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The Evergreen Courant's News Flashback for Nov. 22, 2016

Gov. James E. Folsom
NOV. 27, 1947

Hoomes Given 20 Years By Conecuh County Jury: After a comparatively short period of deliberation last Thursday evening, the Conecuh County petit jury which tried Elbert J. Hoomes on a first-degree murder charge found him guilty of murder in the second degree and sentenced him to the penitentiary for a term of 20 years.
The trial was moved to Evergreen from Brewton on a change of venue granted by Judge F.W. Hare when the defendant plead that he could not get a fair trial in Escambia County. It was begun about 10 o’clock Wednesday morning and was completed late Thursday afternoon.

Gov. James E. Folsom has issued a proclamation setting aside Nov. 27 as Thanksgiving Day in Alabama.
In issuing the proclamation, Gov. Folsom asked Alabamians to go to church on Thanksgiving Day “to humbly thank Almighty God for the many blessings so bountifully bestowed upon our state and nation.”
Folsom further called upon citizens of the state “to ask Divine guidance that they may more fully shoulder responsibilities of citizenship and preserve the peace that we have won at such a tragic cost.”

Lt. Albert Hugh Holman has arrived in Guam and will be stationed there until the first of May.

Mr. and Mrs. Byron Warren and children are spending today with relatives in Enterprise.

NOV. 24, 1932

Agricultural School Closed Indefinitely: Prof. W.Y. Fleming, principal of the Agricultural School, announced to his pupils Wednesday before dismissing them for Thanksgiving holidays that school would be closed until some arrangements had been made for its continuance.
A meeting of the patrons of the school was held Monday afternoon for the purposes of devising a means of keeping it open. It was decided that an effort would be made to raise $750, which Prof. Fleming estimated was necessary to keep going for the remainder of this semester which will end about Jan. 15.

Dr. J.M. Carr Buried At Ft. Deposit Friday: Funeral services were held for Dr. J. Mark Carr, age 55, well known citizen of Brooklyn, who died suddenly at his home Friday afternoon. Rev. O.C. Stewart, pastor of the Baptist Church at Brooklyn was in charge of the services.
Dr. Carr, who had been almost an invalid for many years, was found dead in his garden by his wife when she returned home for school Thursday afternoon.
Deceased was a native of Ft. Deposit, having moved with his family to Brooklyn seven years ago where he had made his home since. His wife has held a position as teacher in the Brooklyn School since they moved there.

Repton: Dr. W.R. Carter attended the Southern Medical Convention in Birmingham last week.

The Masonic Home benefit party of the past week was given at the home of Mrs. H.C. Thomas with Mrs. S.J. Brundage as joint hosts. Several progressions of bunco were played at eight tables, and light refreshments were served.

NOV. 28, 1917

Our Boys Safe in France: Several cablegrams received here during the past week by relatives and friends from members of the Rainbow Division announced their safe arrival “somewhere in France.” This good news was a relief to many anxious relatives and friends.

Owassa: Mrs. T. Brooks entertained a few friends at a candy drawing on Friday night last.

Fire broke out in the roof of the White House hotel on Saturday afternoon, but was quickly extinguished by the bucket brigade before the fire department could respond. A serious fire was thus narrowly averted.

A sneak thief went into the hallway of Prof. Bennett’s home on Friday night last and relieved him his overcoat, hat and cup. The thief has not been apprehended.

Castleberry: A number of people attended the circus at Evergreen Friday.

Lt. Waddy McCreary came down from Camp Wheeler last week to spend a few days with his parents, Judge and Mrs. Dunn. He was accompanied by Mrs. McCreary.

Union Thanksgiving services will be held at the Baptist church tomorrow (Thursday) morning at seven o’clock. Dr. Dickinson will preach a special Thanksgiving sermon. The public is cordially invited to attend this service.

NOV. 29, 1902

S.A. Lowrey, our newly elected county superintendent of education, was here on Saturday to take charge of the books and papers of his office. Any teachers or other persons desiring to communicate with him should address him at Betts, Ala.

Burglar Captured: The party who burglarized the store of Mr. W.M. Newton at Belleville last week was captured by Deputy Harvey Riggs at Flomaton on Thursday last and brought here and lodged in jail. His name is Author Wright, a young boy. When captured he had on his person several articles of the stolen goods. He confessed his guilt and told where the stolen goods were concealed. Wright was tried before Justice R.H. Riggs at Belleville on Saturday and bound over to await the action of the grand jury.

R.H. Ellis of Repton has been appointed notary public by Gov. Jelks.

J.G. Guy, a prosperous farmer of Herbert, was here yesterday and paid us a visit.

Jas. H. Tucker of Monroe spent Friday here en route home from the reunion at Montgomery.

Fiddler: Public school opened here on Monday with an average attendance and with new equipment, all out of debt. Miss Ethel Bennett of Georgiana is in charge.

Betts: Miss Emma Betts is teaching a flourishing school here.

NOV. 24, 1887

The friends of Mr. A.D. Sampey were shocked Wednesday night of this week to hear of his sudden death. He had been in court most of the day, engaged in the settlement of an estate which he represented, and was compelled to leave court and go to the hotel to bed. Physicians were summoned and did all in their power for him, but it did not avail.
He was carried home in his buggy and died about 5:30 p.m., surrounded by his weeping, sorrow-stricken family. The immediate cause of his dissolution is supposed to have been the rupture of a blood vessel.

D.W. Kyser will open a public school in Castleberry Dec. 4.

Mr. Jno. Warr, who lives near Walker’s Mill, in Mill beat in this county, had the misfortune to lose his dwelling house and out houses and all their contents by fire one day this week.

Col. P.D. Bowles has been visiting the Gulf City during the week.

Lizzie, the great performing elephant, will amuse the crowds that will attend the circus at Evergreen Sat., Dec. 3.

For some time past, the passenger trains between here and Gravella have been rocked. For a time it seemed difficult to locate the perpetrators of this outrage, but now two of them have been caught and are in jail in default of bail. The rock throwers were (three little boys).

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