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120-year-old news highlights from The Monroe Journal from June 1896

Charles L. Scott
The Monroe Journal newspaper in Monroeville, Ala., under the direction of editor and proprietor Q. Salter, published four editions 120 years ago during the month of June 1896. Those issues, which were dated June 4, June 11, June 18 and June 25, can be found on microfilm at the Monroe County Library in Monroeville, Ala. What follows are a few news highlights from those four editions. Enjoy.

JUNE 4, 1896

A cotton bloom was received at this office on June 1, grown on the plantation of Mr. Nick Stallworth Jr. at Pineville. Mr. James T. Snow of Monroeville also reports a bloom found in his field about the same date. The first bloom last season was reported on June 7.

COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES: The following is the order of the commencement exercises of the Monroeville Academy:
Sun., June 14, 11 a.m., commencement sermon by Rev. L.H.S. Chappelle.
Mon., June 15, 8 p.m., prize declamation.
Tues., June 16, 10 a.m., annual literary address by Hon. J.G. Harris of Montgomery, Ala.; 3 p.m., meeting of the board of trustees; 8 p.m., annual concert and awarding of medals.
All are cordially invited to attend. – J.N. Powers, Principal.

General Order: The members of the Monroe County Corps are hereby ordered to appear at Claiborne on Saturday night, June 6, in order to go to encampment. All state property must be brought, no matter of what nature or condition. Any member absenting himself without good excuse will be tried by court martial as a desertee. By order of T.B. Nettles, Com. Co. M, 1st Reg. A.S.T.

CARLISLE: Mr. Dennis, our young justice of the peace, has a bicycle now, guess he thinks he has footed it long enough, and it will be cheaper than keeping a horse.

PINEVILLE: Mr. J. Falkner, representing Alabama Mercantile Co., Montgomery, was in town Friday.

JUNE 11, 1896

The Monroeville members of the Monroe County Corps, left Saturday afternoon for encampment at Mobile. They were joined at Claiborne by members from others parts of the county. The Register reports the following officers and members in camp.
Co. M, Monroe County Corps, Monroeville – Capt. F.B. Nettles, First Lt. J.H. Moore, Second Lt. M.M. Fountain, Third Lt. J.P. Russell, First Sergeant J.N. Ivey, Second Sgt. W.D. Fore, Corporals J.P. Stallworth, F.M. Jones, Privates Carl Shiff, J.D. Boykin, R.J. Lambert, Clinton Thames, J.C. Morris, W.S. Sowell, W.C. Neville, C.A. Seymour, Ben Simmons, Robert Smith, T.E. Dennis, H. Davis.

PERDUE HILL: Mr. Walse Rives, who has just graduated at the Marion Military Institute, has returned home.

MEXIA: The people of Mexia contemplate building a new Baptist church at Mexia in the near future.

TINELA: Rev. T.Y. Abernathy came down from Tuskegee today to bury Rufus Gautier, his little two-year-old son. The bereaved have our sympathy.

NERO: A heavy rain fell here Thursday of last week, accompanied by a pretty stiff wind blowing down a great deal of corn, some just beginning to tassel.

AXLE: A party of young folks composed of Misses Mamie and Julie Farrar, Misses Doeb and Pearl Busey, attended by their “Paters,” had a pleasant trip to Claiborne recently. After taking in the town, they took passage on steamer Carrier, intending to make return trip by Str. Tincie, which they did much to the delight of the young folks who were enjoying for the first time a steamboat ride.

MOUNT PLEASANT: Elder A.J. Lambert left for Pleasant Hill church a few days ago to fill his regular appointment at that church.

JUNE 18, 1896

W.H. Louiselle of the Bear Creek Mill was in the city last week.

Monroeville has the “bicycle craze.” Several of our citizens have invested in wheels.

Geo. W. Salter Jr. of The Evergreen Courant attended the commencement sermon of Monroeville Academy this week.

The members of the local military company returned from encampment at Mobile on Sunday. They report a very pleasant occasion.

MANISTEE: Rev. A.J. Lambert preached a most able sermon last Sunday at Pleasant Hill church to quite a large congregation.
Mr. Arthur Sowell, one of Monroeville’s handsome boys, is clerking for the Bear Creek Mill Co.

COMMENCEMENT: The many pleasant anticipations incident to the commencement exercises of the Monroeville Academy that have been indulged by patrons and friends of the school were fully realized during the present week, constituting an event in the annals of our village that were viewed with pride and gratification and around which, in after years, many happy memories will cluster.
The commencement sermon was delivered by Rev. L.H.S. Chappelle of Milton, Fla. at the Baptist church at 11 o’clock a.m. on Sun., June 14.
The exercises proper began at eight o’clock on Monday evening at the Academy, and consisted in prize orations, recitations, etc., interspersed with music most charmingly rendered by the talented Miss Ida Russell, who presided at the piano, and Mr. Walter Sowell, who wielded the mandolin in harmonious accord.
The Literary Address was delivered at 10 o’clock a.m. on Tuesday the 16th by Hon. J.G. Harris, ex-State Superintendent of Education.

