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130-year-old news highlights from The Monroe Journal from Dec. 1886

The Monroe Journal newspaper in Monroeville, Ala., under the direction of publisher Q. Salter, published four editions 130 years ago during the month of December 1886. Those issues, which were dated Dec. 6, Dec. 13, Dec. 20 and Dec. 27, can be found on microfilm at the Monroe County Library in Monroeville, Ala. What follows are a few news highlights from those four editions. Enjoy.

DEC. 6, 1886

Mr. James Faulk attended Circuit Court at Camden last week. He speaks in glowing terms of the beautiful little town and its fair attractions.

Mr. Wm. Lowery, one of our most successful agriculturalists and swine breeders, comes to the front with a monstrosity in the hog line. He has a hog with five well developed feet. The fifth foot is attached to the right fore leg at the knee joint, and does not appear to cause the hog any inconvenience whatever.

Register T.L. Sowell held Reference Court Wednesday and Thursday.

Rev. S.H. Isler and Judge Faircloth of Goldsboro, N.C. were in town last week on business connected with the large plantation in this county on the Alabama River, belonging to the former.

There was but little business before the county court last Monday.

Several persons from near this place attended the John Robison circus at Evergreen last week.

Mr. S.W. Yarbrough’s handsome new residence will soon be ready for occupancy.

Mr. T.W. Russell attended the Eufaula Fair from this place.

J.P. Higgins, a practical watchmaker and jeweler of Montgomery, has opened a shop at Evergreen and is prepared to repair watches and all kinds of jewelry on the shortest possible notice at reasonable prices and satisfaction guaranteed in every particular.

DEC. 13, 1886

Snow fell last week to the depth of six to eight inches.

The snow last week is said to have been the heaviest which has ever fell in this section.

Last Sunday night, a yearling belonging to Mrs. J.H. Frye walked upon the flooring of an unused cistern in the back yard to seek shelter from the falling snow when the covering, being rotten, gave way and precipitated it into the water below, where it drowned.

To those who were surrounded with comfort during the snow, the scene was attractive and beautiful, but to the destitute, the friendless and the poor, the prospect was anything but pleasant. Amid your enjoyment had you thought of that?

The weather of the past week has been very bad on stock exposed to the weather.

Some of the boys caught a rabbit last week and turned it loose in the streets and had their own fun chasing it through the snow.

The melting snow last week made pedestrianism exceedingly unpleasant.

The attendance at prayer meeting last Wednesday night was very meager on account of the muddy roads.

Tax Collector Stevens has completed his second round and will soon be making it warm for delinquents.

DEC. 20, 1886

Mt. Pleasant – W.A. Shomo was recently appointed postmaster at Mount Pleasant.

Married – At the residence of the bridge’s father, on the evening of the 9th inst., by Rev. E.E. Cowan, Mr. Thomas Pritchett and Miss – Lowery.
At the residence of the bride’s father, Col. H.J. Savage, on Wednesday evening, the 15th inst., Mr. J. Frye Gaillard and Miss Mamie Savage, both of Perdue Hill.

Mr. W.G. Riley of Newtown Academy was in town last week.

Dr. J.M. Wiggins of Lower Peach Tree was on a visit to his father’s family near this place last week.

Messrs. D.M. Byrne and J.L. Qualls of Mount Pleasant were in Monroeville last week.

Capt. C.M. Marriott of Dennard was in Monroeville last Tuesday.

Col. D.L. Neville has been quite sick for some time. We hope however to be able soon to chronicle his entire recovery.

Capt. John DeLoach went to Mobile on business last Thursday via Repton.

Master Lamar Roberts of near Perdue Hill has accepted a position as clerk in Sowell & Son’s store.

Mr. Cochran, representing the well known dry goods house of J. Pollock & Co. of Mobile called upon our merchants Friday.

DEC. 27, 1886

We are glad to see our esteemed townsman, Col. D.L. Neville, on the streets last week, after his recent severe illness.

The following is clipped from the Pine Apple Gazette:
A man by the name of John Gray, living near Activity in Monroe County, hung himself last Sunday. He was found in the woods some distance from the house, hanging to a limb of a tree. He was intent on taking his life it seems, as there was a razor found on his person and the supposition is that should he fail in hanging himself, he would cut his throat. He evidently was crazy, as his actions for several days before his death was strangely noticeable. Financial embarrassment is the supposed cause.

Our town merchants did an excellent business last week.

Judge Sowell returned Thursday from a trip to Mobile.

Mrs. L.M. Avery of Gainestown, Clarke County, is visiting the family of Mr. F.M. Jones near Monroeville.

Married – At the residence of Mr. C.P. Walker, near Monroeville, on Thursday, the 24th inst., by G.W. Salter, Esq., Mr. Marion Frye and Miss Della Walker.

Mrs. M.A. Sowell and Miss A.E. Salter of Evergreen are visiting friends at this place.

The Christmas Tree Friday evening was quite a success. The Christmas Tree committee did its duty faithfully and well.

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