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The Evergreen Courant's News Flashback for March 17, 2015

Alabama Gov. Bibb Graves
MARCH 19, 1964

“Evergreen’s and Alabama’s 1964 Junior Miss, Margaret Hagood, is in Mobile this week competing in the America Jr. Miss Pageant. The national winner will be crowned Saturday night. Here, Walter Smith, president of the Evergreen Jaycees, presents an honorary, lifetime membership in the Jaycees to Margaret, the lovely and talented daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Hagood.”

“John Nielsen was recently named Evergreen’s Outstanding Young Man of the Year by the Evergreen Jaycees. Lawrence Gladwell, chairman of the OYM Committee for the Jaycees, is shown presenting a plaque to Nielsen that cites the honor accorded him. Nielsen is an executive of the Knud Nielsen Company and is extremely active in civic and church affairs. He is currently vice-president and president-elect of Rotary, Republican Chairman of Conecuh County, a deacon of the Baptist Church among many other positions.”

“Henry Sessions files for major campaign: It came as no surprise Wednesday morning when W.H. (Henry) Sessions qualified for Mayor. The popular mayor pro-tem had told numbers of people that he would make the race. Sessions, head of Conecuh Quick Freeze, Inc., led the ticket for council in his first political race in 1960. He is a civil leader of note and is now serving on Governor Wallace’s Committee of 100.”

MARCH 17, 1949

“Elbert J. Hoomes, who went on trial here last Thursday charged with the murder of his son-in-law, Joe Greer, was found not guilty by the petit jury which tried him.
“This was the third time Hoomes had been tried since the killing took place on the streets of Brewton late in 1944. He was first tried in Brewton and found guilty but this verdict was set aside by Judge J.W. Hare, who also granted a change of venue. The case was tried here in November 1947 and at that time Hoomes was found guilty and given a sentence of 20 years. He took an appeal and the supreme court reversed and remanded the case.”

“Reuben Lee Ball is lodged in the county jail charged with murder. He is charged with killing R.C. Stallworth, laborer for the L&N. The shooting took place about 4:30 Saturday afternoon in the quarters back of Evergreen Curb Market. It is said that Ball was drinking and that there was very little said by either of them prior to the shooting. A shotgun was used. Stallworth died about the time he arrived at Carter Hospital in Repton.
“Hall left town and went down about Century, Fla., where he got in a difficulty down there that night. He was arrested and carried to Pensacola. Officers there notified the Sheriff’s office here and he was brought here Monday P.M. Sara Thomas, friend of Ball, is also lodged in jail on a charge of accessory after fact, having assisted him in getting out of Evergreen.”

“The fourth annual Fat Calf Show of the Conecuh County 4-H, FFA and FHA Clubs will be held in Evergreen Monday, April 19.”

MARCH 15, 1934

“Former Governor Bibb Graves is scheduled to bring his campaign for election to Governor of Alabama to the voters of this county in an address at the court house at 10:30 o’clock this morning, according to an announcement made by C.B. Wilson, Graves’ campaign manager for the county.
“It is believed that a large crowd will be on hand to hear Mr. Graves as he is acknowledged to be a favorite with a large number of voters in Conecuh County. It will be recalled that when he was elected before, this county gave him one of the biggest majorities of any county in the state.
“From here Mr. Graves will go to Brewton, where he will speak at 7:30 tonight. Friday, he speaks at Atmore at 10:30; Friday night at 7:30 p.m. at Bay Minette and Saturday night 7:30 at Bienville Square Mobile.”

“The three eligibles for the postmastership at Castleberry were announced Tuesday from the civil service commission at Washington. They are E.H. Carter, Forrest Castleberry and Allen T. Weaver, these three having finished highest in the examination given Sept. 16, 1933.”

“Formal announcement of J.P. Matthews of Castleberry as candidate for Tax Collector is appearing in this issue of The Courant. Mr. Matthews filed his qualifications before E.C. Page Jr., chairman of the Conecuh County Democratic Executive Committee shortly before the time expired March 1.”

MARCH 19, 1919

“A feed house at Prof. Worley’s  poultry yard on the school grounds was destroyed by fire on Sunday morning. No other damage resulted.”

“Ralph McCreary reached home last week from France, where he landed in October but too late to see active service at the front. He says the Huns knew his outfit was about to get in the mixup and they were anxious for the armistice before that happened. Ralph doffed the khaki quickly and is ready for business. He goes to Arkansas in a few days to take up where he left off to go to war.”

“Hon. E.C. Page reached home a few days ago from Detroit, Mich., where he has been in the trial of a case for more than three months.”

“Veterans to Meet: A meeting of Camp Capt. Wm. Lee will be held at the courthouse on April 1. A full attendance is desired as business of importance will come up for consideration. J.T. Fincher, Commander.”

“Pensacola, Fla., March 14 – Bud Johnson, who according to police, confessed to an attack upon a well known woman near Pace, Fla. was taken from Sheriff Harvell near Castleberry, Ala. early today and burned to death near the scene of the crime.
“Before disposing of the man, the mob, it was reported here, carried him before his alleged victim, who asserted positively that he was the guilty man.”

MARCH 16, 1904

“Chapter R.A. Masons Organized: A Chapter of Royal Arch Masons was instituted here on Wednesday last by Grand Secretary Geo. A. Beauchamp, assisted by Grand High Priest C.R. Bricken, and a number of Masons from Monroeville. Degrees were conferred upon 20 candidates.
“The following officers were elected: Geo. W. Salter Sr., High Priest; P.M. Bruner Sr., King; R.T. Holland, Scribe; E. Downing, C. of S.V.; W.F. Betts, P.S.; Y.M. Long, Y.M.C.; P.S. McKinley, M. 3rd V.; C. Rubach, M. 2nd V.; S.B. Lister, M. 1st V.; J.T. Williams, Treasurer; E.E. Newton, Secretary; Wm. Ellis, Sentinel.”

“Sudden Death of Young Man: Randolph Burnett, son of H.K. Burnett of near Castleberry, died at the Magnolia Hotel on Monday morning from a strange affection. He came here on Sunday morning accompanied by his father, and boarded the train for Scranton, Miss., where he has been in business for several years. Monday morning he came back on the early train, which reaches here about four o’clock. Before the train reached the station, Conductor Ham noticed the young man in an unconscious condition, and upon reaching here had him removed to the waiting room. He was later removed to the hotel and physicians summoned. They were unable, however, to restore consciousness or do anything for him and he expired about 10 o’clock. Physicians think the young man was poisoned. He was about 23 years old and a young man of excellent habits and scrupulously temperate. He became ill some months ago and came home to recuperate and had fully recovered his health and was returning to his employment. How he came to return so soon could not be learned. The conductor said he had purchased his return ticket at Biloxi. The affair is shrouded in mystery.”

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