Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Man reports seeing 'Bigfoot-like' creature in Wilcox County, Alabama on Dec. 7

Many of you will remember that in late September I wrote a column about reported Bigfoot activity in Wilcox County over the years. In that same column, I invited readers to contact me if they’ve ever seen a Bigfoot in the woods of Wilcox County. Months passed, and just when I had begun to think that I’d never hear from anyone, a man contacted me out of the blue last week with a story about a Bigfoot-like creature he saw one night a few weeks ago.

This man asked me to withhold his name and occupation from the story because he didn’t want the publicity to affect his family or his job. I usually don’t like to withhold names, but in this case, I’m willing to make an exception. I’ve met this man face to face, looked him right in the eye and take him to be very reliable and trustworthy.

His story begins around 11 p.m. on the night of Wed., Dec. 7, as he and a female companion traveled down Willie Powell Road in a large vehicle. Willie Powell Road is also known as County Road 30, and it connects State Highway 162 and State Highway 5. They crossed Walnut Creek, just a few miles east of the Annemanie community, and about a half-mile later they saw something that neither of them will ever forget.

The witness in this case said they were riding along with their bright lights on when a large, hairy creature ran across the road in front of them. The man, who was driving, stopped his vehicle, and the couple watched as the creature stopped and turned to face their vehicle. As the couple remained in their vehicle, the creature stood beside the road, about 30 yards away.

The man said that the creature was about eight feet tall, and he estimated that it weighed at least 300 pounds, maybe more. The creature had long, black hair all over its body, and its head was somewhat cone-shaped. The man said that the creature’s “reddish, yellow eyes” were “round-shaped.”

The man also noted that that the creature had a human-like nose, but said he couldn’t clearly see its mouth or ears. The man did notice that the creature had a short neck and broad shoulders. The man also estimated that the creature’s arm span was around six feet, and that its stride was about five feet.

When asked if the creature made any sounds, the man said that he couldn’t tell because they had their windows rolled up. The witnesses also didn’t smell anything out of the ordinary, which is something often reported in classic accounts of Bigfoot sightings.

The witness also said that his headlights shined on the creature from about the waist up, which made it hard to see the creature’s feet. “I know he had a long stride as he walked,” the man said.

The witnessed estimated that the sighting lasted for several minutes as the creature stood there “steady looking” at the couple, the man said. Eventually, the creature began to walk off, but continued to watch the couple, even as it walked into the thick woods and underbrush on the side of the road, the man said. The witness noted that the creature was walking on two feet and swung its arms slightly as it entered the woods.

As best the man could tell, the creature was alone. He also noted that there didn’t appear to be any evidence left behind. The man also said he couldn’t tell if the creature was male or female.

When asked if he was armed at the time of the sighting, the man said, “No, but I wished I had been.” The couple also didn’t have a camera, which prevented them from taking a picture of the creature or capturing video footage of the creature.

The man said that his female companion does not want to discuss the incident publicly. He said that she appeared to have been shocked by the incident and “didn’t say anything more about it for the rest of the night.”

In the end, I leave it up to the newspaper’s readers to decide for themselves what to make of this unusual story. The man who told me this story seemed level-headed and genuine, and I can’t think of any reason he’d want to make up the story. He’s also didn’t seem to be seeking attention or publicity, especially when you consider that he asked me to leave his name out of the story. I think he mainly wanted people to know about what he saw and to see what people think about it.

Before I close out for another week, I want to remind everyone that I’d still like to hear from anyone else in the reading audience who has seen a Bigfoot or anything else out of the ordinary in the woods of Wilcox County. If you’ve seen or heard anything unusual in the woods, including weird tracks, tree breaks or sounds, please let me know by e-mailing me at


  1. Mr. Peacock I posted your Big Foot story on my Gettin' Outdoors FB Page and it has reaced right at 20,000 folks. Thanks for covering this very interesting encounter. BDL

  2. Thanks. I appreciate that. I'm also keeping my ears open for any black panther reports.

  3. I know they are out there I seen one when I was very young I live in Andalusia at the time the thing that I seen was about 7 1/2 to 8 feet tall it was very hairy and dark brown or black I could not really tell and it made a very very weird noise that I have never heard before or after since I seen it I was about about 13 or 14 when I seen it we lived on a dirt road we did not have a phone at the time I needed to call my friend ask my mom to take me over to my aunt's house which she lived about a mile away my mother said she could not take me so I said well I will walk I begin to walk got about a quarter of mile away from miles I begin to hear something weird that I have never heard I stopped and started to look around did not see nothing like begin to walk again I hear that again I stopped and looked around and down on the side of the road about 30 feet or so from the road I seen it it scared me so bad I turn around to run home the faster I run the scarier I got I told my dad about it my mom and dad and I went back up to where I seen it but it was done had got the start and could not see anything but I know what I seen and it scared me