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130-year-old news highlights from The Monroe Journal from May 1886

The Monroe Journal newspaper in Monroeville, Ala., under the direction of publisher Q. Salter, published three editions 130 years ago during the month of May 1886. Those issues, which were dated May 7, May 14 and May 28, can be found on microfilm at the Monroe County Library in Monroeville, Ala. What follows are a few news highlights from those three editions. Enjoy.

MAY 7, 1886

The time of meeting of the Temperance Society has been changed from Tuesday night to Saturday evening.

Died – At the residence of H.J. Savage, on Perdue Hill, May 1st, Mrs. Mary Jackson, consort of Gen. Jonathan P. Jackson, formerly of Wilcox County, aged 89 years.

Dr. J.T. Russell left yesterday (Thursday) evening for Hunter’s Mill, where he will today deliver an address to the people in the interest of his candidacy for representative.

Dr. J.T. Packer and Capt. T.S. Wiggins returned yesterday from an unsuccessful fishing excursion to Flat Creek.

See the announcement of Col. L.D. Steele of Mt. Pleasant for Judge of Probate.

Messrs. A.M. Leslie and W.G. McCorvey returned from Montgomery a few days ago.

Gen. H.D. Clayton, Monroe’s wise choice as a candidate for governor, is expected to be in Monroeville in a few days.

Dr. G.G. Stallworth of Evergreen has been professionally engaged in town for a few days.

Mr. J.B. McMillan of Repton was in town Tuesday.

The Methodist Quarterly meeting was held at Perdue Hill last Saturday and Sunday.

A Card – I wish to disabuse the public mind in regard to some political persecution which is being wrought against me. It is rumored that I am running on the Republican ticket and that I have been hired to run, which is only bosh and altogether false.
I have neither been hired to announce nor will I be hired to come down. How I shall run is to be determined by the vote of the people on the 24th inst.
C.M. Simmons

MAY 14, 1886

Deputy Sheriff Rhoad is on a visit to the “old folks at home,” or at least that was the pretext he urged for desiring to go to Buena Vista last Wednesday.

Commissioners court convened last Monday.

The primary election will take place Monday the 24th inst. Every intelligent white voter in the county should go to the polls and have a voice in the nomination of men to serve him.

Sheriff Burns is having a well bored on his lot, which will be very convenient to The Journal office. It will fill a long felt want.

Sheriff Burns left here last Monday for Flowers’ mill in custody of Jeff Powell, convicted of assault with intent at the recent term of Circuit Court and fined $200 and six months hard labor for the county. It was Mr. Burns’ intention to hire him out until he had paid the fine, but because of an indictment pending against Powell, he was unable to dispose of him. He then took him to Pratt Mines and not succeeding in disposing of him there, he returned with him Wednesday, and again lodged him in jail, where he will probably remain at the public expense.

Notice to Physicians of Monroe County: The commissioners of said county will pay no medical bills or attendance on paupers in the county after this date, unless ordered by one of the board.

Mr. Joseph Cloud, who has been spending some time in Monroeville, returned to Mobile Tuesday.

Dr. Russell, together with several other candidates, is canvassing the northern portion of the county this week.

Fishing excursions to Flat Creek, Limestone and other neighboring streams are quite frequent and generally unsuccessful.

Bad stands of cotton are complained of in almost all sections of the county.

Farmers are indulging in the usual amount of grumbling about bad stands and dry weather.

Miss M.C. Parker returned a few days ago from a protracted visit to relatives in Mobile.

MAY 20, 1886


MAY 27, 1886

The primary election passed off very quietly last Monday.

There was a larger white democratic vote polled in Monroeville last Monday than there has been since 1874.

Capt. Wiggins is having his store nicely painted.

We owe an apology to our readers for non-appearance of The Journal last week, which was due to our absence, having been called away on business.

Married – At the residence of the bride’s mother, near Monroeville, on the evening of the 16th inst., by G.W. Salter, esq., Mr. W.R. Thompson to Miss S.R. Bell.

A very pleasant and enjoyable picnic was given at the Mineral Springs, near the residence of Dr. J.T. Russell. It was gotten up under the auspices of Miss Ida and Miss Mattie Russell.

Mrs. W.K. Agee of Perdue Hill is visiting her mother, Mrs. T.W. Daugette.

The County Convention will meet Saturday.

Mr. C.M. Simmons is on the sick list.

Mr. R.G. and Dr. Gladin Scott of Mt. Pleasant were in town last week.

Claiborne Upper Warehouse – J.A. Grace, Proprietor – I take this method of reminding my friends and the public generally that I am still in the warehouse business and solicit a liberal share of the public patronage. All goods entrusted to my care will be properly handled. Storage rates cheap as formerly. Good accommodations for wagoners.

Lower Warehouse – Claiborne, Alabama – I take pleasure in announcing to my friends and the public generally that I am still in the warehouse business and solicit a continuation of the liberal patronage heretofore so generously extended me. All consignments to my warehouse will be properly and safely handled. Rates as formerly and good house for campers and good shelter for stock. – J.H. Moore, Proprietor. 

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