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120-year-old news highlights from The Monroe Journal from Sept. 1896

Alabama Gov. Joseph Forney Johnston
The Monroe Journal newspaper in Monroeville, Ala., under the direction of editor and proprietor Q. Salter, published five editions 120 years ago during the month of September 1896. Those issues, which were dated Sept. 1, Sept. 4, Sept. 10, Sept. 17 and Sept. 24, can be found on microfilm at the Monroe County Library in Monroeville, Ala. What follows are a few news highlights from those five editions. Enjoy.

SEPT. 1, 1896

County court will convene on Monday next.

Messrs. Louiselle of Manistee were in the city Saturday.

Mr. Geo. W. Salter Sr. of Evergreen is visiting relatives in Monroe this week.

Prof. W.S. Neal of Brewton was in town last week circulating among his many friends.

Capt. Geo. H. Gray of Perdue Hill, Monroe’s newly elected tax assessor, was in the city on Saturday. Capt. Gray will begin his round of sittings on the first Monday in October, proximo.

The Mexia and Natchez baseball teams crossed bats in Monroeville on Saturday. When the game was called, the score stood Natchez 39, Mexia 9.

The annual session of the Monroeville Academy opened this morning with 45 matriculations.

Prof. L.K. Benson, who, last year, had charge of a large and prosperous school at Tinela, Monroe County, Ala., has accepted a school at Dixie, Ga. and will leave Forest Home for that place about Sept. 1. Prof. Benson spent part of last week in Camden with his brother, Dr. J.C. Benson. – Camden New Era.

Manistee: The Bear Creek Mill is cutting timber at a rapid rate now.
Mr. Lufkin, the former sawyer at the Bear Creek mill, left a few days since for the Cahaba River, where he has purchased an interest in a mill.

SEPT. 4, 1896

Mr. John I. Watson, our newly elected Sheriff, and Mr. John Deer, the new Treasurer, have been formally inducted into office and look as much at home as if they had been reared in official harness. The transfer of the Sheriff’s office took place on Tuesday, and the Treasurer’s office on Wednesday. Mr. James L. Smith, Tax Collector, has also qualified, while the commissions of various other officers have been received by the Judge of Probate and are ready for delivery.
The retiring gentlemen have made faithful and efficient officers and will carry with them in their return to private life the confidence and esteem of all who were brought into official contact with them during their incumbency.

Pineville: A mad dog passed through town Saturday causing great excitement.

Canoe Station: Rev. Mr. Heath of Brewton preached three interesting sermons Saturday night, Sunday and Sunday night.

Rev. Mr. Keahey has just closed successful protracted meetings at Bells Landing and River Ridge. Seven accessions to the church at the latter place.

Rev. W.A. Locke of Axle has recently closed two splendid series of meetings, at Salem and Oak Grove Baptist churches. Dr. Locke is one of our most earnest and consecrated ministers, a man beloved by all irrespective of denomination and his preaching is always fruitful of good results. His many friends will be rejoiced to learn that his health, which has been quite poor for some months past, is much improved.

SEPT. 10, 1896

The Journal resumes this week its regular quarto weekly edition. The political nominations having all been made the interest is somewhat abated, and the necessity for more frequent issue does not now exist.

Mr. T.A. Gordon of Camden is associated with his brother, Mr. D.M. Gordon, in the printing business at Monroeville.

The County Board of Education held a meeting Saturday. Prof. J.N. Powers was appointed a member of the board to fill the vacancy occasioned by the removal from the county of Prof. Ivey.

The following enrollment of Monroeville Academy makes a most gratifying showing for the first week of the session:
MALES – James Abney, Willie Andress, Howard Brantley, Paker Busey, Willie Boulware, Wallace Daniel, Howard Faulk, Clyde Holiway, Jodie Hudson, Henry Hudson, Paul Hudson, Marvin Jones, Gilderoy Killough, Willie Newbarry, Richard Rikard, Joseph Rikard, Henry Rikard, Alvin Simmons, Cleveland Stallworth, Willie Smith, Hunter Wiggins, Walton Walker, Barte Walker, Fred Holiway.
FEMALES – Mamie Busey, Pauline Cogburn, Gertrude Deer, Constance Deer, Maud Fore, Susye Harrengton, Sallie Harrengton, Rubye Graham, Tommie Killough, Perl Killough, Leslie Newberry, Lizzie Stallworth, Lallie Stallworth, Ouida Stallworth, Mary Stallworth, October Smith, Mary Seymour, Janie Simmons, Susie Wiggins, Lulu Wiggins, Elia Walker, Ida Watson, Loula Yarbrough, Hortense Deer, Minnie Jones, Julia Brantley.

SEPT. 17, 1896

Laborers who were digging a ditch on a plantation near Jefferson, Marengo County, unearthed the teeth from the lower jaw of some mammoth animal. The teeth were five in number and weighed six pounds, measured 11 inches from cap to root, and 14 inches wide. They were highly polished and colored like a meerschaum pipe.

Hon. W.H. Louiselle of Manistee was among his Monroeville friends Tuesday.

Mexia: The new store of Hendrix Brothers is nearly completed.
Mr. W.J. Newberry has resigned as postmaster at this place, and J.L. Brown has been appointed in his stead.

We, the undersigned, feeling the necessity of keeping up our Military Organization, our time of previous enlistment having expired, having waited a sufficient length of time for our former officers to call a meeting for reorganization and they failing to have done so, feel it our duty to and do call a meeting of Section No. 1 for reenlistment and organization and cordially invite all former members and anyone wishing to become a member to meet with us on Mon., 21st day of September 1896. – H. Davis, Geo. C. Crook Jr., Geo. F. Marshall, H.J. Agee, W. Rives, John D. Boykin, R.J. Lambert, Carl. Shiff, L.P. Frye, L.W. Williams, R.B. Williams, C.R. Crook, Geo. Staffin, J.A. Droughon, W.Y. Boykin.

SEPT. 24, 1896

Hon. Joseph F. Johnston, Governor-elect of Alabama, and Hon. Geo. W. Taylor, Democratic nominee for Congress in first district, will address their fellow citizens on the political issues of the day at the following times and places, to wit: Walker Springs, Clarke County, Tues., Sept. 29; Mt. Pleasant, Monroe County, Wed., Sept. 30; Monroeville, Monroe County, Thurs., Oct. 1; Pineville, Monroe County, Fri., Oct. 2.

A difficulty occurred on yesterday (Wednesday) morning, on the Ridge, between the Messrs. Ross, father and son, and Atkins, father and two sons, in which Mr. Ross fils, was severely cut about the neck and face. Dr. Wiggins, who attended the wounded man, pronounced his injuries quite serious but not necessarily fatal.
The difficulty grew out of the depredations of stock belonging to one of the parties on the crop of the other.

Disastrous Fire at Brewton: Brewton, Sept. 16 – The Peters Lumber Company’s two big mills at Alca were reduced to a smoldering mass of ruins yesterday afternoon, together with all their dry houses, planers and lumber sheds. This is the largest plant of the kind in the state. Their headquarters are at Manistee, Mich. The loss is estimated at $150,000 to $200,000 partially covered by insurance.
The fire started in a shaving pit.
At least 1,000,000 feet of dressed lumber and cypress lumber were burned. Hundreds of laborers are thrown out of employment.

Manistee: Rev. A.J. Lambert, assisted by Rev. S.P. Lindsey, closed a protracted meeting at Pleasant Hill Church on Wednesday night. They had a glorious meeting; 18 accession to the church, 16 by experience.

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