Thursday, December 15, 2011

One UFO reported in Alabama during the month of November

It’s the third week of the month, so this week I’m giving you an update on UFO reports in Alabama from the past month, courtesy of the Mutual UFO Network.

A search for UFO reports in Alabama between Nov. 1 and Nov. 30 on MUFON’s website,, resulted in only one report from within our state.

According to the man who made the report, the sighting occurred on Mon., Nov. 5, but he does not give the exact location of the sighting other than to say that it was in Alabama. He also doesn’t mention the exact time of day that it occurred, other than to indicate that it was at night.

While waiting on friends to come over to play cards, the witness was outside taking pictures of a star that he’d been observing for weeks. The man turned to say something to his wife, who was letting the dog out of the house, and when he looked back up he noticed something unusual in the sky.

“When I first saw the object, I thought, ‘Dang, the star I have been taking pictures of finally moved and was out of its normal place,’” the witness said in his report. “However, I looked over my left shoulder, and it was still there.”

The object looked exactly like the star that the man had been taking pictures of since he first noticed it on Aug. 31. The man noted that the new object was identical to the first star, except that it was bigger and was slightly different in color. The first star had “two white spikes of light coming from the right side” and was reddish and blue-green. The new object was amber in overall color, he said.

“My feelings were, ‘Wow, I can finally get a close-up picture of the star I’ve been watching,’ only this was a different star.”

The man then lost sight of the object before spotting it again as it traveled east about half a mile from his house. The man walked out into the road near his house and watched the object travel at treetop level, slightly to the right of the road, and over a field.

The man had his camera and tried to take a picture of the object, but his camera “died.” The camera displayed a “red, pink, white line” on its screen, he said.

“It doubled in size and just like someone turning a light switch on or off, it was gone, disappeared.”

Once the object disappeared, the man’s camera began working again, he said.

In the end, I’d be very interested to hear from any readers of The Courant who have witnessed a UFO in Conecuh County. I think a lot of other people would be interested in hearing your story too, and I’d be willing to accept your report on an anonymous basis if you’d be more comfortable with that arrangement. You can contact me by e-mail at or by phone at 578-1492.

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