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The Evergreen Courant's News Flashback for Dec. 16, 2014

Richmond Pearson Hobson
DEC. 16, 1965

“Big still is knocked out, two men arrested: A ‘king-size’ moonshine still was destroyed and two of the men running it arrested late Tuesday afternoon. It had a capacity of about 1,000 gallons, being an 85 barrel set-up. Officers said it had only been in operation a very shot time, judging from appearances, and probably only one or two batches had been run off.
“The still was located off the road between Lenox and Range. A.T.U. agents, A.B.C. agents and Sheriff James (Shorty) Brock’s force destroyed the still.
“The A.T.U. agents placed two men, both from Atmore, under arrest while another man, possibly two, ran and got away.”

“Mrs. Cherry Crawford of Birmingham, Division Officer of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, visited the Pinckney D. Bowles Chapter Mon., Dec. 13.”

“Army Staff Sgt. William G. Johnson, 29, son of William G. Johnson, Route 1, Evergreen, and other members of the 7th Infantry Division are participating in Exercise FLYING TACKLE, a five-day field training exercise in Korea, ending Dec. 11.”

“Outstanding young farmer sought by JC’s: The Evergreen Jaycees have inaugurated their annual survey to name Conecuh County’s ‘Outstanding Young Farmer’ of 1964-65. The program is designed by the U.S. Jaycees to bring about a better understanding of the problems and achievements of the farmers in Conecuh County."

DEC. 21, 1950

“Local Guard Unit Called Into Federal Service: Battery ‘C’ 177th Field Artillery Battalion, local National Guard unit, has been alerted for a call back to active Federal service early in January. The unit will go on active duty Jan. 16 and will be sent to Fort Jackson, S.C. for further training.
“The local unit is part of the 31st Infantry Division, which earned fame as the Dixie Division in the South Pacific in World War II. The Dixie Division is made up of guardsmen from Alabama and Mississippi.
“Two National Guard Divisions will be called into Federal service in January. This is the first move, following President Truman’s national emergency speech last week, toward expanding armed forces. Draft calls have also been stepped up.
“Some 80 officers and men will leave with the local guard company. Ten of that number are students at Evergreen High School.”

“Family Left Homeless By Monday Night Blaze: A fire of undetermined origin consumed the home of a family near here Monday night. Actually the fire occurred in the early morning hours Tuesday. The Evergreen Fire Department was called to the fire on the Owassa Road about four miles out of town, but the fire had too much toe-hold and, too, there were no water connections.
“Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Potts and four children were left homeless by the blaze. They were awakened from their sleep by the fire and were not able to save much clothing and lost all their furniture. The home belonged to D.T. Stuart.”

DEC. 19, 1939

“Bank Building Sale Is Approved By Court: Title to the bank building of the Peoples Bank of Evergreen will pass this week to Mrs. V.W. Millsap.
“After a public hearing Tuesday at which no protests or higher offers were received, Circuit Judge F.W. Hare approved the sale of the building to her for a cash consideration of $16,000.
“B.E. Jones, attorney for the state banking department, immediately began preparation of the papers necessary for the transfer and sent them to the superintendent of banks for his signature.
“The hearing Tuesday was the second to be held in connection with the proposed sale of the building. Judge Hare held a hearing on Nov. 26 on a petition for the sale of the building to W.K. Horton for $15,000, but this hearing was broken up when Mrs. Millsap offered $1,000 more.
“The sale Tuesday marked the first transfer of the property in more than 29 years, the bank having purchased it on April 5, 1906 from J.D. Deming and Fannie D. Deming, his wife. The lot is 50 feet wide and 125 feet deep.”

“Shaver Is Elected To Board of Revenue: Polling a substantial vote in 10 of the 12 boxes, including a 106 to 20 sweep of his home precinct, W.R. Shaver was elected Tuesday to the Conecuh County Board of Revenue from District No. 4.
“Mr. Shaver has served five years and three months previously on the board. He was chosen to fill the unexpired term of M.A. Travis, who resigned to become chairman, and was chosen for a full four-year term at the following election.”

DEC. 15, 1920

“Mrs. R.L. Bates received a message on Monday announcing the accidental death of her brother, John Holliday at Bangor, Maine. He fell down a flight of stairs at a hotel, death resulting instantly.”

“NOTICE – Any person who employs my son, Julius Peacock, is hereby warned that he is a minor and his wages must be remitted to me. J.A. Peacock, Jay, Fla.”

“Homicide at Repton: Walter Solomon was given a preliminary trial on Saturday last before Judge Dean, charged with the killing of Sherman English at Repton on the evening of Dec. 8. Judge Dean held the defendant to face the action of the grand jury, bond being fixed at $750, which he quickly furnished.
“The defendant resides at Excel. Both men were operating taxis and it appears that the trouble between them arose over the transporting of a passenger.”

“George Ruston, charged with the killing of Will Yates, was given a preliminary trial on Thursday last before Judge Dunn. The defendant was discharged, the evidence showing justifiable homicide.”

“Richard Furguson claims to have been held up and robbed of about $13 by a strange man near the mineral spring on Friday evening on his way home from town. He says the highwayman held a pistol on him while he was forced to hand out all the money he had. The man made good his escape.”

DEC. 20, 1905

“Richmond Pearson Hobson, the hero of the Merrimac, will deliver a lecture at Court House on the night of Jan. 1.”

“Street parade by ‘Hayseed Band’ at 12:30 – ‘Uncle Josh Spruceby.’”

“East Lynne at the Opera house tonight by Ina Lehr Stock Company.”

“Postmaster Strout left a few days ago for Boston whither he was called by the serious illness of his mother. He will be absent several days.”

“Tax Collector Oliver is now in his office at the court house and will be for several days to accommodate tax payers.”

“W.W. Pridgen left several days ago for Kentucky to purchase a large shipment of high class horses and mules for the firm of Lee & Pridgen. These gentlemen have built up a fine trade on live stock as well as in buggies and wagons.”

“The regular term of county court will be held on the 26th instead of the 25th, which is Christmas Day.”

“Mr. Thames and family have removed to this place from Finklea. They are at present occupying the Pritchett residence on Salter Street. Mr. Thames has employment at the livery stable of Jeff Millsap. They are cordially welcomed to Evergreen.”

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