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100-year-old news highlights from The Monroe Journal from Nov. 1916

The Monroe Journal newspaper in Monroeville, Ala., under the direction of editor and proprietor Q. Salter, published five editions 100 years ago during the month of November 1916. Those issues, which were dated Nov. 2, Nov. 9, Nov. 16, Nov. 23 and Nov. 30, can be found on microfilm at the Monroe County Library in Monroeville, Ala. What follows are a few news highlights from those five editions. Enjoy.

NOV. 2, 1916

Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Lee spent a few days in Selma the first of the week.

Before another number of The Journal is published the important issues of the present campaign; national, state and local, will have been determined. So far as can be determined from pre-election forecasts, indications point hopefully to the return of President Wilson to the White House and the retention of control of the legislative branch in the hands of the Democratic party. Locally and in the state, there is no considerable organized opposition either to Democratic candidates or to the politics endorsed by the party.

Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Hendrix are spending a few days at the Gulf Coast Fair.

Mr. G.B. Barnett returned home Monday after spending a week with his father, Capt. W.H. Barnett, in Pike County.

J.B. Barnett, Esq., went to Montgomery Saturday to be present at the hearing before the federal board with reference to the location of the farm loan bank for this district.

Mrs. Lucy Hughes presented The Journal with a mammoth Japanese persimmon, one of the finest we have seen. Had she exhibited this and other specimens of her horticultural triumphs at the recent fair she would have undoubtedly carried off the premium.

NOV. 9, 1916

HIGH SCHOOL DEFEATS SELMA: Local Gridiron Scene of Decisive Contest – Score 15 to 0: The football team of the Monroe County High School entertained the eleven from the Selma High School on the local gridiron Friday afternoon and incidentally furnished amusement to quite a number of fans.
Captain Massey proved his worth, making both touchdowns for Monroeville, running through the line 20 yards for the first. In Waren, Coach Jones has uncovered a line-plunger of the highest class.

A burglar made a midnight raid on the Fancy Grocery Tuesday night but was interrupted in the midst of his purloining. The only articles missed was a small shotgun with a number of shells, a few dozen cigars and four or five dollars in small change from the cash drawer.
The burglar made his escape through the rear window by which he gained entrance.

Dr. J.J. Dailey was down from Tunnel Springs Monday.

Dr. J.F. Busey of Roy was at the county capital the first of the week.

Capt. J.L. Marshall visited the Gulf Coast Fair last week. He was accompanied by his daughter, Mrs. T.C. Marriott and children of Perdue Hill.

The fall term of the Monroe circuit court will convene next Monday for a two weeks session.

Ideal weather prevailed on the occasion of the election Tuesday but the vote cast at the Monroeville box was light, there being no local contest to call out the full voting strength.

NOV. 16, 1916

Capt. T.M. Riley of Riley was here yesterday.

Mr. Riley Kelly of Excel was at the county capital Monday.

Dr. and Mrs. D.D. Cole of Eliska were visitors to the city this week.

Dr. J.W. Rutherford of Franklin was in attendance on the circuit court the first of the week.

Capt. J.H. McCreary of Turnbull was transacting business at the county capital the first of the week.

Hon. Oscar L. Gray, representative in Congress from this district, was a visitor to the city this week. His many friends were delighted to see him in the enjoyment of robust health.

Congressman Oscar L. Gray took advantage of the opportunity to deliver a brief address to his friends and constituents just before the convening of the circuit court on Monday. Mr. Gray brought a message of good cheer, reviewing the record of constructive legislation enacted by the last congress and predicting great prosperity to the country and individual benefits that will result from its operation.

Mr. T.T. Ivey of Beatrice was in town transacting business Tuesday.

NOV. 23, 1916

County Engineer C.E. Barker is just home from the good roads meeting in Montgomery.

The new dwellings being built by F.E. Salter and the Misses Faulk on Bellville Street are nearing completion.

Among the unusual incidents of the present court term in Monroeville was the operation of a vaudeville tent show and street preaching by a stranger who claimed no denominational affiliation. Some of the hits scored by the latter are said to have been to the point and entirely orthodox.

The Fox Hunters Association will meet at Furman, Ala. on the first Monday in December. Fox hunters are cordially invited to come and bring their best dogs. For any information concerning running rules, etc., write Dr. J.D. Perdue, Mt. Vernon, Ala., or Dr. H.C. Fountain, Burnt Corn, Ala.

There will be a box supper at Grimes school house on Friday evening, Dec. 1, beginning at seven o’clock. Everybody cordially invited to attend, big, little, old and young. A pleasant time for all. No charge for admittance but dainty boxes of lunch will be sold to the highest bidders, proceeds to be used for school improvement.

Solicitor John McDuffie is at his official post in the courtroom this week, wearing a smile that won’t come off in consequence of the arrival in his home of an imperious young lady.

Circuit court ran through with the civil docket by mid-week the first half of the term. The criminal business was taken up Monday and will doubtless consume all of this week after continuing many cases.

NOV. 30, 1916

Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Lee have returned from a trip to Birmingham, Nashville and St. Louis.

The Monroe County High School football team is booked for an engagement with the Selma YMCA team at Vredenburgh today. A number of local enthusiasts will witness the game. This engagement will probably close the season with the high school team.

The newly elected members of the County Board of Education met in Monroeville a few days ago and perfected its organization by the election of D.M. Maxwell of Roy as chairman. Superintendent J.A. Barnes is ex-officio secretary. Other members of the board are C.W. Jackson, A.T. Ellis, J.W. Chapman and I.J. Kearley.

Circuit court adjourned for the term on Friday morning and Judge Turner and Solicitor McDuffie left for Grove Hill where the circuit court of Clarke County is now in session.

Mr. M.M. Fountain went to New Orleans the first of the week to superintend the sale of another car shipment of cattle.

Most of the out-of-town students of the high school are enjoying the Thanksgiving occasion with home folks, the faculty having granted two days surcease of routine duties.

Mrs. Dovie Stallworth announces the engagement of her daughter Eulalie to Mr. David Adams Steel of Selma, the wedding to take place at Beatrice early in December. The announcement is received with interest throughout South Alabama where both young people have many friends.

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