Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Replica of Boston's Fenway Park is located in rural Wilcox County, Ala.

MLB pitcher Jake Peavy, a native of Mobile.

One day last week, while on my way home, I stopped at a gas station for a Coke. As chance would have it, I walked into the store right when the cashiers were going through their shift change. A few minutes later, I found myself standing in a long line of folks waiting for the cashiers to count down their registers and swap out from behind the counter.

While standing there, I glanced at the magazine rack by the ATM machine, and my eyes fell on the latest issue of Great Days Outdoors magazine. For those of you unfamiliar with this outstanding magazine, it’s owned and operated by outdoors writer Alan White, and his magazine is arguably the finest you will find on hunting and fishing in Alabama. I never miss an issue.

As the cashiers continued their swap-over, I thumbed through the magazine and was surprised to find a full-blown, two-page feature story on a Wilcox County property that I’d only heard rumors about, the Southern Falls Plantation. Located near Catherine, this “outdoor paradise” is owned by Mobile native Jake Peavy, a Major League Baseball all-star pitcher who won the Cy Young Award in 2007. As a lifelong, diehard baseball fan, I was hooked and read the entire article while standing there in line at the gas station.

The article, which was written by the talented Joe Baya, was about how Peavy has put Southern Falls Plantation up for sale. The 2,410-acre hunting camp, which takes its name from the many waterfalls on the property, is described as the perfect habitat for deer, quail, small game, turkeys and waterfowl. It also includes 50 food plots and 28 shooting houses, all of which can be accessed by almost 40 miles of roads throughout the property.

For fishermen, Southern Falls Plantation features 3,000 feet of shoreline along the Alabama River’s Dannelly Reservoir and 33 acres of lakes stocked with a wide variety of sporting fish. The property also includes a “saloon,” a couple of lodges and a 10,500-square-foot storage “shed” that’s undoubtably nicer than my house. Included with all that is an arcade, basketball courts, bowling alleys, a driving range, a gym, a large swimming pool, a live music stage and a weight room.

Last, but not least, the property contains perhaps one of the most unique landmarks in all of Alabama, a functional replica of Boston’s Fenway Park, the home field of the Boston Red Sox, the team that Peavy helped lead to a World Series Championship in 2013. I’ve heard rumors about this baseball field for years, but have never seen it for myself, (mainly because I don’t know Jake Peavy and it’s on private property). However, if you know where to look, you can find it on Google Earth.

When it comes to unusual and unique landmarks in Alabama, Peavy’s replica of Fenway Park, complete with its own “Green Monster,” has to be high on the list. I’d venture to say that this is the only replica of a Major League Baseball field in all of Alabama, and the fact that it’s located so far off the beaten path makes it even more unique. With that said, the article doesn’t mention how much Southern Falls Plantation is being sold for, but if you’ve got the correct change, you could own this unusual landmark all for yourself.

In the end, if you’re interested in reading more about Southern Falls Plantation, I highly recommend that you check out the July issue of Great Days Outdoors magazine. The article about Southern Falls Plantation, on Pages 20 and 21, goes into a lot more detail than I have above and includes photos of the property’s many amenities.

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