PINEVILLE: Dr. L.J. Robbins left for Mt. Pleasant Monday; he will be absent some time.

PERDUE HILL: Miss Georgie Stallworth, one of Evergreen’s most attractive young ladies, is visiting relatives at this place now.

Hon. Isaac Grant, editor of The Grove Hill Democrat, has been nominated as the Democratic candidate for state senator from the 19th senatorial district, composed of the counties of Clarke, Choctaw and Washington.

D.J. Hatter & Son’s saw and grist mill near town has been closed down several weeks for repairs.

Miss Sophie Neville opened a school in the Pleasant Ridge neighborhood on last Monday.

Capt. Thomas A. Nettles of Longstreet was in town Monday attending a meeting of the County Board of Pension Commissioners, of which he is a member.

JUNE 25, 1896

Hon. Chas. L. Scott of Mount Pleasant came up Wednesday to attend the senatorial convention.

Mr. C.W. Robbins, editor of The Brewton Standard Gauge, attended the senatorial convention at Monroeville last week.

At a regular communication of Monroeville Lodge No. 153, the following officers were elected for the ensuing Masonic year: S.H. Daily, Worshipful Master; Jno. DeLoach, Senior Warden; S.W. Yarbrough, Junior Warden; D.J. Hatter, Treasurer; Q. Salter, Secretary; L.G. Steele, Senior Deacon; J.M. Sowell, Junior Deacon; S.F. Daniel, Tyler; W.G. McCorvey, J.F. Fore, Stewards.

At a regular communication of Mount Pleasant Lodge No. 266 the following officers were elected for the ensuring Masonic year: E.T. King, Worshipful Master; J.W. Shomo, Senior Warden; C.E. King, Treasurer; W.A. Shomo, Secretary; F.J. Norris, Senior Deacon; R.G. Scott, Junior Deacon; W.D. Lambert, Tyler.

At a regular communication of Bells Landing Lodge No. 373, F.&A.M., the following officers were elected for the ensuing Masonic year: W.M. Hestle, Worshipful Master; J.G. Lambriecht, Senior Warden; Geo. W. Lyon, Junior Warden; Geo. W. Riley, Treasurer; A.P. Majors, Secretary; W.T. Reaves, Senior Deacon; W.W. Riley, Junior Deacon; Geo. C. Nettles, Tyler.

PERDUE HILL: M.J. Roberts is erecting another story on the old Roberts, Locklin & Co. building on Broad Street.

The Confederate reunion at Richmond on June 30, July 1, July 2 will be one of the memorable occurrences of an eventful year. It is stated that every one of the 833 camps of United Confederate Veterans will be represented; that many thousands of old soldiers of the Confederacy who are not members of this organization and a host of the sons of veterans will also attend. It is altogether probable that this will be a larger gathering of the followers of the lost cause than has assembled on any occasion since the war.

JONES MILL: Miss Maggie Busey is teaching school at the Escambia Creek, she has a very large number of pupils.
There is to be a basket picnic at the bridge on Escambia Creek near this place on the third Saturday in July, lets everybody go and carry our dinner.

A difficulty occurred between Mr. Tosia (sic) Shirley and his brother Isaac at the home of the former six miles east of Monroeville on last Saturday, in which Isaac shot Rosia (sic) with a 38-caliber pistol, the ball taking effect in the left breast and piercing the lung. Dr. McDaniel was called and dressed the wounds of the injured man. He reports Mr. Shirley’s injuries quite serious but not necessarily fatal. The difficulty between the brothers grew out of a trivial matter. Isaac had been drinking.

Conecuh Jail Delivery: Tuesday night Jeff and Fayette Salter, who have been confined in the jail for several months awaiting trial on a charge of murder, made good their escape.
The combination on the cell door, for some cause, was not turned on as usual on Tuesday evening, and finding it unlocked, they managed to get the door open and climbed on top of the cage and prized the tin ceiling loose overhead, through which they reached the loft.
They tore their blankets into strips and tied them together, by the means of which they made their escape from the building through a small aperture over the main door.

Sheriff Irwin and his deputy, Mr. J.R. McCreary, at once began a search for the escaped prisoners, but up to the time of going to press, no trace of them had been found. Sheriff Irwin has offered a reward of $100 for their apprehension and detention. – Evergreen Courant.

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