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The Evergreen Courant's News Flashback for Sept. 20, 2016

Hugo Black
SEPT. 22, 1949

Man Found Dead On R.R. Tracks Near Owassa: Members of the L&N section crew discovered the badly mangled body of a white man, age about 50, on the tracks about one mile south of Owassa early Wednesday morning. An identification card in the billfold indicated that his name was Philip A. Winder of East St. Louis, Mo.
A coroner’s inquest was held by Dr. E.A. Price and it was decided that the man most probably came to his death by falling off a moving train during the night. The identification card gave an address in Richmond, Calif. to notify in case of accident, and Sheriff W.D. Lewis sent a wire to the address shortly after the body was discovered, but as The Courant goes to press, no reply has been received.

John L. Ward, 82, was found dead in his bedroom early Sunday morning, his death believed to have been caused by burns which he probably received when he attempted to light a fire. Mr. Ward lived in the house with his brother, R.L. Ward, near Lenox, and when discovered by his brother, he was lying in the floor with all of his clothing practically burned off his body.

Fire, which was believed to have been caused by defective wiring, did considerable damage to the virtually new home of Mr. and Mrs. Holland Shell on Rural Street last Friday night. The fire broke out while the football game between Evergreen and Thomasville was in progress and many members of the fire department were at the game, as were Mr. and Mrs. Shell. This caused some delay in getting the fire under control.

SEPT. 27, 1934

Large Crowd Hears Senator Black Discuss New Deal: Senator Hugo L. Black, senior member of Alabama’s delegation in the United States Senate, addressed a mammoth gathering of citizens at the courthouse here on Tuesday, discussing the “New Deal” in all its phases, receiving thunderous applause at numerous points from the assembled multitude which overflowed the auditorium and streamed out onto the lawn to receive the words of the firey Alabamian from the loudspeakers installed to carry his message of optimism and hope to those who could not be accommodated within the building.

Sunday Accident Fatal To Cohassett Youth: Injuries sustained Sunday when the Ford V-8 which he was driving overturned after he had lost control of it, proved fatal to Woodrow Hugghins, who died at the Covington County Hospital in Andalusia at one o’clock Tuesday morning. Young Hugghins was carried to the Andalusia Hospital for treatment immediately after the tragic accident occurred near McGowin’s Ferry on what is known as the Brewton-Andalusia highway about noon Sunday.

Conecuh Gins 4,119 Bales To Sept. 16: According to the government census report furnished to The Courant by P.F. Lindsey, special agent of Belleville, there were 4,119 bales of cotton ginned in Conecuh County from the crop of 1934 prior to Sept. 16 as compared with 3,223 bales ginned to Sept. 16 in 1933.

SEPT. 24, 1919

Conrad Davis reached home last week from overseas, being the last Conecuh boy to leave the shores of Europe.

Louis Bishop, one of the Baldwin County lynchers, sentenced to 15 years in the penitentiary, escaped from the prison at Wetumpka last week and is still at large.

Grady Miller will leave in a few days for Atlanta to enter Emory University as a student of the Gospel ministry. Grady is an excellent young man and The Courant predicts for him a bright future in his chosen field of labor.

Walter Lee has sold his plantation south of town to W.E. Henderson and associates. The property consists of 1,440 acres of the choicest farming land in Conecuh County. We understand that the new owners will begin at once to develop the property with a view to putting it on the market in small farms.

On account of JEWISH HOLIDAY our store will be closed on Thurs., Sept. 25, and on Sat., Oct. 4. – I. Long & Sons.

Free Demonstration, How to Save Your Tires: A Goodyears tire expert will be in our store on Tues., Sept. 23, all day long, to talk with you about tire conservation. He gives a free illustrated talk on the manufacture, care and proper use of tire savers, both for passenger car and truck. In half an hour you can learn much about tire conservation. His advice will make your visit here well worthwhile. – Evergreen Motor Car Co.

SEPT. 28, 1904

Misses Minnie and Belle Shields left Tuesday for the World’s Fair at St. Louis.

Mrs. C.S. Gantt and daughter, Miss Rosa, left yesterday for St. Louis to attend the World’s Fair.

Call and see our line of Studebaker Wagons. – Wild-Jackson-Beaven Hardware Co.

Sepulga: Rev. McConnell filled his regular appointment at Concord last Sunday.

THREE-RING SHOW COMING: Wallace’s High-Class Circus Will Exhibit Here Oct. 5: The Great Wallace Shows have completed all arrangements to exhibit in Evergreen on Wed., Oct. 5. The Wallace Show has advanced rapidly during the recent years until it has reached the front rank of tented enterprises, and is one of the biggest on the road. It advertises a greater number of features than any other show, and judging from the comments of the press, the commercial travelers and others who have seen it, the Wallace Show produces all it advertises. With the Wallace Show, from six to eight acts are to be seen at one time in the three rings, hippodrome track, on the stage and in mid-air.
The Great Wallace Shows will positively appear in Evergreen on Wed., Oct. 5, for one day only, giving two performances.

SEPT. 26, 1889

A Nut for Geologists to Crack: Mr. W.N. Brawner of Brooklyn, Ala. writes us that while having a well dug on one of the highest ridges in the vicinity last week, a log of wood three feet in diameter was encountered at a depth of 26 feet from the surface.
The wood was in a good state of preservation, samples of which are on exhibition at his place of business.

Conecuh Guards: The Conecuh Guards held an election last Saturday night and the following are now the uncommissioned officers, viz: W.A. Taliaferro, 1st Sergt.; C.R. Taliaferro, 2nd Sergt.; C.R. Tate, 3rd Sergt.; R. Lundy, 4th Sergt.; A.M. Ball, 1st Corporal; Junius Snead, 2nd Corporal; Emile Hirschfelder, 3rd Corporal; C.H. Stearns, 4th Corporal; E.W. Dickson, Comm. Sergt.; A. Lazarus, Quartermaster; G.W. Caldwell, Ordinance Sergt. and Secretary; C.B. Savage, 1st Lt. and Secretary; D.J. Gantt, 2nd Lt. D.J. Gantt, C.R. Taliaferro, W.L. Taliaferro and Junius Snead were chosen as the team to compete at the Greenville Fair.

Activity Items: A man attempted to burglarize the dwelling of Mr. W.L. Skinner one night last week but was surprised and made his escape without getting anything.

Mr. Lee Long, Greenville’s efficient, clever and handsome young postmaster, spent Sunday last in Evergreen.

The friends of Mrs. S.U. Sampey will be pleased to learn that she has been elected principal of the Myrtle Grove school near Pensacola, Fla.

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