Thursday, May 19, 2016

Castleberry coonhunter reports seeing triangular UFO on rainy night

A week or so ago, a man from the Castleberry area dropped by the newspaper office to renew his subscription and he told me a UFO story from his neck of the woods.

According to him, he was coon-hunting on a rainy night last December when he saw something unusual in the overcast sky. Through the misting rain, he saw a triangular-shaped object moving just under the clouds. He said the object move slowly, and, strangely, it emitted no noise.

This man, who didn’t appear to be the type of fellow to make up such a story, admitted to a touch of colorblindness, and said that, to him, the underside of the object appeared to be a glowing, green color. The man also noted that the object had no running lights, which are a tell-tale sign of normal aircraft. The man said he got a very good look at the object because it passed directly over him as he stood there watching it with his hunting dog.

The man, who spends a lot of time in the woods, said that he doesn’t really believe in Martians and little green men, and he theorized that what he saw was some type of experimental military aircraft. He noted that the most unusual thing about the object was that it moved through the sky without making any noise.

In all the time that he’s spent in the woods, this was the first and only time that he’s ever seen anything unusual in the night sky, other than the occasional passing satellite or aircraft. I don’t doubt for a minute that this man did witness something unusual, and I thanked him for his willingness to share his story. (He didn’t ask me to withhold his name, but I decided to so that he won’t receive any undo ridicule.)

His story reminded me of one that a lady told me over the phone about six months ago that I hadn’t yet shared with our readers. This lady, who also seemed very level headed, called to ask if anyone had reported a UFO on U.S. Highway 31 between Evergreen and Castleberry. I told her that we had received no such reports, and she began to share a very unusual story.

According to her, she was traveling south on Highway 31 in broad daylight along a section of the highway that was bordered on both sides by tall pine trees. She was driving along when, to her surprise, a large, circular craft appeared low in the sky, over the road, between the trees. She said she was so shocked by the appearance of the object that she just continued to drive under it without stopping.

A little farther down the road, she glanced in her review mirror and could see the object still in place. Eventually, she reached a point in the road where she could no longer see it, and she began to call relatives on her cell phone to tell them what happened. Some of them made fun of her, she said, and she called the newspaper to see if anyone else had seen what she’d seen. Unfortunately, we received no other calls about it.

In the end, if anyone in the reading audience sees something out of the ordinary, whether it’s ghost, UFO, Bigfoot, black panther or anything else out of the ordinary, please call me at The Courant to let me know. I enjoy hearing stories about this type of thing, and I think many of our readers do to. You can reach me by phone at 578-1492 or by e-mail at

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