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130-year-old news highlights from The Monroe Journal from April 1887

Col. P.D. Bowles of Evergreen.
The Monroe Journal newspaper in Monroeville, Ala., under the direction of publisher Q. Salter, published four editions 130 years ago during the month of April 1887. Those issues, which were dated April 7, April 14, April 21 and April 28, can be found on microfilm at the Monroe County Library in Monroeville, Ala. What follows are a few news highlights from those editions. Enjoy.

APRIL 7, 1887

The Board of Education met Saturday.

County Court was in session Monday, Hon. W.C. Sowell presiding.

Circuit Court will convene on the 25th inst.

Mr. Martyn East, one of the oldest citizens of Monroe County, died at his home at East’s Store in Beat 5 on the 25th ult., after a protracted illness. He was near 90 years old.

Perdue Hill: The school here is in a prosperous condition and there are no signs of decline in number or interest, some additions have been made to the roll this week.

Glendale: Mr. Lee White of Glendale had his dwelling house and all its contents destroyed by fire last week. The fire is supposed to have originated in the kitchen.

Sheriff Burns is suffering from an attack of rheumatism.

Col. D.L. Neville is attending circuit court in Evergreen this week.

Rev. Mr. Sturgeon preached to a good congregation at the Presbyterian church Sunday.

Mr. C.W. McClure of Kempville attended County Court Monday.

Prof. L.C. Furz and Mr. A.D. McNeil of Hollinger gave us a call last week.

Col. L.D. Steele of Mt. Pleasant honored our sanctum with his presence last Saturday.

APRIL 14, 1887

Editor J.A. Matheson has sold the Wilcox Gazette outfit to a stock company composed of some of Camden’s best young businessmen, who will shortly begin the publication of the Wilcox Progress. They promise to make the new journal indicative of its name. We wish the new paper and publishers much success.

Commissioners court was in session Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Capt. W.S. Wiggins went to Mobile last Sunday via Claiborne.

A most unwarranted assault was made upon Dr. H.C. Bradley of River Ridge last week by his nephews George McCall and Fred Bradley, who, it is said, injured him very seriously. His recovery is not assured.

Dr. R.I. Draughon of Perdue Hill will deliver at lecture at the Court House on Wednesday night (27th) of court week on the subject of the “Creation of the World.” A large audience would be well paid for their attendance.

Evergreen Star: Col. P.D. Bowles has been appointed by the president as postmaster at Evergreen, vice, Mrs. John Sterns, deceased.

Brewton Banner: During the session of the circuit court, Curren Salter, the would be rapist, was sentenced to 20 years hard labor.

Died – Mr. A.B. Tucker, an old and respected citizen of this community, at his home near Monroeville, on Tuesday, the 12th inst., of paralysis.

APRIL 21, 1887

Rev. W.G. Curry of Furman, Wilcox County, for many years pastor of the Baptist church of this place, was among his many friends at Monroeville Monday.

Fourteen applications have so far been filed with the probate judge under the act passed by the last legislature, appropriating funds for maimed soldiers and widows of soldiers.

OBITUARY: Died at his residence near Monroeville, Mr. A.B. Tucker on 12th of April 1887. He was born May 4, 1809 in Macklenberg Co., Va., came to Monroe County, Ala. in 1838, was married to Miss Amanda M. Henderson March 17, 1842 by Rev. Jno. McWilliams. His course through life entitled him to the respect and admiration of all who knew him.

BUENA VISTA: Within the last two weeks we have been called to perform the sad duty of committing to the tomb two of our neighbors, Mrs. Herrin, mother of our esteemed friend G.L. Herrin, and Mr. L. Griffis, who was the oldest citizen of our community, and perhaps of the county, having reached his 92nd year.
Dr. W.B. Abernathy of Sedan, just over the line in Wilcox County, has gone to Birmingham. The people of Sedan have been trying to entice one of our doctors, but failed. We are proud to recognized Dr. W.M. Hestle as a fixture in our town.

Photographic – Mr. E.N. Smith, the Photographer, has opened his picture gallery in Monroeville, and those desiring anything in his line are respectfully invited to give him a call. He does first class work at very reasonable prices. Call at once, he will remain only a few days.

APRIL 28, 1887

Circuit Court – Was called Monday at 12 o’clock precisely. Mr. Wm. Cater of Turnbull was made foreman of the Grand Jury. Judge Clarke then delivered his charge to the jury respecting their obligations and powers in his usually able, clear and explicit manner after which that august body immediately retired to their room to enter upon the discharge of their responsible duties as the great moral teachers of the commonwealth.
Solicitor Taylor – the friend of the oppressed and the terror of evildoers – is at his post to look after the interest and dignity of the State. In addition to our able local bar, we notice among the visiting attorneys Col. S.J. Cumming of Birmingham, Col. Nick Stallworth of Evergreen, C.J. Torrey of Mobile and E.J. Cloud of Meridian, Miss.
Mr. F. Metts is acting special bailiff for the grand jury and his promptness and courteous manners admirably fit him for the position he occupies.

Mr. C.W. McClure of Kempville was engaged in the court room this week assisting Sheriff Burns.

Hon. N.A. Agee of Perdue Hill was in attendance upon the Circuit Court Tuesday.

The Monroe County Medical Society met in the office of Dr. J.T. Packer at his place yesterday, with a good attendance of members.

Dr. Packer has had his buggy newly painted, and it now looks as neat as a new pin.

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