Thursday, August 10, 2017

Witness reported seeing Bigfoot near Sepulga River on this day 13 years ago

Today – August 10 – marks the anniversary of one of the most significant dates in the history of local Bigfoot lore as it was on this day 13 years ago that a very reliable witness reported seeing a Bigfoot near the Sepulga River in Conecuh County.

According to a report filed with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO), a man who worked as a property caretaker was driving north on a dirt road, off U.S. Highway 84, to a private home in a thickly wooded, secluded area near the Sepulga River on Aug. 10, 2004. It was around dusk dark when he went around a bend and saw a “hairy man-like creature” cross the road in front of his truck, moving right to left.

The witness estimated that the creature was six to seven feet tall and said it looked “very human but had hair hanging on it down to his hands.” The witness said that it was less than 20 feet in front of him and running quickly. The witness noted that he had his window down and that he could hear the creature running through the thick woods even after he lost sight of it.

The witness also reported that the creature had a dark “manlike face” and very long arms. He described the hair as black and shaggy, and it had hair hanging from its hands. The witness described the creature as muscular, with a wide nose and a cone-shaped head. The witness noted that the creature was traveling away from the river and appeared to be wet.

The witness said that the creature “looked right at me and kept eye contact but just kept running. I heard it crashing through the trees after it ran by. Before that I had found large footprints near the river and didn't think much of it. Once I saw the creature, I knew it had made the prints I saw a few months earlier."

The report noted that the caretaker’s employer was a Birmingham attorney who said that he’d never really believed in Bigfoot until his caretaker said that he’d seen one. The attorney said that the caretaker had worked for him for several decades and was “incredibly honest.” The attorney said the caretaker had never lied to him before and said that he couldn’t imagine him lying about something like Bigfoot.

The incident was investigated by BFRO investigators Vince Lauria of Brewton and Re Monteith of Florida. Their interview of the witness in this case can be seen on YouTube by visiting The interview is about 10 minutes long and goes into more detail about the incident.

During the investigation, Lauria also noted that on an earlier occasion, he’d interviewed a brother and sister that reported seeing a Bigfoot on the other side of the Sepulga River, less than a mile from where the caretaker reported seeing the Bigfoot in August 2004. In that case, the siblings reported seeing a “black Bigfoot” run across a road, traveling away from the river.

In the end, if anyone in the reading audience has seen a Bigfoot-like creature in and around Conecuh County or has found what they think is evidence of a Bigfoot-type creature, please contact me at The Courant.

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