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100-year-old news highlights from The Monroe Journal from June 1916

The Monroe Journal newspaper in Monroeville, Ala., under the direction of editor and proprietor Q. Salter, published five editions 100 years ago during the month of June 1916. Those issues, which were dated June 1, June 8, June 15, June 22 and June 29, can be found on microfilm at the Monroe County Library in Monroeville, Ala. What follows are a few news highlights from those three editions. Enjoy.

JUNE 1, 1916

Dr. T.E. Dennis is having a commodious new dwelling built in the northern part of town. Mr. J.M. Daniel is the contractor.

The state high school commission at its meeting in Montgomery on Monday reelected Prof. G.A. Harris principal of the Monroe County High School for the ensuing year. Principals of the 50 other high schools in the state were named at the meeting, among the number being Prof. G.M. Veasey for Chambers, Prof. Claud Hardy for Wilcox and Prof. C.A. Peavey for Escambia.

The High School Commencement: Another commencement of the Monroe County High School is registered on the milepost of time. The whole countryside gathered at the auditorium Wednesday evening to the graduating exercises of the class of 1916. After the graduating exercises, Dr. J.S. Thomas of the State University, gave the annual address.

The local committee having in charge the entertainment and piloting of the Forrest Highway commission through Monroe County on the occasion of the inspection tour next Monday, June 5, requests all owners of cars to assemble at Burnt Corn by 3 p.m. to form an escort of honor from that place to Monroeville. The Forrest party will spend the night in Monroeville and proceed to Bay Minette Tuesday. A banquet will be served at the Crook Hotel Monday evening at which Hon. Richard W. Massey, president of the association, will deliver an address on “The Aims and Purposes of the Forrest Highway.” The visiting party will consist of 25 or more persons including representatives of the press.

JUNE 8, 1916

A meeting of the directors of the Monroe County Fair Association and others interested in the enterprise, was held in Monroeville on June 1. Encouraged by the success attending the initial effort last year it was determined to undertake to put on a bigger and better display of homegrown products next fall and the appointment of committees for the working out of necessary details was authorized. October 19, 20 and 21 were tentatively designated as the dates for holding the fair.

Dr. J.W. Rutherford was over from Franklin Tuesday to accompany the Forrest Highway party on its inspection tour through South Monroe.

Mr. H.B. Dameron of Lynchburg, Va. has been in Monroe for a week past prospecting with a view to the purchase of a large body of land suitable for the establishment of a stock farm. Mr. Dameron has inspected several properties and seems strongly impressed with their adaptability to the purpose contemplated.

Mr. Irby Pope, editor of The Marion Times, favored The Journal with a fraternal call in passing thru the city yesterday. Having been recently nominated for clerk of the circuit court of Perry County, Mr. Pope feels justified in indulging in a motor trip to Pensacola, his first vacation in nine years. The party accompanying Mr. Pope consisted of Messrs. Marvin Moore, banker, M.H. Wilbourne, merchant, and R.E. Lee, planter, all of Marion.

JUNE 15, 1916

EASTERN ROUTE CHOSEN FOR FORREST HIGHWAY: The daily papers of Friday announced the adoption of the eastern route by the Forrest Highway committee in executive session at Montgomery following official inspection of both the eastern and western routes. As now designated, the route will extend from Montgomery to Bay Minette, embracing the towns of Luverne, Andalusia, Brewton and Atmore.

The first cotton bloom of the season was left on our desk June 9, but as it was unaccompanied by note or other means of identification we do not know to whom to give credit.

Masonic Officers Elected: The following officers of Monroe Lodge No. 458 were elected for the ensuing Masonic year: A.H. Johnson Jr., worshipful master; J.B. DuBose, senior warden; J.W. Rutherford, junior warden; A. Massey, treasurer; J.D. McKinley, secretary; C.L. Johnson, senior deacon; H.T. Rachels, junior deacon; J.E. Norwood, tiler. There will be a public installation of officers at Franklin July 7. The brethren of other lodges are earnestly requested to attend.
Monroeville Lodge No. 153 – A.B. Coxwell, worshipful master; W.T. Bayles, senior warden; J.T. Newberry, junior warden; D.J. Hatter, treasurer; J.A. Lazenby, secretary; Ivison Ryland, senior deacon; M.R. Sowell, junior deacon; L.L. Hendrix, tyler; C.A. Williams, chaplain.

Beginning July 1, rural delivery mail service will be established from the local post office to a considerable territory lying north and west of Monroeville. The communities to be served include Salem, Hamilton Hill and the Lower and Upper Ridge.

JUNE 22, 1916

Excel: Quite a crowd of Excel people motored to New Home last Sunday to attend the annual communication of the Primitive Baptists.

Thomas J. Heflin at Perdue Hill July 7: The whole county is cordially invited and expected to spend this date at Perdue Hill and hear our eloquent congressman Thomas J. Heflin, who will be the guest of the United Daughters of the Confederacy for the day. As it was not possible for Mr. Heflin to be with us on any other date, we gladly postponed our celebration of the Fourth three days in order to have such a distinguished guest. We will have an all-day picnic, a pleasing program, music, dancing, a parcel post auction and lots of good things to eat at reasonable prices.

