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The Evergreen Courant's News Flashback for July 31, 2018

Cornerstone at the Masonic Hall in Evergreen, Ala.

JULY 29, 1976

Local weather reporter Earl Windham reported .35 inches of rain in Evergreen on July 23. He reported highs of 100 degrees on July 21, July 22 and July 23. He reported a low of 62 on July 19.

Owassa P.O. is closed: On July 16, the Owassa Post Office was closed. The office had been temporarily closed since June 30, when Postmaster Mrs. Lola M. Brown retired.

C.A. Walden, who recently moved to Owassa from Jacksonville, Fla., tried his hand at gardening for the first time this year. As you can see, he was quite successful. The giant rutabaga he is holding weighed over 10 pounds and was 27 inches in diameter.

Rev. Matthews’ plea is denied, to serve time: An appeal of a five-year sentence given to the Rev. H.K. Matthews on an extortion charge stemming from civil rights demonstrations in February 1975 at the county jail (in Pensacola, Fla.) was denied today by the First District Court of Appeals in Tallahassee.
Matthews was charged with extortion, according to court records, committed ‘by verbal threats of bodily injury… while leading nighttime demonstrations in February 1975 at the Escambia County Jail in Pensacola.’
The information filed by the State Attorney’s office charged that ‘Matthews and (co-demonstrator B.J. Brooks Sr.) did verbally and maliciously threaten injury’ to Sheriff Royal Untreiner, Deputy Doug Raines and numerous other deputies.
In the trial itself, the prosecution attempted to show Matthews and Brooks threatened not only injury to the officers but death for Gov. Reubin Askew.

JULY 27, 1961

Lodge Will Lay Cornerstone At New Hall Aug. 9: Greening Lodge, No. 53, F.&A.M. will lay the cornerstone of the new lodge building on Aug. 9, it is announced today by lodge officials.
An appropriate ceremony is planned at two o’clock the afternoon of the ninth at the Lodge Building in front of Conecuh County Hospital just off Main Street.
The ceremony will be conducted by officers of the Grand Lodge and will be public. A cordial invitation is extended by the Masons.
Right now, the lodge is gathering various items to put in the cornerstone. Included will be a copy of this newspaper and various items that might be of interest to some future generations.

The Conecuh County schools will open Sept. 14 after three days of in-service training for the teachers, it is announced today by Mrs. Marie M. Pate, Supervisor of Instruction.

County gets land to expand schools: Necessary land has been acquired at Repton and the Conecuh County Training School for the proposed new construction at each and the architect’s plans are now before the State Building Commission for final approval, Guy S. Kelly, Superintendent of Education, said today.
The land, approximately seven acres at each site, was condemned by the Board of Education after satisfactory negotiations had failed.

JULY 25, 1946

Gold Star Air Medal Awarded Missing Aviator: Lt. Ralph E. Boggs, husband of Frances E. Boggs, Route E, Repton, Ala., recently has been awarded the Air Medal with a Gold Star in lieu of his second Air Medal by the Secretary of Navy James Forrestal for the President.
Lt. Boggs earned the award for meritorious service in aerial flight as leader of a fighter bomber division in action against enemy forces in the Pacific. He has been missing in action since July 24, 1945.
Text of the citation is as follows: ‘For meritorious achievement in aerial flight as a pilot in Bombing Squadron 94, attached to the U.S. Lexington, in operations against enemy Japanese forces in the vicinity of Wake Island, Tokyo and Hokkaido from June 20 to July 15, 1945. Consistently pressing home his vigorous attacks in the face of intense anti-aircraft fire from Japanese guns, Lt. Boggs successfully carried out five bombing, rocket and strafing missions against enemy airfields, anti-aircraft positions, industrial installations and transportation systems, to inflict extensive damage on the enemy. His expert airmanship, heroic fighting spirit and unwavering devotion to duty reflect the highest credit upon Lt. Boggs and the United States Naval Service.

The U.S. Employment Service in Evergreen has been notified by the State Highway Department that a work order has been released to the Scott Construction Co., for work on the highway from Evergreen to Excel.

JULY 30, 1931

City School Will Open Sept. 7: Prof. W.P. McMillan spent the weekend here conferring with the members of the City School Board and it was determined by that body that the next session of the City School will open Monday morning, Sept. 7.

Army Outfit To Camp Here Aug. 6-7: The Second Battalion First Tank Regiment (Light) of Ft. Benning, Ga. will stop in Evergreen on Aug. 6-7 enroute to Ft. Barrancas at Pensacola, Fla. Capt. Spalding with the advance reconnaissance party here on Monday of this week conferring with Mayor Kelly and completing arrangements for the coming of the battalion.
Arrangements have been made to quarter the battalion on the grounds at the City School building. Something like 275 enlisted men and 17 officers will be in the outfit. They will be traveling by truck and expect to arrive here probably about noon Thurs., Aug. 6, spent the remainder of the day and night, leaving the next morning for Pensacola.

Annual Terrapin Derby To Be Held Sept. 5th: The date for Evergreen’s next Terrapin Derby has been set for Sat., Sept. 5, this year.
It will be recalled that the derby was held here last year on Oct. 25. More than 50 terrapins were entered and the race was witnessed by one of the largest crowds seen in Evergreen in many a moon. Being the unique and unusual event that it was, it not only attracted the interest of local persons but much publicity was given to it by the various newspapers over Alabama and other states.

JULY 24, 1901

The famous Battle of Manassas was fought just 40 years ago on Mon., 22nd. There are three survivors of that battle now living in Evergreen. They are John G. Guice, M.B. Salter and W.S. Crosby.

Agent Sawyer of the Express Co. has been advised that one of the homing pigeons which he liberated on July 2, reached its destination, Bridgeport, Conn., a distance of 1,016 miles on an air line, on the 17th. Another of the birds reached there the next day. Eleven were liberated, one remaining here and was given to Mr. Sawyer as a present. The other eight have not been heard from.

Prof. J.A. Duncan Elected Principal: The board of control of the Agricultural School met here on Friday to elect a principal and to fill vacancies in the faculty of the school. Prof. J.A. Duncan, who at the former meeting of the board was elected to Prof. Payne’s place as first assistant, was elected principal, and Prof. L.A. Smith of Ozark was chosen to the position of assistant. Mrs. L.A. Smith was elected teacher of music.
Mr. Duncan, the newly elected principal, is a young man and has been teaching at Lowndesboro. Both Mr. Duncan and Mr. Smith come with very flattering recommendations as teachers.

Sheriff Pridgen now has the man, Jim Williams, who shot at R.C. Brawner at Castleberry some time ago, safely behind the bars. He was captured at Brewton by Sheriff Raley.

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