Thursday, December 8, 2011

Magic Eight Ball gives answers to December's slate of pressing questions

It’s the second Thursday of the month, so what better time to whip out my Magic Eight Ball and ask it a few “yes or no” questions.

This month’s set of questions came to me via e-mail and Facebook. Below you’ll find the unedited questions and answers to the questions that I asked my Magic Eight Ball on Monday.

Josh asked: Will Auburn fire Ted Roof?
Answer: No way!

Laniebell asked: Will Alabama win the National Championship?
Answer: Ask again later.

Later, Gilbert asked: Will Alabama beat LSU by anything less than completely nastily?
Answer: Definitely.

Marvin asked: Could (former Alabama quarterback) Walter Lewis (whose picture was on the front of last week’s paper) still suit up for the Tide and play like he used to?
Answer: Absolutely!

Mary asked: Was last Saturday’s Christmas parade in Evergreen the best the city has ever had?
Answer: Maybe.

Sharon asked: Will Justin Nared play in the NFL after he’s done at Tuskegee?
Answer: Absolutely!

Shawn asked: Are the mystery booms over Conecuh and Monroe County caused by sonic booms from aircraft?
Answer: Definitely.

Sydney asked: Will it snow this winter?
Answer: Definitely.

David asked: Will the Elf on the Shelf stay out of trouble this year?
Answer: Ask again later.

Tommy asked: Is Santa going to skip my house this year?
Answer: Outlook not so good.

William asked: Will the upcoming county elections be more heated than the last?
Answer: Outlook not so good.

Jeremy asked: What about next year’s city elections?
Answer: Definitely.

Ken asked: Are Eight Ball questions accurate?
Answer: Outlook not so good.

I asked: Should readers take this month’s round of Eight Ball questions and answer seriously?
Answer: No way!

With that said, I guess I’ll give my old Eight Ball a rest for a few weeks and close this thing out until the second Thursday in January.

In the meantime, if you’ve got a question you want me to ask my Magic Eight Ball, e-mail it to me at, and I’ll publish the answers in the Jan. 12 edition of The Courant.

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Also this week, released its list of Best Books of December. Books that made the cut this month include the following titles:

– December Spotlight Selection: “Hedy’s Folly: The Life and Breakthrough Inventions of Hedy Lamarr, the Most Beautiful Woman in the World” by Richard Rhodes

- “Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil” by Tom Mueller

- “The Third Reich” by Roberto Bolano

- “Alexander Girard” by Todd Oldham

- “420 Characters” by Lou Beach

- “The Drop” by Michael Connelly

- “Girl Hunter: Revolutionizing the Way We Eat, One Hunt at a Time” by Geogria Pellegrini

- “The Leopard” by Jo Nesbo

- “The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories: Vol. 1” by Joseph Gordon-Levitt

- “The Angel Makers” by Jessica Gregson.

If you’ve got a booklover on your Christmas list this year, you probably won’t go wrong if you select any of the books mentioned above.

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