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100-year-old news highlights from The Wilcox Progressive Era

Dale Masonic Lodge in Camden, Ala.
What follows are 100-year-old news excerpts from the Aug. 23, 1917 edition of The Wilcox Progressive Era newspaper in Camden, Ala.

The Wilcox County Masonic Conference met in its 25th annual communication with Dale Lodge No. 25 at Camden on Monday night, Aug. 13, and was in session until Tuesday night. Brother John C. Rennie, worshipful master of Central City Lodge No. 306 of Selma and District Lecturer of the 19th Masonic District, were in charge. 
The following named officers were in the respective stations and places, viz: John T. Edwards, Dale Lodge, Worshipful Master; W.W. Ptomey, R.E. Lodge, Senior Warden; J.R. Melton, R.E. Lodge, Junior Warden; J.C. Benson, Dale Lodge, Secretary and Treasurer; F.F. Tait, Dale Lodge, Senior Deacon; W.L. Forte, Cokerville Lodge, Junior Deacon; N.D. Godbold, H. Miller, Dale Lodge, Stewards; W.T. Hall, Dale Lodge, Tyler.
These officers were frequently changed during the sessions, in order that as many as possible might be trained in the duties of the several plans in a lodge. Five of the eight lodges in the county were represented and four paid their dues, namely Dale, Unity, Robt. E. Lee and Sunny South.
The attendance was small, but those present evinced much interest in the work and made considerable progress under the able instruction of Brother Rennie.
The conference will meet in August 1918 with R.E. Lodge No. 139 at Pine Apple with the following named officers: J.R. Melton, R.E. Lee Lodge, No. 379, Pine Apple, Worshipful Master; E.W. Berry, Dale Lodge No. 25, Camden, Senior Warden; James Perdue, Widow’s Son Lodge No. 72, Furman, Junior Warden; J.C. Benson, Dale Lodge No. 25, Camden, Secretary and Treasurer; E.T. McWilliams, Wilcox Lodge No. 80, Oak Hill, Senior Deacon; K.A. Mayer, Unity Lodge No. 136, Lower Peach Tree, Junior Deacon; R.M. Hope, Sunny South Lodge No. 497, Sunny South, Senior Steward; W.L. Fort, Cokerville Lodge No. 75, Junior Steward; A.W. Sills, R.E. Lee Lodge No. 379, Pine Apple, Tyler.
It is hoped and believed that there will be a larger and more enthusiastic attendance next year. By that time, our boys may be in France, and Masons will have brought home to them in the most forcible manner the necessity of a practical application of those principles for which they have assumed to stand.

The Camden Grammar School will be taught this session as follows: Mrs. Jennie S. Foster, principal; Misses Frances Perryman, first and second grades; Leta James, third and fourth grades; Mattie Wallace, fifth and sixth grades. The prospects are better for a larger attendance than last year.

Dr. Daniel Cook of Rockwest, who is enlisted in our army, will leave next Saturday to join his regiment as a commissioned officer.

Chief Probate Clerk Carl Watts and McRay Tuner will leave next Saturday to join their regiment.

Lt. J.B. Holman Jr., now stationed at Fort Oglethorpe, Ga., and Lt. Emmett Kilpatrick, now an intelligence officer on the general staff of the U.S. Army, and located at Washington City, are visiting relatives in Camden.

PINE APPLE: Mr. William H. Grimel died at his home in Pine Apple about 10 days ago, aged about 64 years, he was born about two and one half miles east of Pine Apple where he was raised by his father, a farmer. He was a financial success and a farmer and businessman and was highly esteemed in his community, and was a member of the Christian church and was buried at the Pine Apple Cemetery, Rev. R.J. Haskew officiating.

Mr. N.M. Green died at Pine Apple recently, aged about 60 years, at the home of his sister, Mrs. W.E. Ward. He was unmarried and was by profession a painter and cement worker. He was a quiet and inoffensive man and was generally liked.

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