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125-year-old news highlights from The Monroe Journal from Aug. 1892

Grave of Albert G. Duke.
The Monroe Journal newspaper in Monroeville, Ala., under the direction of editor and proprietor Q. Salter, published four editions 125 years ago during the month of August 1892. Those four issues, which were dated Aug. 4, Aug. 11, Aug. 18 and Aug. 25, can be found on microfilm at the Monroe County Library in Monroeville, Ala. What follows are a few news highlights from those four editions. Enjoy.

AUG. 4, 1892

The Journal owes an apology to its readers for the failure of many of them to receive their paper last week. We were compelled to draw on our limited stock of paper to supply the demand for election ballots; this together with the delay in transit of a bill ordered in ample time to meet our requirements, rendered us unable to supply more than one-third of our subscribers. Amid the rejoicing over the good news we bring you this week, you can afford to overlook this irregularity.

Another jail delivery occurred Sunday night, five prisoners making their escape by breaking the fastenings of the cage in which they were confined and burning through the wood work to the brick wall through which they dug a hole. No blame attaches to the sheriff, but is due the insecure condition of the jail. The experience of the past two years seems sufficient to demonstrate that the manner of temporizing with this question has proven vastly more expensive to the county than the cost of building a secure jail.

The unofficial returns of the election held in Monroe Monday indicate the election of the straight Democratic state and county ticket by a safe majority.

Prof. D.J. McWilliams spent several days among his many Monroeville friends last week. Prof. McWilliams has been engaged as principal of Pineville Academy for the ensuing term.

DIED – Mr. Albert G. Duke, a prominent merchant and citizen of Burnt Corn, died at his home at this place on Thurs., 21st inst., of heart disease.

AUG. 11, 1892

Mr. J.D. Foster, Monroe’s sheriff-elect, was in town Wednesday.

A special term of commissioners court will be held on the 29th of August for the purpose of disposing of the county convict labor and of contracting for a new jail.

KILLED – Mr. J.B. Downs, son of Mr. John Downs, living near here, who has been working for some time in the Peters Lumber Co.’s log camps, met a horrible death near Repton Wednesday evening. He was standing near while a large tree was being felled, and as it fell it rebounded and struck him in the breast, crushing him to death. His remains were sent home for burial.

The Perdue Hill High School promises a splendid opening and we anticipate a full attendance, and with Prof. George as principal we know it will be a successful session.

Commissioners court convened Monday and was in session until Wednesday. The usual business was transacted. This closes the official term of the old board of commissioners. During their incumbency, they have done much to commend them to the public and but little that merits just criticism. Two of the present board, Messrs. McClure and Burson, succeed themselves.

C.J. Torrey, Esq., of Mobile was among his many Monroeville friends this week. Mr. and Mrs. Torrey are spending several weeks at the family homestead at Claiborne.

AUG. 18, 1892

Four of Monroe’s officers-elect – Messrs. W.J. Robison, tax collector; W.T. Nettles, tax assessor; T.J. Emmons, circuit clerk; and J.D. Foster, sheriff, have filed their bonds which have been approved by the probate judge.

Politics have quieted down in Monroe and the people have addressed themselves to their various avocations.

Heavy rains have fallen around in the past few days and were greatly needed in many sections.

The Bethlehem Baptist Association closed its 76th annual session at Burnt Corn Wednesday. The attendance was large and the session a profitable one. The next session will be held at Perdue Hill.

Col. B.L. Hibbard returned to his home at Birmingham Saturday spending several weeks at Monroeville. Col. Hibbard will take the stump for Cleveland in the course of a few weeks.

DIED – Mrs. D.A. Wiggins, wife of Mr. Jas. H. Wiggins, died at her home in Monroeville Fri., Aug. 12, after a long and painful illness. She leaves a husband and a number of children and a host of relatives and friends to mourn her loss. The sympathy of the community is with the bereaved.

NOTICE: I will be at Flat Creek on the new road, near Mr. H.L. Whisenhut’s, at 10 o’clock a.m. Sat., Aug. 20, 1892 for the purpose of letting out and contracting for two new bridges. Will be let to the lowest bidder for cash. – J.T. Burson, Commissioner.

AUG. 25, 1892

KILLING AT FINCHBURG – In a difficulty between Robert Tait and Steve Tunstall, both colored, at Finchburg last Tuesday, the former killed the latter by stabbing him to the heart with a pocket knife. Tait was arrested and is in jail. No particulars have been learned.

In noticing the recent jail delivery, we were in error in stating that the escape was effected by burning through the wood work. This was impossible and unnecessary from the fact that the stoves and all fuel had been previously removed and in ordering the old break repaired the commissioners failed to have the hole in the brick wall filled, merely concealing the break on the inside with a piece of sheet iron, which the prisoners, after forcing the door of cage, prized off and crawled through.

GYPSY CAMP: The Shenshone Gypsies will camp at Gaillard’s Grove on Tues., Sept. 6, one hour after the Sunset Gun. Meet us, wearing the costume of your tribe.
ATTRACTIONS: May Pole Dance; Magic Egg Tree, eggs five cents each; Prize Sack Race for boys 12 years and over; Prize Sack Race for boys under 12 years; The Celebrated Fortune Teller, Zingara; Admission 25 cents, children 10 cents; Refreshments included; Gypsy costumes requested, but not obligatory.

The Ladies Aid Society will give a Gypsy camp entertainment in the grove at Dr. S.S. Gaillard’s residence, Perdue Hill, on Tuesday evening, Sept. 6, 1892 for the purpose of aiding in the improvement of the Union church. The good citizens of the community and surrounding country are especially invited.

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