Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Evergreen Courant's News Flashback for March 10, 2015

MARCH 13, 2008

Weather reporter Harry Ellis reported .70 inches of rain on March 3 and 1.73 inches of rain on March 6. He reported a high of 77 on March 3 and a low of 29 on March 8.

 “Evergreen police, local school officials and the Alabama Cemetery Preservation Alliance are looking for answers surrounding a mysterious tombstone found in an out of the way place in Evergreen earlier this week.
“According to Evergreen Police Detective Sean Klaetsch, officials with the Conecuh County School System discovered a ‘mysterious’ tombstone on property off of Kendall Avenue, adjacent to Evergreen Elementary School, in Evergreen. The school system acquired the property, located across Kendall Avenue and just east of the new school building, some time ago, and school system workers discovered the tombstone in a wooded area near a pair of old, wooden buildings on the property, Klaetsch said. The tombstone was lying flat on the ground, and there were no obvious gravesites in the area, Klaetsch said.”

“Oliver Middleton of Georgiana, a CT technologist, shows off Evergreen Medical Center’s new ‘pride and joy’ Friday afternoon at the hospital. The new, state-of-the-art General Electric LightSpeed 16-slice Computed Tomography (CT) scanner will allow EMC physicians to capture multiple, wafer-thin, high-resolution images of their patients anatomy.”

MARCH 11, 1993

Weather reporter Harry Ellis reported .06 inches of rain on March 1, 1.00 inches on March 2 and .35 inches on March 3. He reported a high of 68 on March 7 and a low of 33 on March 6 and March 7.

“Judge Welch sentences Travis to die for murder of Haskew – ‘I’m sorry she’s dead. I can’t do anything about that,’ were the words spoken by Wayne Holleman Travis shortly before Judge Sam Welch announced that the convicted murderer would be sentenced to death by electrocution.
“Judge Welch passed the sentence Wednesday morning. The sentence handed down was the same as was recommended by the jury which heard evidence in the brutal murder of Mrs. Clarene Haskew in December of 1991.
“Upon passing sentence, Judge Welch signed orders that called for Travis to be transferred immediately to Holman Prison in Atmore.”

“Brewton youth shot and killed at local nightclub Sunday a.m.: Law enforcement officials are currently investigating the shooting death of a Brewton teenager in the parking lot of a local nightclub.
“According to Conecuh County Deputy Dudley Godwin, 18-year-old Rodney Lanier was shot twice between 1:30 and 1:45 a.m. Sunday. Lanier was struck in the left arm and left side. He was pronounced dead at the scene despite the efforts of three unknown bystanders who administered CPR while awaiting Smith’s Ambulance."

MARCH 9, 1978

Weather reporter Earl Windham reported .31 inches of rain on March 1 and .64 inches on March 2. He reported a high of 67 on March 1 and a low of 21 on March 5.

“Council okays Navy lease of Airport: The Evergreen City Council has approved a new lease with the U.S. Navy for use of Middleton Field Municipal Airport by Navy aircraft. The lease was approved at the council’s meeting Tuesday night, according to City Clerk Miller Sellers.
“The only difference in the new lease and those the City has had in the past with the Navy is that the City has assumed maintenance of the field and the Navy will pay the City $15,000 per year for its use of the field. In the past, the Navy has maintained the field and paid the City $1 per year.”

“Serlina Rankins, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Shelby Rankins, won first place in the Birmingham Post-Herald Spelling Bee Contest at Southside Elementary School. Scotty Davis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Davis, won second place, and Scottie Teague, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Teague, won third place.”

“State Representative James E. Warren of Castleberry was a co-sponsor of the so-called ‘lid bill’ that passed the State House of Representatives last week and is now up for State Senate approval.
“Rep. Warren said that while helping to pass this ‘lid bill,’ which limits the maximum increase on property taxes to 20 percent after reappraisal, he was also able to include a measure that increases the homestead exemption for every homeowner in Alabama from the present $2,000 to $5,000 on evaluation for ad valorem tax purposes.”

MARCH 14, 1963

“County Native Killed In Tampa: A native of Conecuh County was crushed to death between two trucks in Tampa, Fla. last week. The accident happened at the Taiami Trail Tours, Inc. terminal.
“Pronounced dead on arrival at Tampa General Hospital was James A. Findley, 54, a native of Brooklyn.
“Police said that Findley was attempting to couple two truck units when one unit lurched forward, crushing him between the two trucks.”

“Pack 40 of the Cub Scouts has recently been reorganized under the leadership of Cubmaster Floyd Coker.”

“James Finley is the new president of the Evergreen Civitan Club. He was appointed to the position by the club’s board of directors to fill the vacancy left when Murray Johnson moved to Atmore.”

“We Are Proud To Have Obtained For Your Early Viewing ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ From The Novel By Monroeville Famed Authoress HARPER LEE, Nominated For 8 Academy Awards Including Best Actor… Best Supporting Actress… Best Picture, STARRING GREGORY PECK And Introducing From Birmingham Mary Badham and Phillip Alford, Take the Opportunity to See this Delightful Motion Picture in its Actual Locale… The Home Town of the Authoress, STARTS THURS., MARCH 28, ENDS WED., APRIL 3, At The Monroe Theatre, MONROEVILLE, ALABAMA.”

MARCH 11, 1948

“The City of Evergreen was featured in the March 10 publication of the Alabama Local Government Journal, a bi-weekly newspaper published by the Alabama League of Municipalities. A picture of the mayor and city council dominated the front page of the newspaper and a banner head at the bottom of the sheet stated simply ‘EVERGREEN – ONE OF THE STATE’S FINEST CITIES.’
“Detailed stories on the city government, fire department, police force and on the industries, railroad and market facilities of Evergreen were in the issue illustrated with pictures by Lauren Pierce.
“The Southern Coach Bus manufacturing plant, Evergreen Heading Co. and Evergreen Garment Co. were featured in both pictures and stories. A story headed ‘Evergreen Decorates America’ told of the two decorative evergreens industries here. Pictures of school principals J.C. Harper and W.P. McMillan, the Rotary Club and Golf Club were also in this interesting paper.”

“The blood testing of all residents of Conecuh County between the ages of 14 through 50 (for syphilis) as required by state law will begin next Mon., March 15. All of the blood stations where the tests are to be performed are set up and this information has been distributed throughout the county by Joe S. Hill, representative of the State Health Department, working in cooperation with the Conecuh County Health Department.”

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