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100-year-old news highlights from The Wilcox Progressive Era

USS Louisiana (BB-19)
What follows are 100-year-old news excerpts from the July 11, 1918 edition of The Wilcox Progressive Era newspaper in Camden, Ala.

Leon P. Andrews is at Camp Meade, Md. and preparing to go to France.

Dr. Horace Vandevoort, formerly of our county, is now a major in the medical department of the U.S. Army and is in France. Lt. J. Brad. Holman Jr. is now at Suplice, France in the quartermaster department. Julian Holman is in the navy on the battleship, Louisiana.

The elegant and antebellum home of the Packers in Blacks Bend, one of the handsomest residences in Wilcox County, was burned last Saturday morning. The fire is said to be from a defective kitchen flue. It was owned and occupied by Miss Jennie Packer, and its value was fully five thousand dollars. No insurance. The lady’s friends regret the loss.

Eleven convicts imprisoned in the Vredenburgh convict camp escaped by sawing an opening through the floor. The camp is in Wilcox County, and Deputy Sheriff McLean, assisted by Mr. Curry and other Vredenburgh officers, have so far captured two of the escapes and are still pursing the others.

Lery Tate of Neenah is now on the battleship Susquehanna and has made two trips across the ocean. Reginal Tate is in the radio school at Harvard. William Tate is at Camp Jackson, Columbia, S.C. Jim Beck Chandler is in the infantry at Camp Sevier, S.C. D. Warren is also there. White Burson, George Daily and John Daily are in France. Grady Rogers and John Rogers are at Camp Wheeler, Macon, Ga. These young men are all from patriotic Mims beat.

The county Board of Exemption, consisting of Sheriff McDowell, Clerk S.M. Cobb and Dr. Z. Moore, was in session in Camden last Monday.

Pat M. Dannelly Jr., young son of Judge and Mrs. P.M. Dannelly, suffered a broken arm on Sunday afternoon last when he attempted to crank a car. He is getting along nicely with his injury.

Mr. T.L. Head of Department of Education, Montgomery, was in Camden Saturday last, to give instructions relative to the building of rural school houses on state aid plans. Mr. Head was formerly superintendent of education of Clarke County, and is not a stranger to Wilcox.

Hon. W.M. Cook and wife are visiting Camden friends and relatives. Mr. Cook was superintendent of education for a number of years and it is always a source of pleasure to him and his many friends to mingle again with each other.

Mr. James T. Murphy of Sedan, an old and respected citizen, died at Atmore recently, where he had gone for medical treatment. His death is lamentable by his many friends and by the Progressive Era.

Hon. Harry T. Hartwell Delivers Address in Camden was in the form of a patriotic address delivered by Hon. Harry T. Hartwell of Mobile. A very good audience was on hand to greet the speaker but owing to the uncertainty of the hour of speaking, many failed to get out. The program consisted of patriotic songs, reading of the Declaration of Independence by Prof. C. Hardy, delivering President Wilson’s special Fourth of July message by Hon. N.D. Godbold.

What follows are 100-year-old news excerpts from the July 4, 1918 edition of The Wilcox Progressive Era newspaper in Camden, Ala.

Prof. M.B. Martin of Neenah was a Camden visitor Saturday.

Mrs. J.M. McLeod and J.H. Farish and families are spending part of the summer at Schuster springs.

Mr. and Mrs. D.E. Dunn of Mt. Hope have received a letter from their son, W.E. Dunn, who is now somewhere in France stating that he has been confined to a hospital with fever. His letter dated June 2 states that he has about recovered.

Mr. Dick Dees left Wednesday to join the navy. He has made his home in Camden for several years and has many friends here who wish him success and safe return.

Mrs. S.A. Jackson has returned from a visit to her son, Grady, who is in training at Camp Wheeler.

NOTICE – A meeting of the Democratic Executive Committee of Wilcox County will be held at the Courthouse on Mon., July 8, at 11 o’clock. Every member of the committee is requested to be present. – S.D. Bloch, Chairman; Sam Lee Jones, Secretary.

Mr. W.W. Primm, four about 10 years connected with the Matthews Hardware Co., has resigned his position to accept a place with Cathron & Co. of Selma, as salesman. Mr. Primm’s promotion is a deserved one, as he has in the past steadily devoted himself to his work, and by sheer energy and stickability, has proven his mettle. He will prove a valuable asset to Cathron & Co.

Dr. Bonner and children were Selma visitors Monday.

Dr. Joe Hall Jones of Oak Hill was a Camden visitor Tuesday.

Mr. F.L. Moore Sr., continues indisposed and is under treatment in a Birmingham infirmary.

Rev. E.A. Dannelly and family of Montgomery are visiting Camden friends and relatives.

Mr. Mayer Jeffrey of Lower Peach Tree is ill in a Mobile infirmary. We trust for him a speedy recovery.

General rains over Wilcox the past week has increased the crop prospect considerably.

Mrs. Matthews of Montgomery is visiting her sons, Messrs. B.H. and H.H. Matthews, and families.

Mr. J.H. Duke has been confined to his bed for some time seriously ill. We are glad to report that the past few days he is considerably improved.

Mr. N.H. Stewart of Mt. Hope was in Camden the past week and remembered the Progressive Era very kindly. If all our subscribers were considerate of our feelings and financial condition, newspaper life would be one sweet song.

Misses Strudwich and Harmon gave a demonstration in canning and drying fruits and vegetables on Monday at the High School building. About 25 ladies were present and manifested considerable interest in the work.

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