Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Evergreen Courant's News Flashback for March 3, 2015

MARCH 1, 1973

“World War One citation found: A citation issued to an Evergreen man for service in World War I has been found by a Brewton woman while going through some old papers. She believes it might be of interest to members of the man’s family and will give it to them.
“Mrs. Myrtice Morris, a former county resident, found the citation which was issued to Charlie Rutledge of Evergreen and signed by President Woodrow Wilson. She would be interested in hearing from any of the man’s family.”

“The Sparta Academy Key Club received its charter Monday night. Taking part were Bruce Hutcheson, Kiwanians J.H. Mims and Marvin Johnston, Frederick Stevens, Gary Daw, Advisor Tim Stinson and Will Ward.”

“Sessions named Alabama’s Future Farmer of Year: John Crum Sessions, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sessions, Evergreen, has been selected from over 26,000 Future Farmers of America in Alabama as Alabama’s ‘Future Farmer of the Year.’ This is the highest award presented each year to a member of the Alabama FFA Association.
“This award will be presented to John Crum at the next annual State FFA convention to be held in Montgomery, June 6. A cash award of $300 and trophy will be presented.”

“Conservation Enforcement Officer Glen McDaniel of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has been reassigned to Conecuh County from Baldwin County.”

MARCH 6, 1958

“Two Men Killed Tuesday In Crash Near Evergreen: A Marine flight instructor and a Naval flight student were killed Tuesday afternoon in the crash of their T-28 trainer at the edge of Middleton Field five miles west of Evergreen.
“The instructor was 1st Lt. David Bruce Mahorney, 25, Hartford City, Indiana. The student pilot was listed as Ensign Richard E. Cossitt, Atlanta.
“The plane fell to earth at the west boundary of Middleton Field near the home of Len Mitchell about 1:15 p.m. According to bystanders, the plane had just left the runway flying north when apparently motor trouble caused it to plunge to the ground. The two men were killed instantly.
“They were assigned to Whiting Field, a Pensacola Naval Air Station auxiliary at Milton, Fla.”

“Workmen began dismantling the old Conecuh County Jail building Monday after the demolition had been delayed two weeks by a temporary restraining order. The old jail has been replaced by a new one which along with the sheriff’s offices occupies the top floor of a new addition to the courthouse.”

“John Reid took the oath of office as a member of the (Evergreen city) council at Tuesday’s meeting. He was appointed to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of veteran Councilman O.B. Tuggle.)

MARCH 4, 1943

“Jap Submarine Is Coming To Greenville: A Japanese submarine is coming to Greenville!
“A two-man suicide torpedo boat, captured at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, will be on view in front of the city hall on Commerce Street in Greenville on Tues., March 9, from two o’clock in the afternoon until 10 o’clock that night.
“The United States Treasury, sponsoring the tour of the sub, is showing it in only six Alabama cities on this tour. It will be in Mobile on Monday, March 8, Greenville on the 9th, Montgomery the 10th, and will also be seen in Sylacauga, Birmingham and Anniston during next week, going from Anniston to Atlanta.
“The submarine is 81 feet long, but only six feet in diameter, and is touring on a special trailer. It will be brought to Greenville from Mobile on U.S. 31 and pass through Evergreen late in the morning, through McKenzie about noon and will pass Georgiana a few minutes later, reaching Greenville about 1:30 in the afternoon.
“It was brought to Mare Island from Pearl Harbor on the deck of a freighter and was there refitted by the Navy with facsimilies of batteries, gauges, dials and controls that had been taken out for study at Pearl Harbor.
“Those who buy a War Savings Stamp or Bond and look into the interior of the sub will also see two “Japanese” in proper uniforms at their battle stations, ready to launch the two torpedoes. Since the only entrance is a 16-inch hatch in the conning tower, some 30 viewing ports have been cut in either side of the hull and glazed with plexiglass.”

MARCH 1, 1928

“SIXTEEN PAGES TODAY: This issue of The Courant is, so far as the present management is able to learn, the largest regular edition of a newspaper ever published in Evergreen and Conecuh County. Special “booster” editions have exceeded this one but never before has a regular edition reached 16 pages. One several occasions during the past year, we have carried 12 pages and quite often 10, but this issue breaks all former records. Publishing the complete list of all qualified voters in the county together with an unusually large amount of local advertising has made this large issue necessary. On behalf of The Courant employees, we might say, that although the paper is twice the size ordinarily published, the work has been done by the regular force without employing any extra help. However, some extra hours were put in by all, in order that the paper might reach the readers on time.”

“McKenzie Bank Foils Robber Attempt: The seventh attempt to rob an Alabama bank was foiled early Friday morning when tear gas, released when intruders sought to tamper with the safe of the Butler County Bank at McKenzie, drove them from the place. More than $10,000 in currency was in the safe.
“Employees discovered the attempted robbery early Friday when they went to work. The door of the bank had been forced and an acetylene torch had been brought to bear upon the door of the vault. The intense heat released the gas, which was one of the safety devices installed in the bank. A second auxiliary lock was also operated.”

MARCH 6, 1913

“Next Tuesday will be an eventful day in the history of the Evergreen Baptist Orphanage. Appropriate exercises will be held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the institution. It is desired that all of the children who have been in the Home as well as those who have been connected with the institution in an official capacity will attend the exercises.”

“The editor of The Record visited the strawberry section near Castleberry Thursday and in conversation with E.C. Lee was informed that the prospect is good for a large yield if we have no more frosts. The berries will be ready for shipment in about three weeks.”

“A new 160 horse power boiler has just been installed in the powerhouse and is now in operation.”

“Large lots of hardwood being shipped from Evergreen.”

“Lee & Pridgen continue to set good examples in the way of street improvement. In addition to building a first class sidewalk and lining it with young shade trees, they are now claying Rural Street for quite a distance leading from their office. This is a display of public that is highly commendable and if followed by our citizens generally would give our city a fine system of streets.”

“D.L. Long was in the city from Castleberry last week.”

“Edward Martin, a former resident of this city, died in an infirmary in Mobile last Sunday. Mr. Martin was 68 years old of age.”

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