Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Evergreen Courant's News Flashback for April 4, 2017

Rev John Dandridge McClanahan
14 YEARS AGOAPRIL 10, 2003

Local weather reporter Harry Ellis reported .21 inches of rain in Evergreen on April 4, 2003 and .15 inches of rain on April 5.

“The Castleberry Town Council approved a new ordinance pertaining to property clean up in the town limits at their regular meeting last Tuesday night, April 1. The council approved the ordinance to give the town more power to get citizens to clean up their property and maintain the town’s looks.”

“The news that South Alabama Gas will be adding on to their service lines on the Old Greenville Road and Brownville Road this year was announced at the board meeting held Monday night at the Evergreen office.”

“The Conecuh County Commission drew sharp criticism when they considered moving the Veterans Affairs office back into the Conecuh County Courthouse this week. They met with Veterans Service Officer Bill Ferguson Wednesday morning to try to settle the issue. Local radio personality and Marine, Luther Upton, was also present at the meeting.”

“A city truck that was stolen around March 24 from the residence of a city employee has been recovered by the Evergreen Police Department, with the assistance of the Escambia County, Fla. Sheriff’s Department.”

APRIL 14, 1988

“Weatherman Earl Windham reports .92 of an inch of rain on April 6.”

“Conecuh students name new school: At its last meeting the Conecuh County Board of Education approved the naming of the new high school, selection of school colors and mascot. The board’s considerations came from recommendations that were given by a committee of students from the Repton High, Conecuh County High, Evergreen and Lyeffion School communities who met on several occasions to compile this information.
“The unanimous choices and votes were recorded and based on popular votes, were submitted to the Board of Education as recommendations. The Board approved the recommendations that were submitted to it by the student committee. The name for the new high school will be Hillcrest High School. The school colors are red, silver (gray) and black, and the mascot will be a Jaguar.
“The new school colors will be incorporated into the d├ęcor and interior of the school. The school will open in the fall of 1989.”

“The Evergreen City Council met Tuesday night in a special announced meeting to make appointments to the Evergreen Gas Supply Board. The following appointments were made: T.L. Sims, two-year term; Jones Sasser, four-year term; and Willie Willis, six-year term. The council will meet next Tuesday night for its regular meeting.”

APRIL 12, 1973

“Kierce receives 50-year pin: Brother Marshall Kierce of Owassa was presented the 50-year Masonic Membership Pin at Greening Lodge F&AM Tuesday night. The pin was presented by Jesse Byrd of Greenville, District Lecturer of the 25th District of the Alabama Grand Lodge by the request of the Grand Lodge of Ohio.
“Brother Kierce was made a Master Mason in Ohio and has maintained his membership in that state.
“Greening Lodge will have a regular communication next on Tuesday night, April 24, at 7:30.”

“George Jones, a native of Evergreen, was presented in clarinet concert at famed Carnegie Hall in New York City at 2:30 o’clock Saturday afternoon, April 7.
“Jones was accompanied by his wife, Arlene, at the piano and their 12-year-old daughter, Katrina, turned the music.
“Jones is the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jones of Evergreen.”

“On Jan. 20, handpicked soldiers from the famed 82nd Airborne Division from Ft. Bragg, N.C. provided a cordon along Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. for the inauguration of President Richard M. Nixon.
“Army Sgt. Spencer E. Taylor, son of Mrs. Eula R. Taylor, Rt. 1, Castleberry, was one of the select few to represent the division.
“Sgt. Taylor, a squad leader in Co. C, 2nd Battalion of the Divisions 505th Infantry, entered the Army in October 1965, completed basic training at Ft. Gordon, Ga. and was last stationed in Germany. He is a 1964 graduate of Marshall High School, Evergreen.”

APRIL 10, 1958

“Attorney General John Patterson brings his campaign for governor into Conecuh County Tuesday with two appearances scheduled. Mr. Patterson will speak at Castleberry at 12:15 p.m. and in Evergreen at 1:15 o’clock. He will be accompanied on his Conecuh visits by Rebe Gosdin and his Sunny Valley Boys, country music artists of Alabama radio and television fame.”

“The 12th Annual Evergreen Junior Chamber of Commerce sponsored Conecuh County Fat Calf Show will be staged here Mon., April 21, according to John Horne, chairman of the Jaycee committee in charge.”

From “This Week’s Wash” by Courant Editor and Publisher Bob Bozeman – “Folks keep asking me when I’m going to ‘come out for’ my favorite candidate for governor. Well, I just want to let you know that I’m on to you and don’t intend to ‘come out’ this time.
“I’ve found out through experience that once it becomes known that I’m for a man his chances of carrying Conecuh County are all shot. So this time I’m playing it smart by keeping quiet. That way you won’t be able to know just exactly how to vote so that I’ll lose mine.
“Of course, any year now us lying newspapers may get smart and start using our influence. The way to do that, of course, is to endorse the man we want to beat which should lead folks to vote for the others among who is the man we want to win. And should the man we endorse win, why of course, there we would be right up on the bandwagon.”

APRIL 8, 1943

“Supt. H.D. Weathers announced this week that all schools of the county will open at eight o’clock instead of nine o’clock in the mornings beginning Monday morning, April 12. This change is being made since the days are getting somewhat longer in order that pupils and teachers may get out an hour earlier in the afternoons to help with farm and garden work.”

“The Rev. John D. McClanahan, 99, Hartselle, Morgan County’s last Confederate veteran, died recently.”

“Local Child Purchases Bond With Pennies – ‘Take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves’ is an old adage which has evidently been well impressed upon Bobby Jean McIntyre, 10-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.M. McIntyre of this city. Bobby Jean began saving her pennies some time ago with the idea of buying a war bond when she had enough. Wednesday she, with the help of her grandfather, M.E. Wilson, appeared at the window of the post office with a shoe box full of pennies and expressed a desire to buy a $25 bond which costs $18.75.

“Harris Williamson, clerk at the local office, was detailed to the job of counting the pennies, a task which required about three quarters of an hour. All told Bobby Jean had 1,935 pennies, 60 more than the number required to buy the bond. These she invested in war stamps. Harris says the box of pennies weighed 13 pounds, and incidentally he says that he hopes not too many people adopt this method of saving to buy war bonds.”

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