Thursday, October 29, 2015

Which team are you pulling for in the 2015 MLB World Series?

Alex Rios was born in Alabama in 1981.
The 2015 Major League Baseball World Series was scheduled to get underway Tuesday night with the New York Mets taking on the Kansas City Royals in the first of a best-of-seven series at Kaufman Stadium in Kansas City.

I’m lukewarm about this series, but I’m going to pull for the Royals since they haven’t won a World Series since 1985. The Mets last won a World Series in 1986, but it’s hard to pull for them since they not only put the Cubs out of the “Back to the Future” World Series, but they’re also in the same division with the Atlanta Braves.

Also, neither of these teams have any close ties to Alabama, so far as I can tell. The only player on either team’s active roster who was born in Alabama is Kansas City right fielder Alex Rios. Rios was born in Coffee, Ala. on Feb. 18, 1981, but his parents, Israel and Maritza, left Alabama when he was just a couple of months old, and he grew up in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.

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The eighth weekend of the college football season is now in the history books, and still only one SEC team – LSU - remains unbeaten. After Saturday’s 48-20 win over Western Kentucky, LSU is 7-0 overall and they’ve got this weekend off as they prepare for their Nov. 7 showdown with Alabama.

Taking a look at this week’s upcoming SEC football schedule there are four head-to-head SEC games this weekend and two games involving SEC teams and non-conference opponents. The head-to-head SEC games included Tennessee at Kentucky, South Carolina at Texas A&M, Ole Miss at Auburn and the Florida-Georgia game in Jacksonville, Fla. Also on Saturday, Vanderbilt will play at Houston, and UT-Martin will play at Arkansas. Alabama, Missouri, LSU and Mississippi State have the weekend off.

With that said, here are my predictions for this week’s slate of games. I like Ole Miss over Auburn, Tennessee over Kentucky, Texas A&M over South Carolina, Florida over Georgia, Houston over Vanderbilt and Arkansas over UT-Martin.

Last week: 5-1. So far this season: 58-13.

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This past weekend also marked the eighth weekend of our local ESPN College Football Pick ‘Em Contest. Sharon Peacock remained in first place for the fifth week in a row, and Ricky Taylor remained in second place for the second straight week. Ricky Powell remained in third place for the second week in a row.

Hunter Norris climbed from fifth place to fourth place, and Casey Grant went from seventh place to fifth place. Deagan Daily found himself in sixth place, and his dad, Mike Dailey, dropped from sixth place to seventh place. I went from 11th place to eighth place, and Sam Rowell found himself in ninth place. Jeremy Matheny rounded out the Top 10 in the No. 10 spot in the standings.

If you’re one of the contestants in the contest and didn’t do well over the weekend, don’t sweat it. We’ve got five weeks to go before the end of the season, and the Top 10 will change a lot over the course of the next month and a half.

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