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135-year-old news highlights from The Monroe Journal from May 1882

The Monroe Journal newspaper in Monroeville, Ala., under the direction of publisher Horace R. Hood, likely published five editions 135 years ago during the month of May 1882. Four of those issues, which were dated May 8, May 15, May 22 and May 29, can be found on microfilm at the Monroe County Library in Monroeville, Ala. What follows are a few news highlights from those editions. Enjoy.

MAY 8, 1882

Circuit Court – The following important cases were disposed of the last term of the court:
- A change of venue was granted in the case of Chas. Roberts, charged with murder. The case goes to Wilcox.
- The case of John McDuffie, charged with manslaughter, was tried at last term of the court, and received a slight fine.
- Mr. John A. Helton, charged with the murder of East 17 years ago, was tried at the last term of the court and honorably acquitted. It was so clearly a case of self defense, after hearing the evidence, the solicitor moved the discharge of the prisoner.

Among the distinguished attorneys in attendance upon our circuit court last week were Col. S.J. Cumming of Camden; Colonels Farnham, Stallworth and Burnett of Evergreen; and C.J. Torrey, Esq., of Mobile.

Judge Clarke created a favorable impression in Monroeville. Lawyers and litigants alike speak in high terms of him and while he is on the shady side of 50, his mind is active and vigorous, and physically he is in the best of health.

Perdue Hill – Locklin, a bright and lovely little boy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Savage, and grandchild of Capt. C.W. Locklin, aged 18 months, died a few days ago.

Buena Vista – Married at Buena Vista April 26th by Rev. L.M. Duke, Prof. O.J. Burson to Miss Laura Finklea.

MAY 15, 1882

Claiborne – “Clip,” the spicy correspondent of the Mobile Register, writes as follows to the paper:
Having reached Claiborne, which was my destination, I bane the affable clerk and large hearted captain goodbye, and proceeded to climb the bluff, which is familiar to everyone who has ever visited Claiborne. Have you ever tried to climb a bluff? Why, quoting poetry to your sweetheart is nothing to it; eating softshell crab is an odious comparison, just try it, and if you will not say a few cuss words I will declare you a second job, and proceed to anoint you with oleomargarine. Claiborne was once thrifty, but owing to the unhealthy locality, the town has moved, at least the commercial part, to Perdue Hill, to which place I embarked, drawn by a bovine locomotive, a colored man and brother as engineer. I arrived there after a two hours and 48 minutes drive, and found Perdue Hill one of the prettiest, neatest and healthiest in this or any other state. The population in 1880 was 100, but since then several families have moved there and I can safely say that it has now over double the first amount.
Three churches – one Baptist, one Methodist, and union church, which is open and free to any denomination, afford the people spiritual comfort. Five stores, which furnish the farmers supplies, for many miles and a drug store, comprise the commerce. Among the merchants, I found my old friend Mr. H.J. Savage, a gentleman in every respect. Mr. S. invited me to his residence, and there I found a perfect model of a home. Mr. Savage is no stranger to the people of Mobile – and like a sensible, practical man has erected a monument while living, the name of a good, honest, respectable gentleman, a name of which he and his may justly be proud.

MAY 22, 1882

Circuit Court Proceedings – The following cases were disposed of in the circuit court during its recent term:
The State v. John Helton, murder, verdict not guilty.
The State v. John McDuffie, manslaughter, guilty, fine $50.
The State v. Joe Vaught, card playing, not guilty.
W.R. Agee, card playing, nol pros.
Wm. G. McCorvey, assault to murder, not guilty.
Stephen Randleson, assault and battery with a knife, fine $10.
Drewry Ford and Wm. Ford, disturbing religious worship, fine $20.

The charge of Judge Clarke to the grand jury was an able and lucid one and convinced all who heard it that he was an able Judge, learned in the law, and well up with the times.

Hon. Judge Jno. W. Leslie was foreman of the grand jury. A good selection.

Our popular Solicitor, G.W. Taylor, Esq., is a hard and zealous worker, and got after some of the “boys.”

Bermuda – Married on the 10th inst., at the residence of the bride’s father near Bermuda, Mr. J.J. Doss and Miss Callie Straughn.
We congratulate Mr. D on winning the affection of so beautiful, interesting and accomplished lady. Miss Callie is the daughter of Mr. P. Straughn, one of the wealthiest and most influential citizens of this county.

MAY 29, 1882

Buena Vista – One night last week a man with wife and child, in a two-horse wagon, camped near Buena Vista, Monroe County, close to the residence of Jacob Rackard. During the night, Mr. R heard the child crying. As the cries continued he concluded to see what was the matter. On going to the camp, he found the man and woman both dead. At once the neighborhood was aroused, and upon investigation of the matter, no clue could be found except that a spider had been cooked in the victuals. It seems impossible to obtain the name of the parties, as they had no papers nor anything bearing their names, and no one knows from whence they came. We get this from a reliable citizen living near the line of Monroe County. – Evergreen News.

Peach Tree – Dr. J.M. Wiggins, formerly of Monroeville, and now a resident of Lower Peach Tree, Wilcox County, where he is doing a fine practice, was recently married to Miss Nora Dinkins of Arkansas. Miss Nora is a sister of Mrs. Dr. Russell of this place, and is an accomplished lady. We wish the doctor and his bride a smooth sea and pleasant sailing through the voyage of life.

Monroeville – Playing marbles is a popular pastime on our streets.

Jesse F. Rawls, formerly a compositor of this office, paid his relatives at this place, a visit recently.

It is authoritatively announced that R.F. Wallace will soon resign the circuit clerkship. Judge Jno. W. Leslie and Capt. J. DeLoach are applicants for the position in case of such resignation.

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