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The Evergreen Courant's News Flashback for Sept. 1, 2015

Nancy Carroll
SEPT. 7, 1978

Local weather reporter Earl Windham reported .15 inches of rain on Aug. 28. He reported a high of 94 degrees on Aug. 28 and a low of 63 degrees on Sept. 3.

“Sheriff Edwin Booker turned back three challengers as he romped to victory Tuesday in his bid for re-election for a second term. The sheriff had, according to complete but unofficial returns, 3,472 votes with C.W. (Bill) Kent his closest challenger with 1,511. John W. (Dick) Raines had 243 votes and Ralph Jackson (Jack) Gorum Jr. 227. Booker defeated veteran Sheriff James (Shorty) Brock by only 24 votes four years ago, but he had 3,472 to a combined total of 1981 for his three opponents this time.
“Frank Chavers, incumbent member and chairman of the Conecuh County Board of Education, stood off the challenge of Robert (Bob) Floyd to win another six-year term of office by a vote 2,590 to 2,087, according to complete and unofficial returns.
“W.J. (Dub) Reed romped to an easy victory in his bid for re-election to the Commission in District 2, Place 3. Reed racked up 1,453 votes. Woodrow R. Robinson had 356 and John Elvin Burch 327.
“State Representative J.E. (Jimmy) Warren rolled to an easy victory as he won re-election to a third term in the lower house. Complete, unofficial returns from the district had Warren with 7,198 and (opponent Stanley) Mitchell with 1,605.”

SEPT. 5, 1963

“Teacher’s Mother Struck By Auto: The mother of a new faculty member of Evergreen High School narrowly escaped serious injury when struck by a car on a downtown street Tuesday night.
“Mrs. Annie Baxter of Louisville, Ala. suffered abrasions of the scalp and body bruises when hit by a Volkswagen about nine o’clock p.m. She is the mother of Mrs. Anzolette Harden, who will teach senior English at EHS this year.
“According to City Policemen Lavon Overstreet and James Nelson, who investigated the accident, Mrs. Baxter was struck by a car driven by Michael Lewis Piper. Piper was en route to his home in Durham, N.C. after being discharged from the U.S. Marines at Camp Pendleton, Calif.
“The policemen said that Mrs. Baxter and Mrs. Harden said that they were crossing to their car on the other side of West Front Street in front of Harper’s Furniture Co. when the accident occurred.”

“The Fall Term of Circuit Court will open Monday morning, Sept. 16, at the Conecuh County Courthouse with Circuit Judge A.H. Elliott presiding.
“The judge will also empanel the Grand Jury and it will go into session the morning of the 16th. Evidence in criminal cases will be presented by indictments by Circuit Solicitor Robert E.L. Key and County Solicitor Henry J. Kinzer.”

“Leading the Evergreen High Band in its first performance tomorrow night at the Evergreen-Lyeffion game will be these beauties. Margaret Hagood is head majorette and her fellow high-steppers are Anne Hinson, Connie Gunter, Carolyn Bowers, Ann Campbell, Becky Monroe and Sally Oswald.

SEPT. 2, 1948

“Principal J.J. (Jack) Finklea of Evergreen High School announced Tuesday that school will open Monday morning, Sept. 6, at 8:30 and will be dismissed before noon. Thereafter, school will open at 8:00 and will be dismissed at 2:30 p.m.”

“Walter W. Dent Dies From Rifle Shot Wound: A wound from a .22 rifle proved fatal to Walter W. Dent, 42, Sunday afternoon about one o’clock. The shooting took place at his home in the Melrose community.
“Members of the family told Sheriff W.D. Lewis, who was called there to make an investigation, that the shooting was an accident. They were the only witnesses present and according to their story, Dent and his 15-year-old son, Weldon, were engaged in a struggle over the rifle when the fatal shot was fired. The family did admit that Dent and his son had been fussing and fighting.
“Dr. U.L. Jones of Brooklyn was called in, but Dent lived only a short while after he arrived. The bullet entered the right side.”

“The Evergreen station of the Alabama Highway Patrol warns drivers not to pass school buses while they are stopped to load and unload passengers.
“Sgt. T.P. Melton of the local office stated that there is a state law against passing school buses stopped to load and unload school children, and that the local patrolmen will enforce it to the letter.”

SEPT. 7, 1933

“Ike Thompson Under Bond For Shooting: Ike Thompson is under bond pending the action of the grand jury on a charge of assault with intent to kill, it being charged that he shot at Ed Lloyd late Thursday afternoon.
“According to reports, Thompson and Lloyd got into a fuss at a baseball game which was renewed at the pool room where Thompson works. Lloyd ran toward the business section when he saw Thompson was preparing to shoot him. The shot was fired across the main business section, but luckily few persons were on the street at the time and no damage was done.
“Officer H.L. Riley made the arrest. Bond was set at $1,200.”

“Says He’s In The Race To The End: Former Sheriff A.M. Barfield was in town Monday and dropped into The Courant office for a short time. For some time it has been known that Mr. Barfield would be a candidate for sheriff next year. He says that for some reason the report has been circulated that he had decided to withdraw from the race. He says that he has never authorized such a report and furthermore has never given such a thing the remotest consideration. He says that he is in the race and expects to stay in it to the end. He asks the Courant to make the above statement for him that his friends may be correctly informed.”

“Evergreen Theatre – EVERGREEN, ALABAMA – Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sept. 7-8-9 – “UNDER COVER MAN” – Nancy Carroll and Geo. Raft – Added Attraction, Bing Crosby in “BLUE OF THE NIGHT” – Get Merchants Tickets and See this show for 10 cents.”

SEPT. 4, 1918

“John Savage came home this week to spend a few days with his mother. He has been in the navy for about two years, being on the Battleship Delaware. He spent several months with the British navy and has made several trips across the water.”

“Clyde Williams reached home on Monday morning from Austin, Texas, where he graduated in the aviation training school after three months training. He is enjoying a 13 days furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Williams, after which he will be assigned for duty at some aviation field. He is in excellent shape physically and is enthusiastic over his branch of the war work.”

“SEPT. 12 IS REGISTRATION DAY: Men Between 18 and 45 Called on to Register Under New Draft Law: Washington, Aug. 31 – President Wilson today set Sept. 12 as the date upon which 13,000,000 Americans shall register for America’s greatest draft. Those summoned to prepare for service include all males between the ages of 18 and 45 inclusive, who have not previously registered. Out of this great reservoir it is estimated over 2,300,000 men will be available for Class One – the first to be called to arms. Some of these will be called as early as Oct. 1, as draft officials estimate that the present Class One will be depleted by then.”

“Conecuh County High School – Castleberry, Ala. – Opens Tues., Sept. 10, 1918 – Sarah E. Luther, Principal.”

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