Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Evergreen Courant's News Flashback for Sept. 29, 2015

OCT. 5, 1995

“Christian Country Music recording artist Jimmy Whitt and his 15-year-old daughter, Jamie, will headline the entertainment at the 15th Annual Conecuh Heritage Day Festival on Sat., Oct. 21, in downtown Evergreen.”

“Sheriff’s Dept. conducts marijuana eradication: On Wednesday and Thursday, Sept. 27 and Sept. 28, a coordinated marijuana hunt and eradication program was conducted again in Conecuh County.
“During the two days, there were two fixed wing aircraft and one helicopter flying over the county searching for marijuana plants. There was a two-day total of 93 plants found and burned with a total street value of $196,000.”

“Pleasant Hill resident loses life in accident late Friday afternoon: On Fri., Sept. 29, at approximately 5 p.m., the Conecuh County Sheriff’s Department received a call about a possible missing person in the Pleasant Hill community.
“According to family members, Mr. Monroe Samuel, age 87, had left his home around 2:30 p.m. saying he was going down to his daughter’s vacant house to check on things. When Mr. Samuel had not returned by 5 p.m., the family became concerned and notified the authorities.
“At approximately 8:40 p.m., three of Mrs. Samuels’ grandsons found him. He apparently was walking across the yard and stepped on the unsafe covering on a septic tank. This covering gave way, causing him to fall into the tank and drown.”

OCT. 2, 1980

“Aubrey Brown Boykin, 71, of South Main Street, Evergreen, died on Sunday evening, Sept. 28, in a local hospital after a long illness. He was a prominent local businessman and civic leader. He and his wife, Luella, have operated Conecuh County’s leading jewelry store for over 30 years.”
Boykin also served as an artillery officer in the 31st (Dixie) Division of the U.S. Army in combat areas of the Pacific Theatre during World War II. He was also a Mason and a Shriner.

“Giving up after ‘staking-out’ for over two weeks the field in which these marijuana plants were growing, officers moved in Thursday and uprooted the 700 plants that ranged from four to 12 feet in height. Deputy Sheriffs West Booker, Jerome Boykin, Mack Goneke and Leroy Ferrell and Sheriff Edwin Booker are shown. ABC agents also assisted in the stakeout.”

“Jury finds Mixon guilty manslaughter: Jerry D. Mixon was tried Monday on a charge of murder, but the petit jury found him guilty of a reduced charge of manslaughter. Circuit Judge Robert E.L. Key, who is presiding over this Fall Term of Circuit Court, Criminal Docket, Conecuh County, postponed sentencing until Oct. 28, pending a report by the probation officer. Mixon was defended by attorney Joe B. Nix Jr.
“(On Tuesday) Willie Carl Calhoun Jr. was found guilty of manslaughter by a petit jury when tried on a charge of murder. The defendant was represented by attorney Windell C. Owens. Sentencing was deferred to Oct. 28.”

OCT. 7, 1965

“Address Bob Key as ‘your honor’; he’s new judge: The proper form of address for Conecuh’s Robert E.L. Key is now ‘your honor.’ He was appointed the first judge of the newly created 35th Judicial Circuit by Gov. George Wallace late Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 30.
“The 35th Circuit was created in a bill introduced by Rep. Wiley Salter in the legislature. It passed the house and senate and was signed into law by the governor on Sept. 24. Conecuh and Monroe counties of the old 21st Circuit form the new circuit.
“Under the state law, Key will serve as judge until the next general election, or November 1966. That means he will come in the primary and general elections next year.”

“Burnt Corn store, PO are robbed: The post office and Sam Lowrey’s Store at Burnt Corn were burglarized Sunday night, Sept 19, according to state and postal investigators.
“B.R. Wilson, postal inspector out of the Mobile office, and J.F. Gardner, state investigator of Evergreen, said about $75 was missing from the post office safe and an undisclosed amount of money was missing from Lowrey’s Store.
“Wilson said the safe-cracking appeared to be the work of professionals. The burglar or burglars apparently broke a lock on the front of the store to gain entrance. The post office is also located in the store. According to Wilson, most of the $75 taken from the post office was in cash.
“The Conecuh-Monroe county line runs through Lowrey’s Store and the safe was apparently on the Monroe side as the Monroe County Sheriff’s office was called to investigate the burglary.”

OCT. 5, 1950

“Montgomery Man Ends Life Here Saturday: Verdell Evans Cunningham, age 46, resident of 11 Bibb Graves Ave., Montgomery, ended his own life here at an early morning hour Saturday morning, shortly after stepping from an early train. Shortly after arriving here, he walked into Wild Bros. Hardware and purchased a long butcher knife, then walked to the men’s room at the City Café and slashed his throat. He died instantly.”

“Castleberry Marine Is Wounded In Korean Action: Cpl. Manford Frederick Langley, U.S. Marine, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Langley of Castleberry, has been wounded in action in the Korean War. Cpl. Langley was wounded while serving with the 1st Marines on Sept. 18.
“Cpl. Langley attended Conecuh County High School before enlisting in the Marine Corps in July 1948. He received his boot training at Paris Island, S.C. Since joining the Marines, he has served with the 8th Marines aboard the U.S.S. Coral Sea in the Mediterranean Area, with 2nd Marine Division at Camp LeJeune, N.C. and with the 6th Marines overseas.”

“WHY THE GREEN INK? That’s the question most of our readers will ask when they get their Courant this week, ‘Why the green ink?’
“As you read through your Courant this week, you’ll find the reason for the green ink. The paper is printed in green this week to stress the slogan of the program of green grazing and cover crops on county fields, ‘Let’s Make Conecuh County Fields Green This Winter.’”

OCT. 3, 1935

“Construction Begins On New Sepulga Span: Construction of a new truss span steel bridge across the Sepulga River below Paul was begun Tuesday as the first concrete was poured.
“The span is being built across what is known as ‘Bull Slough,’ and is being financed with funds of the third district, which is represented on the board of revenue by J. Frank Pierce of Lenox. The cost is estimated as $6,000.
“The bridge will be 150 feet in length and about 50 feet above the river bed. Attempt is being made to place it high enough to escape all future floods. It will be at least one foot above the high water mark of 1929 and will be located about one mile up-river from the former span which was carried away by the flood of that year.
“Contract for its construction has been let to Gregg Gowden of Wilcox, who estimates that it will be complete about Jan. 1.
“Completion of the bridge and about one mile of road necessary to connect it with the road east of the river will provide a connecting link between Evergreen and Andalusia about five miles shorter than the present route and will greatly cut the distance to Evergreen for persons living east of the river.”

“Castleberry School Project Given Approval: Approval was announced Monday at Washington of the W.P.A. project for the construction of a school building at Castleberry. The approval of this project was given along with a number of others in the state aggregating a sum of $4,696,092. The Castleberry project was for an outright grant of $22,090 from the W.P.A. funds The remainder of the sum required for constructing the building will be put up by the County Board of Education.”

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