. Thomas Thompson of Perdue Hill called in to see us Wednesday. Mr. Thompson is one of The Journal’s oldest and most valued patrons, having been a subscriber continuously since its first number was issued in 1866 and has practiced for more than 20 years the model plan of paying up one year in advance.

B.P. Crum, Esq., of Evergreen was in town Monday on professional business.

The regular term of Commissioners’ Court was in session Monday and Tuesday, the entire board being present.

Dr. Pifer and Jay operated on an old colored woman with ovarian tumor at Evergreen. Before operating, she weighed 230 pounds, after operating she weighed 116 pounds.

There is not now a single prisoner confined in the county jail.

MAY 24, 1889

Mr. B.F. Wiggins, who has been engaged in the management of the general merchandise business of L.R. Wiggins & Son at Wallace, Ala., has closed out the business at that place and returned to Monroeville, where the firm will shortly open a new stock of general merchandise at the Clausell old stand. The building has been repaired and put in condition for the opening.

Tax Assessor Jones is engaged in making out his annual tax book, for Monroe County, which he hopes to have ready for delivery, together with the poll book, by the first Monday in July. Capt. Jones informs us that he has made a closer assessment this year and is nearer up with his work than any year since he has been in office.

CARD FROM MR. BETTS – Mr. J.F. Betts writing under date of May 16 gives us the following particulars concerning the burning of his brother’s house at Burnt Corn:
EDITOR JOURNAL – On Tuesday, 14th inst., my brother, W.H. Betts, lost his dwelling house, together with all the buildings in the yard, by fire. The fire was discovered about 3 p.m. on the roof of the main building, near the eave. From half to two-thirds of the furniture and contents were consumed, and much of what was saved was badly injured.
On the preceding day and about the same hour, the roof was on fire very near the same spot. It is impossible to say whether it was accidental or not. It certainly is very strange that both fires occurred at the same time of day and so near the same place.

MAY 31, 1889

The closing exercises of Perdue Hill High School will take place on June 4, 5 and 6.

Mr. Geo. Elg, our industrious shoemaker, has removed his shop to the building erected by Mr. C.M. Simmons.

The closing exercises of the Monroeville Academy will begin Thursday night, June 13, and close with concert on Friday, the 14th.

MASONIC – The Masonic funeral of Bro. Joel P. Rawls, will be preached at the Methodist church at Monroeville on the fourth Sabbath in June. The Masonic fraternity is cordially invited to attend. F.M. Jones, Sec’y.

MASONIC NOTICE – The members of Monroeville Lodge No. 153 F.&A.M. are hereby notified to attend the next regular communication in June, by order of the W.M. (Signed) F.M. Jones, Sec’y.

Tax Collector Robison is in town making his regular monthly settlement with the treasurer.

The very interesting exercises at the Methodist church last Sunday evening, in celebration of Children’s Day, where enjoyed by a very large and attentive audience.

Messrs. J.F. Emmons and W.C. Tucker of Mt. Pleasant were up last week for a visit. They report crops in that section very much retarded by the dry weather.

The long drought was broken Wednesday morning by a refreshing shower, followed by another Thursday morning, which earth absorbed like a sponge.

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