Masonic Officers Elected: Tunnel Springs Lodge No. 578 – F.S. Dailey, worshipful master; C.J. Jackson, senior warden; R.L. Lewis, junior warden; T.A. Nettles Sr., treasurer; W.S. Nash, secretary; F.D. Morrison, senior deacon; T.A. Nettles Jr., junior deacon; J.J. Jernigan, tyler.
Burnt Corn Lodge No. 489 – Jas. K. Kyser, worshipful master; Wm. G. Hairston, senior warden; Enoch M. Salter, junior warden; Henry H. Brantley, treasurer; Ajax O. Brantley, secretary; Hugh C. Fountain, senior deacon; Francis C. Thames, junior deacon; Henry J. Roberson, tyler; Thomas H. Salter, John H. Waters, stewards; Isaac S. Ridgeway, chaplain.
Excel Lodge No. 655 – Riley Kelly, worshipful master; William Bradley, senior warden; R.C. Brown, junior warden; G.W. Salter Sr., treasurer; J.S. Williams, secretary; Lee Cohron, senior deacon; Julius Wright, junior deacon; J.E. McNiel, E.C. Wasdan, stewards; John Roley, tyler; L.B. Cohron, chaplain.
Beatrice Lodge No. 691 – Wm. M. Hestle, worshipful master; J. Neal Andress, senior warden; Julius J. McMillan, junior warden; Stephen D. Andress, treasurer; Walter McPherson, secretary; Aaron P. Majors, chaplain; Wm. A. Marshall, senior deacon; Leslie J. Robbins, junior deacon; John Sanders, Mack Helton, stewards; Wick W. Riley Sr., tyler.

Mr. J. Daniels of the Tunnel Springs Turpentine Co. was a business visitor to the county capital Monday.

Dr. C.B. Simmons is in New York taking a special course in dentistry.

Mr. E.M. Salter of The Journal force was laid up for a few days this week with sickness.

Good rains have visited all sections of the county heard from within the last week, proving of great benefit to growing crops. The rain came just in the nick o’ time to assure maturity of corn in many instances.

Judge W.G. McCorvey is back from the Democratic national convention in St. Louis. The Judge reports the convention harmonious and enthusiastic throughout. He has not yet explained to the satisfaction of his suffrage friends how it came about that one Alabama vote was recorded against the equal suffrage plank of the platform.

JUNE 29, 1916

Conecuh Masonic Conference: The Conecuh County Masonic Conference will meet with Repton Lodge on Aug. 9, 10 and 11, 1916. J.M. Pearson, chairman of the Committee on Work of the Grand Lodge, will conduct the conference. All visiting brethren will be cordially welcomed. – P.S. McKinley, secretary.

Masonic Officers Elected: Mizpah Lodge No. 667 – W.R. Blackwell, worshipful master; J.W. Wilkinson, senior warden; R.T. Lambert, junior warden; Chas. A. Florey, treasurer; John T. Lambert, secretary; W.L. Morris, senior deacon; Alex T. Davis, junior deacon; Robert Stacey, tyler; J.F. Grimes, B.F. Lambert, stewards; W.J. Curry, chaplain.
Jones Mill Lodge No. 702 – J.H. Baas, worshipful master; H.A. Baggett, senior warden; G.L. Galloway, junior warden; J.A. Barnes, treasurer; C.W. Adams, secretary; W.W. Grimes, senior deacon; W.D. Sawyer, junior deacon; S.B. McMillan, Irvin Bailey, stewards; J.W. Cizenba, tyler; J.J. Sessions, chaplain; J.T. Sawyer, marshal.
Monroe Chapter No. 122, Royal Arch – Q. Salter, high priest; I.B. Slaughter, king; A.B. Coxwell, scribe; E.M. Salter, captain of the host; J.W. Brown, principal sojourner; A.T. Sowell, royal arch captain; Riley Kelly, master first veil; N.A. McNiel, master second veil; J.M. Sowell, master third veil; H.J. Coxwell, sentinel; J.B. Barnett, secretary; W.H. Tucker, treasurer.

Miss Callie Faulk was taken to Selma last Thursday for a surgical operation. Her many friends are pleased to learn that the operation was successful and latest intelligence from the sanitarium where she is being treated indicates that her condition is improving.

POSTMASTER ASSASSINATED: John F. McKinley Shot at River Ridge – Ed McKinley Confesses Crime: Mr. John F. McKinley, postmaster at River Ridge, was shot and instantly killed on Saturday night. Mr. McKinley had just arisen from the supper table and walked out on the porch at his home when without warning the fatal shot was fired from the darkness, evidently at close range, the entire charge of buckshot taking effect in the chest. McKinley expired almost immediately.
The alarm spread quickly over the community and a number of neighbors soon gathered but nothing to indicate the identity of the assassin. Sheriff Sawyer was notified of the crime and hastened to scene. Investigation was instituted and certain circumstances discovered casting strong suspicions upon certain individuals upon the strength of which several arrests were made. Among those taken into custody were William McKinley and Ed McKinley, father and son, the latter a young man about 20 years old and mail carrier on the star route between Tunnel Springs and Franklin.
After remaining in jail several days, the McKinleys notified Solicitor McDuffie and associate prosecuting attorneys that they wished to make voluntary statements concerning the killing and the opportunity was given each of them to do so under oath.
When brought before the Solicitor, Ed McKinley made a clean breast of the whole horrible affair, confessing circumstantially and in detail how he deliberately planned and executed the crime.

The statement of the father, Wm. McKinley corroborated that of his son as regards a previous threat and an admission of guilt after the crime was committed. He stated that he endeavored to dissuade his son from the violent purpose and thought he had succeeded in doing so. It is not believed that the father had any criminal connection with the affair, and he will probably be discharged.

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