Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Evergreen Courant's Sports Flashback for March 19, 2015

Elmer L. Peacock
MARCH 19, 1964

“Boosters hold ‘all sports’ banquet March 26: The Evergreen Athletic Boosters will hold their annual ‘All Sports Banquet’ Thursday night, March 26, according to Howard Fore, president. Evergreen High athletes who participate in all athletics will be recognized at that time.
“The banquet will begin at 7 p.m. in the lunchroom. Highlight of the evening will be the presentation of letters to those who have earned them by John Law Robinson and Coach Henry Allman.
“Coach Tom Jones of the Lee High School (Montgomery) Generals has been invited to make the featured address, but his appearance had not been confirmed at press time. Jones has an unequaled record in this state in recent years as he has led the Generals to championship after championship.
“Tickets to the banquet are now on sale for $1.50 and may be purchased from any Booster.”

“If your fishing fever isn’t on the rise with the pretty weather Conecuh is enjoying these days, this picture ought to send it on up out of sight. Elmer L. Peacock of Owassa pulled this 6-1/4 pound bass out of the Conecuh County Lake Friday morning. Alvin Peacock and Frank Johnson, Evergreen, were fishing with him at the time. In all, they caught five bass, the others weighing from 1 to 1-1/2 pounds each.”

“New by-laws for the Evergreen Golf Club which call for a $10 joining fee were approved by the City Council Tuesday night. The club members had earlier approved the new rules and asked approval from the city which leases the course to the club.”

MARCH 17, 1949

From “This Week’s Wash” by Bob Bozeman – “I had the pleasure of seeing the ‘A’ Division of the Alabama High School Basketball Tournament at the University of Alabama last Friday and Saturday. I went up Thursday afternoon with Roger and Sarah Riggs and we returned Sunday afternoon.
“The tournament was perhaps the best ever staged. The annual affair is sponsored by the University of Alabama and the Tuscaloosa Junior Chamber of Commerce and they went all out to provide tournament visitors with an enjoyable weekend.
“Cliff Harper did an excellent job of keeping things moving and the result was that the tournament stayed on schedule. Eric Dantzler, an Evergreen High School grad, is working with Cliff in his office in Montgomery and also assisted the AHSAA executive secretary at the tournament.
“Robert Kelly, another EHS grad, is a member of Jeff Coleman’s staff at the U. and he and his brother Charles were working as ticket takers at the tournament. I saw a third Kelly brother, James, and the fourth, George, is in Evanston, Ill., where he is attending Northwestern U. Robert, Charles and James attended U. of A.
“Two of the tournament officials will be remembered by basketball teams here, Ed Balzli of Mobile and Scottie Sauers of Maxwell Field. Both worked games here during the last season.”

MARCH 15, 1934

“Baseball Underway At Agricultural School: Baseball is now well underway at the S.S.A.S. with workouts being staged daily. No strenuous practices have yet been held but the youngsters will get down to real business soon.
“Those going out for the first base job are: Hansen and Nobles, the latter having played this position for the past two years. He will have some tough competition in Hansen this season. Fighting for second base are: Brantley, Brown and Jay. Shortstop berth lies between Key and Barron. The only one going out for third is Cargill, who has played two years of varsity baseball. The outfielders will be chosen from Hart, Heifnier, Fountain, Murphy, Thornley and Lane, the latter having played one year of high school ball. The catcher will most likely be Joe Horn who played varsity last season. The pitchers will be Hall and Barlowe, both righthanders.”

“Aggies Will Have Track Team: Plans are being made to put out a track team from this school. Quite a bit of excellent material has been discovered. Robert Quarles, fleet halfback on the football squad and a starting forward in basketball will be one of the fastest men on the team. He will also show up well in the broad jump and high jump.
“Others going out for the team are: Horton, Hall, Fountain, Heifnier, Dreaden, Thornley, Brantley and Cargill.
“We haven’t been told whom we would meet or where but we are expecting to have a new track field around the football stadium.”

“Rabb News: Captain James Sanford of the local baseball team announces that they are playing their first game this year with Herbert at Rabb diamond, April 7.”

MARCH 19, 1919

“Rev. D.W. Haskew left on Sunday afternoon for Blue Ridge, N.C. to attend the YMCA Conference. He will be away for about 10 days.”

MARCH 16, 1904

“WINCHESTER: Factory Loaded Smokeless Powder Shells: It’s not sentiment - it’s not the price – that makes the most intelligent and successful shots shoot Winchester Factory Loaded Shotgun Shells. It’s the results they give. It’s their entire reliability, evenness of pattern and uniform shooting. Winchester ‘Leader’ shells, loaded with smokeless powder, are the best loaded shells on the market. Winchester ‘Repeater’ shells loaded with smokeless powder are cheap in price but not in quality. Try either of these brands and you will be well pleased. Be sure to get Winchester Factory Loaded Shells. THE SHELLS THE CHAMPIONS SHOOT.”

“The man behind the ‘Stevens’ cannot help hitting the mark as these firearms represent Accuracy, Reliability and Durability to the highest degree attainable. Stevens Firearms are yielding satisfaction wherever used and are favorably known the world around. Our line is a most extensive and varied one, consisting of Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns. Your dealer handles the ‘Stevens.’ If you cannot obtain them, let us know and we will ship direct, express prepaid, upon receipt of price. Send for 123-page, illustrated catalog. If interested in shooting, it is indispensable to you. Mailed free, anywhere, upon request. ***** Our interesting puzzle is hard to crack but not impossible to solve. Sent anywhere upon receipt of two 2-cent stamps. Address ‘Puzzle Department. ***** J. STEVENS ARMS & TOOL CO. Chicopee Falls, Mass.”

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