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100-year-old news highlights from The Monroe Journal from Feb. 1916

The Monroe Journal newspaper in Monroeville, Ala., under the direction of publisher and editor Q. Salter, published four editions 100 years ago during the month of February 1916. Those issues, which were dated Feb. 3, Feb. 10, Feb. 17 and Feb. 24, can be found on microfilm at the Monroe County Library in Monroeville, Ala. What follows are a few news highlights from those four editions. Enjoy.

FEB. 3, 1916

The second breath of winter which struck us Wednesday was more severe than that of January. The ground was frozen to a greater depth than on the former occasion and the freeze will doubtless be effective in destroying a greater number of hibernating boll weevils.

Someone by mistake took the wrong overcoat from the Simmons House office Jan. 25, during the last week of court. Please return same and get yours. Most respectfully, Mrs. K.B. Simmons.

Don’t forget the Good Roads Institute to be held at Monroeville next Tues., Feb. 8, at 10 o’clock. The Institute will be conducted by Mr. Keller, State Highway Engineer, and addresses will be made by a representative of the Federal Department of Good Roads and others.

Mr. Forrest Sessions spent Sunday among Monroeville friends.

Capt. and Mrs. T.A. Nettles and Mr. A.S.J. Nettles of Tunnel Springs attended religious services in Monroeville Sunday.

Rev. J.M. Shofner, president of the Downing Industrial School, Brewton, will occupy the pulpit at the Methodist church next Sunday morning.

TURKSTAN: Jennie, the oldest girl of Mr. John Turk, died Dec. 9. Sixteen months ago, Mr. Turk lost his wife and baby. Jennie was the postmistress here and the office has been removed to the store of Mr. W.H. Chase who was appointed to fill the vacancy.

FEB. 10, 1916

Sheriff L.M. Sawyer effected an important capture a few days since of a negro wanted in Mississippi on the charge of murder. From a descriptive list that accidentally fell into his hands, Mr. Sawyer apprehended a negro known as Will Franklin, alias Shine, who had been at work with a railroad construction crew. After communication with the sheriff of the Mississippi county, he ascertained that there was a reward of $100 for the arrest of a negro answering the description. Deputy Kilpatrick left Saturday for Meridian with the negro in custody for identification. Sheriff Sawyer has been advised that the arrested party was the right negro, hence he is $100 to the good.

M.M. Fountain has returned from a trip to Tennessee where he purchased a fine saddle horse. He will probably keep the highways and trails of the county warm from now until the date of the primary election.

Riley Kelly of Excel transacted business at the county capital the first of the week.

Our long time friend Wm. B. Green of Burnt Corn was among Monroeville friends Friday.

Dr. S.J. Yarbrough having decided to locate in Monroeville for the practice of his profession, has fitted up handsome dental parlors in the apartments adjoining the Coxwell drug store where he will be pleased to see his friends and patrons.

I.J. Kearley and Son are removing their stock of merchandise from Franklin to Monroeville. They will occupy the Fore Building on Southside.
FEB. 17, 1916

Dr. W.A. Mason of Excel was a business visitor to the capital city of the county Tuesday.

The County Board of Revenue held a very busy session here on the first of the week. All members were present.

Students of the Jones Mill School will duplicate at the High School Auditorium on Friday night, the 18th inst., the splendid program presented at Roy last week. The Minstrel feature will be prominent in the entertainment.

Editor of The Journal: I am advised by the Secretary of the Forrest Highway Association that there will be a meeting in Brewton, Ala. on Wednesday, the 23rd inst. for the purpose of deciding whether or not that association will adopt the road through Monroe County via Monroeville or through Escambia County via Brewton. All persons in favor of the Monroe County route are requested to attend this meeting. – L.J. Bugg, Sec., Old Federal Road Assn.

Capt. J.H. McCreary of Turnbull was in the city this week. In as much as planting time is drawing near, Capt. McCreary is interested in obtaining authority from the Board of Revenue for the erection of certain gates for the protection of his own and his neighbors’ plantations from the depredation of stock running at large in the territory surrounding where no stock law exists.

A very enjoyable entertainment was given at the high school auditorium on Wednesday evening of last week, the comedy in three acts, “Miss Fearless and Co.,” being presented by an aggregation of high school talent with Miss Eppes as preceptress.

FEB. 24, 1916

Miss Jennie Faulk, who has been in the market for the last few weeks studying the latest styles in millinery and selecting her spring stock, is expected home in a day or two. She advises her sister and associate in business that she has chosen one of the largest and most up-to-date stocks ever shown in this city. Due announcement of the season’s opening will be made through The Journal.

At the Methodist Church last Sunday the building committee reported the adoption of plans and the selection of a desirable lot on a prominent corner for the location of a new church building, and between four and five thousand dollars have already been pledged toward the erection of a handsome, commodious and up-to-date brick structure. This project has been discussed for a number of years, but this is the first time that it has assumed definite shape. The Journal hopes the plan will go through to speedy completion.

L.J. Bugg, secretary of the Old Federal Road Association and a large party of local citizens went to Brewton Wednesday to attend a meeting of the Forrest Highway boosters. The object of the meeting was to consider the respective advantages of the Old Federal Road via Monroeville and the route paralleling the Louisville & Nashville Railroad via Evergreen and Brewton. Decision of this matter will not be announced for some time to come. Among those composing the Monroe delegation were: Judge W.G. McCorvey, G.B. Barnett, C.E. Barker, P.W. Turner, J.B. Barnett, J.T. Salter, F.W. Hare, and T.T. Ivey and others.

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