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110-year-old news highlights from The Monroe Journal from Oct. 1905

The Monroe Journal newspaper in Monroeville, Ala., under the direction of editor and proprietor Q. Salter, published four editions 110 years ago during the month of October 1905. Those issues, which were dated Oct. 5, Oct. 12, Oct. 19 and Oct. 26, can be found on microfilm at the Monroe County Library in Monroeville, Ala. What follows are a few news highlights from those four editions. Enjoy.

OCT. 5, 1905

Mr. S.D. Bartlett, one of Monroe’s oldest and most highly esteemed citizens, died at his home near Burnt Corn on Sept. 16, aged 74 years.

Mr. S.H. Dailey of Tunnel Springs was here Tuesday attending the meeting of the Royal Arch Chapter, of which he is the presiding officer. He is a faithful officer, being rarely absent from a regular meeting.

Mr. J. Hope Moore, the popular proprietor of the Claiborne Lower Warehouse, was at the county capital the first of the week.

Dr. H.C. Fountain was over from Burnt Corn last week. The doctor had the misfortune to have one of his fine bird dogs bitten by a made dog a few days ago.

Mr. A.B. Tucker, one of Monroe’s most prosperous young farmers, was in to see us a few days ago. One of the secrets of his prosperity is that he always has something to sell.

Tax Assessor J.D. Rawls and Collector J.L. Marshall began their first round of sittings on Monday last. Reports that come to us indicate that they are discharging their official duties as if they were old hands at the business.

Mr. J.M. Grimes of Manistee attended county court the first of the week.

Mr. Richard Solomon was a visitor to town Monday. He is the obliging postmaster at Monday.

OCT. 12, 1905

Dr. W.C. Raynor of Milwaukee is here for a few weeks looking after his plantation and property interests.

Mr. S.J. Byrd, postmaster and merchant of Goodway, was in to see us Monday.

Death of Mrs. Locklin: Mrs. Olivia L., relict of the late Capt. Charles W. Locklin, died at her home at Perdue Hill on Tuesday night, Oct. 10, at an advanced age, surviving her husband only a few weeks. The deceased was held in high esteem by a large circle of friends.

Killed by a Falling Tree: Mr. William Gandy, a young man aged about 18 years, was crushed to death by a falling tree near Mexia last Saturday. The young man, accompanied by his father and a negro, were driving along the public road during the prevalence of a high wind when then they observed a large pine tree in the act of falling. The negro urged the team to increased speed and escaped, but the father and son jumped from the wagon and the latter was caught beneath and crushed by the ponderous weight of the trunk. The elder Gandy sustained slight injuries.

The fall term of circuit court convened at noon on Monday, Judge J.T. Lackland presiding. Solicitor O.L. Gray is looking after the interests of the commonwealth with his usual vigilance. In the course of his charge to the grand jury, Judge Lackland stated that a report had reached him that a mob had recently captured a prisoner charged with the killing of two white men and meted out summary punishment. He instructed the jury to make rigid investigation into the facts of the case, remarking that every individual composing such mobs should be indicted for murder.

OCT. 19, 1905

Dr. G.H. Harper, the popular physician and druggist, was up from Manistee Tuesday.

ANOTHER BLOODY TRAGEDY: Two White Men Quarrel Over a Business Transaction and One is Fatally Shot: Another killing has been added to Monroe County’s bloody record. On Wednesday evening of last week Jim Wiggins shot and killed A.T. Aycock on the road leading from Claiborne to their home near Axle.
The circumstances as related to The Journal, were substantially as follows: Aycock had been in the employ of Wiggins and a difference arose between them over a settlement. The parties met in Claiborne on Wednesday, when Aycock, who it is said, was under the influence of liquor, demanded an immediate settlement. Wiggins declined to settle with him in his intoxicated condition, and left for his home by a different road from that ordinarily traveled. Learning of this Aycock hurried on and intercepted Wiggins at or near the intersection of the two roads. When Wiggins came up, Aycock was waiting for him and again demanded a settlement, assuming a violent and threatening attitude, whereupon Wiggins drew his pistol and fired, the ball penetrating Aycock’s brain. Death resulted very quickly.
Wiggins came to Monroeville and surrendered to the sheriff voluntarily, claiming self defense.

OCT. 26, 1905

L.J. Bugg, Esq., spent Sunday with friends in Montgomery. He was due at home Monday, but failing to make connections took advantage of the delay by going on to Mobile to be present at the reception in that city to President Roosevelt.

The fall term of Circuit Court adjourned last Saturday morning and the Judge and Solicitor left for Grove Hill where the Clarke court is now in session.

The Bear Creek Mill Co. has sold out there plant at this place (Manistee) to Mr. V.J. Herlong, who is running the business in the name of the Manistee Mill Co.

Rev. J.B. Kilpatrick filled his regular appointment at Pleasant Hill Church on Saturday and Sunday. He was assisted by Rev. Mr. Cohron of Excel. Brother Cohron preached at Grimes’ school house on Saturday night; his sermon was very forceful and we hope to have him with us again in the near future.

The patrons of Grimes school house are desirous of a teacher and wish to begin school at that place as soon as possible. Any teacher wishing a school will apply to J.W. Wilkinson, Manistee, Ala.

Hon. C.F. Rankin of Brewton was a distinguished visitor to our town this week. Mr. Rankin was for a number of years the popular and efficient postmaster at Brewton, but resigned that position to serve the people of Escambia in the capacity of Clerk of the Circuit Court.

Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Barnett left on Monday for Washington, New York and other eastern cities. They were accompanied by Mr. Hibbard and will probably be absent two weeks.

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