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110-year-old news highlights from The Monroe Journal from Sept. 1906

The Monroe Journal newspaper in Monroeville, Ala., under the direction of editor and proprietor Q. Salter, published four editions 110 years ago during the month of September 1906. Those issues, which were dated Sept. 6, Sept. 13, Sept. 20 and Sept. 27, can be found on microfilm at the Monroe County Library in Monroeville, Ala. What follows are a few news highlights from those four editions. Enjoy.

SEPT. 6, 1906

Southwest Alabama Agricultural School, Evergreen, Ala.: The next session of this school will open on Sept. 3rd. The faculty consists of nine experienced teachers. Full literary, scientific and music courses offered. Tuition free. Board $10 per month. Catalog free on request. Address J.A. Liner, Principal.

Special Term Commissioners Court: It is ordered that a special term of the Commissioners Court of Monroe County be held at the courthouse thereof on the 10th day of September 1906 for the purpose of considering the advisability of selling the old courthouse building of said county. I.B. Slaughter, Judge of Probate.

Mrs. H.C. Dubose and children are at Wilcox Mineral Springs for a few days.

Mr. John McDuffie of River Ridge was among Monroeville friends the first of the week.

Dr. William Smith died at the home of his brother, Mr. Mack Smith, at Mexia on Wed., Sept. 5, after an illness of many months.
Dr. Smith removed from this county to Anniston about 20 years ago, where he devoted himself to the practice of his profession with marked success until his health gave way more than a year ago. For several months past, he has been at the old homestead amidst the familiar scenes of childhood and surrounded by the friends of his youth. The end was peaceful.

The Monroe Male and Female Institute will begin session at 8:30 o’clock Mon., Sept. 10. Opening exercises will embrace addresses by several prominent speakers of the town and county.

PINEVILLE: Miss Genie Burns expects to go next Saturday to teach a school in the vicinity of Manistee.
Dr. H. Ratcliffe, who has a lucrative practice in Manistee, spent a few days in Beatrice last week.
There is to be a dance at the academy in Beatrice next Wednesday evening.

REPTON HAPPENINGS: The Masonic Conference convened at this place last Wednesday, with a large attendance. Quite an able lecture was delivered in the Baptist church in the afternoon, to the Masons and citizens, including the fair sex. We were very much charmed with this lecture from Mr. O’Bannon, as he endeavored to present to the people the meaning of true Masonry.
Dr. Stallworth and Russell Rawls made a trip to Old Claiborne last Sunday.

SEPT. 13, 1906

Opening of the School: The Monroe Male and Female Institute opened on Monday last under favorable auspices.
Prof. Benson had planned an elaborate program for the opening day, and quite a number of the patrons and friends of the school were present in manifestation of their interest, but owing to the unavoidable absence of a number of gentlemen from whom addresses were expected, the exercises were materially abridged and rendered somewhat informal.
Forty-two pupils matriculated the first day, and the number is increasing steadily.

Miss Maybelle Davis of Manistee was the guest of Mrs. J.W. Rikard last week.

Miss Lucy Rankin is spending a few days at Wilcox Mineral Springs, Schuster.

Capt. John A. McCreary of Turnbull exchanged greetings with Monroeville friends Monday.

Mr. H.C. DuBose, who has been cashier of the Monroe County Bank since its organization more than two years ago, tendered his resignation to the directors on Friday last. Capt. W.S. Wiggins Sr. was elected to fill the vacancy.

Messrs. S.R. and Riley Kelly were up from Excel Friday and dropped in to see us.

Mr. W.W. Fox of Beatrice passed through town Saturday en route to Brewton to attend the Senatorial convention to which he was a delegate.

Dr. Willard Bayles reached town last week and has entered upon the practice of his profession. Dr. Bayles’ family will remain with relatives for a few days before joining him here.

Mr. Harwell G. Davis, a promising young attorney of Thomasville, Ala., has located at Monroeville for the practice of his profession. He is associated with Mr. W. Locklin Moore.

BUENA VISTA: The Finklea gin is kept busy. All are busy picking and hauling the inevitable cotton.

SNIDER AND JONES MILL: Jones Mill is growing to be such a popular little burg that it’s hard work to keep up with the visitors as they are constantly coming and going.

SEPT. 20, 1906

Mr. W.P. Deer, proprietor of the Claiborne Lower Warehouse, was in the city Tuesday.

Rev. C.H. Motley went to Manistee the first of the week where he is superintending the erection of a new Methodist church.

Rev. J. Bruce Airey of Evergreen, who has been sojourning at the Wilcox Mineral Springs, Schuster, was in the city Monday and favored this office with a pleasant call.

A new Masonic Lodge was organized at Excel on Thursday of last week, known as Excel Lodge No. 655, making nine lodges actively at work in the county. The following are the officers of the new lodge: G.W. Salter Sr., Worshipful Master; H.R. White, Senior Warden; R.L. Casey, Junior Warden; J.E. Kelly, Treasurer; Riley Kelly, Secretary; E. Parvin, Senior Deacon; J.C. Griffin, Junior Deacon; L.B. Cohron, Chaplain; Wm. Williams, Tyler. The new lodge begins with 10 charter members and the prospects for growth and development are promising.

Wilcox Mineral Springs: Popular Hotel and Watering Place Closed For This Season: On account of the unavoidable absence of my wife, attending sick members of our family, and the scarcity of the right kind of labor, I will close Wilcox Mineral Springs to the public for this season. I wish to thank the public for their liberal patronage, and assure them that, by another season’s opening, to be in shape to give them up-to-date service. Respectfully, Geo. W. Stuart.

Dr. Russell A. Smith of Nadawah was here Monday shaking hands with his many friends.

SEPT. 27, 1906

Mr. John McDuffie was over from River Ridge Saturday, and we learn, consummated an important deal for some desirable Monroeville real estate.

The fall term of Circuit Court will convene on Mon., Oct. 8. By direction of the presiding judge, the list of jurors drawn to serve at this term has not been given out for publication.

The Lodge of Knights of Pythias at this place, which has been inactive for some time, will be reorganized this evening. A number of visiting members of the order are expected to be present to assist in conferring the ranks on a large class of applicants.

Our quiet village was startled by the alarm of fire about 10 o’clock on Monday night. Some chance passer discovered smoke issuing from the apartments occupied by Mr. J.F. Hassell in the old City Hotel and gave the alarm. A number of persons hurried to the scene and succeeded in putting the fire out before very much damage was done.

Another killing occurred at Peterman, this county, Saturday night last. Ed Dean, white, shot and killed Will Neville, a negro. Saturday was payday at Peterman, and the citizens desiring to prevent disorder, secured the presence of two officers. There was some shooting and disorder in the early part of the night, but the officers succeeded in suppressing it; the crowd dispersed and the deputies returned home. The killing occurred at a late hour and nothing definite is learned concerning it. Dean came to town and gave himself up to the sheriff and was released on bond.

FINCHBURG: Misses Elizabeth Williams and Frances Finch leave on the steamer “Hard Cash” for Mobile, Miss Williams to be the guest of her aunt, Mrs. G.E. Crawford, and Miss Finch to attend the Knott High School.

$15 Reward – I will pay the above reward for the arrest and delivery to the Monroe County Jail of Charley Anderson, alias Birmingham; age 20 years, weighs about 135 pounds, color bright yellow, height five feet, six inches, kinky hair, wears No. 8-1/2 shoe. Last seen at Grove Hill about Aug. 21. Will pay officer’s expenses. J.T. Moore, Perdue Hill, Ala.

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