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The Evergreen Courant's News Flashback for Dec. 6, 2016

DEC. 11, 1958

Fire Strikes Again At Newton Building: Lightning may not strike twice in the same place, but fires do. And the second fire in a week’s time has Mrs. G.G. Newton wondering just what to expect next.
Monday night, exactly one week and 20 minutes after a fire was discovered there, another blaze was found at the Newton building. Again the fire was in the central portion of the building and again the alarm was turned in by an employee of Conecuh Quick Freeze.
The fire was reported at 9:40 Monday night. Monday night of last week a fire in the same location was discovered at 9:20.
The building houses offices of the Conecuh County Agriculture Stabilization & Conservation Committee.
Firemen of the Evergreen Volunteer Fire Department answered the call quickly and brought the blaze under control. Both fires are thought to have been caused by faulty wiring.

Bad Weather Fails To Stop Carnival: Rainy, cold weather failed to dampen enthusiasm at the annual Christmas Carnival here yesterday. Although good weather had prevailed for several days prior to the event, the day for the Carnival was dreary.
Clouds early in the morning gave way to cold showers and the mercury dropped sharply prior to this parade at three o’clock.
Crowds began to gather by mid-morning and traffic choked all downtown streets for the rest of the day. A crowd numbered at several thousand was on hand for the parade.

DEC. 9, 1943

James Kelly Home: Radioman 2/c James Kelly, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Kelly, is home now on a 30-day leave before going to an advanced radio school. James has been in the Navy over three years. He was in the invasion fleet off Sicily, and his ship shelled the shore installations there later.

Gene Powell Jr., who has been stationed at Ft. McPherson since June 1942, has been promoted from Sergeant to Technical Sergeant. He was transferred this week to a new assignment at Ft. Riley, Kansas.

Word has been received here from Second Class Seaman Reginald E. Salter that he has arrived overseas somewhere in the South Pacific. He is the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Salter of Evergreen, Route 2.

Mrs. W.O. Henderson, Mrs. Forrest Douglas, Mrs. Ray Faircloth and Mrs. Hunter Morgan attended an Eastern Star meeting in Georgiana Wednesday night.

Miss Elizabeth Anne Deal will arrive Wed., Dec. 15, from the University of Kentucky at Lexington and will spend the Christmas holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Deal.

Friends of Mr. and Mrs. E.A. Staael will be glad to know that they are recovering from an automobile accident at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Gaillard. Her mother, who was also hurt in the accident, is gradually improving at Speirs Hospital in Greenville.

DEC. 13, 1928

SHERIFF MOORE DESTROYS QUANTITY OF WHISKEY: Sheriff W.A. Moore chose Wednesday of this week to destroy a large quantity of whiskey and other alcoholic drinks which had been taken in raids during the past few months. Something like 50 gallons of shinny, 30 gallons of wine and large quantity of home brew was poured out in the presence of a number of witnesses.

Northcutt Sells Interest In Millsap Bros.: A business change of interest to the people of this vicinity was consummated last week, when E.C. Northcutt sold his interests in Millsap Bros., Inc., to the other two members of the firm, W.A. Stallworth and Robt. L. Stallworth. It will be recalled that this business suffered a severe fire loss about two weeks ago and since that time has been closed down pending the insurance adjustment.

“The Kidnapping of Santa Claus,” a Christmas operetta, will be presented at the City School auditorium Friday evening, Dec. 14, at 7 p.m. by pupils of the Evergreen City School. This operetta which was gotten up by the City School teachers will have a cast of about 100 children. The curtain will rise promptly at seven o’clock.

Quite a large crowd of Castleberry Masons attending the homecoming event and conferring of degrees with a bird supper in conclusion at Brewton Tuesday night.

DEC. 11, 1913

Confederate Veterans: The 22nd annual meeting of Camp Capt. Wm. Lee will be held at the courthouse at Evergreen Thurs., Jan. 1, 1914. All members of the Camp are earnestly requested to attend. This meeting is of vital importance to the success of the camp, election of officers for the ensuing year and payment of dues to the national association, which is 10 cents per capita.
The number of delegates to the national reunion at Jacksonville, Fla. will be determined by the amount paid in at this meeting. If you can’t attend in person, please pay your dues to Sergt. M.B. Salter or Adjt. T.A. Jones. We insist upon a report from each committee appointed to look after indigent widows and comrades.
Comrades, we cannot expect to meet in many more of these annual meetings. Then let each one make an extra effort to attend.
G.R. Boulware, Commander.

The residence of J.T. Williams caught fire Wednesday evening, it is thought from a flue, but little damage done.

E.N. Amos, pioneer merchant of Brooklyn, was a visitor to the city recently.

J.M. Foshee, leading citizen of Cohassett, attending to business in the city Tuesday.

Finklea: F.T. Thames, D.H. Lee and H.C. Fountain attended the grand lodge of Masons at Montgomery last week.

DEC. 14, 1898

Messrs. H.A. Shields and Jas. M. Sims attended the meeting of the Masonic Grand Lodge at Montgomery last week.

The Courant’s efficient foreman, Mr. Eugene Colley, was confined to his room with sickness several days this week which accounts for the delay in the execution of several orders for job printing.

Rev. S.P. Lindsey on last Sunday accepted the call to pastorate of the Baptist Church here for another year.

Sam Ellis of Repton and Wilton Watts, who is teaching school there, spent Saturday and Sunday here.

Mr. Thos. B. Miller and his beautiful bride spent Sunday with friends in the city.

Mr. James K. Kyser of Burnt Corn was here Sunday on his way to the Gulf City to lay in his Christmas stock.

Mr. Eugene Henderson and Ed. Lee, of near Monroeville, were here Monday. Ed. recently returned from South America much broken down in health, but we are glad to see he is fast gaining his normal health.

For sale at a bargain, a new full leather top Rock Hill buggy by C.P. Deming & Co.

Brooklyn: The river is in fine rafting condition and the timber men are happy, as they are getting off plenty of timber.

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