Thursday, July 26, 2018

You too can own a replica of Fenway Park if you have the correct change

Bird's eye view of Fenway Park replica in Wilcox County, Ala.

Last Thursday afternoon at one of the gas stations here in Evergreen, I bought a copy of the latest issue of Great Days Outdoors magazine. I was flipping through it and found a two-page feature story by Joe Baya about how Jake Peavy is selling his hunting property, Southern Falls Plantation, in Wilcox County.

Many baseball fans in the reading audience will know that Peavy, a native of Mobile, is a former Major League Baseball pitcher, who played for the Padres, the White Sox, the Red Sox and the Giants during his highly successful career. Peavy, a three-time all-star, helped lead the Red Sox to a World Series title in 2013 and then helped the Giants win the World Series in 2014. Among his other many accolades, he won the Cy Young Award in 2007 and is currently the Padres all-time strikeout leader.

Peavy’s hunting property in Wilcox County is a veritable sportsman’s paradise. It’s prime real estate for deer, turkey, waterfowl and other sporting game and features 3,000 feet of shoreline on the Alabama River’s Dannelly Reservoir. If you don’t like to fish in the river, Peavy’s place includes 33 acres of lakes that are stocked with a wide variety of sporting fish.

I say all that to say that Peavy’s property also includes one of the most unusual and unique landmarks in all of Alabama – a functional replica of Boston’s Fenway Park, complete with its own “Green Monster.” Located on Wilcox County Road 4, not far from Catherine, northwest of Camden, Peavy’s replica of Fenway Park can be easily spotted on Google Earth if you know where to look. For the heck of it, I pulled it up on the computer Sunday afternoon to show my kids, and they could hardly believe it when they saw it.

I’m not exactly sure when Peavy built his Fenway Park replica in Wilcox County, but he first bought the property in 2008. I presume that he had the field built after winning the World Series with the Red Sox in 2013. The first rumors that I heard about the field was two or three years ago.

Other than seeing the field on Google Earth, I’ve never been there to see it in person. However, I’ve been told by friends in Wilcox County that it’s located just off of a public, county road and is clearly visible from the road. One day soon, maybe on a Saturday when I don’t have anything else going on, I may load up and take a field trip to Wilcox County to see it for myself.

If you’re interested in reading more about Peavy’s Southern Falls Plantation, I highly recommend that you pick up the July issue of Great Days Outdoors magazine, which is available at several locations in Evergreen. While the article doesn’t list the purchase price for the 2,410-acre property, it does direct you to the realtor for more information. Who knows, if you’ve got the correct change, you could own you’re very own replica of Fenway Park.

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