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110-year-old news highlights from The Monroe Journal from June 1906

The Monroe Journal newspaper in Monroeville, Ala., under the direction of editor and proprietor Q. Salter, published four editions 110 years ago during the month of June 1906. Those issues, which were dated June 7, June 14, June 21 and June 28, can be found on microfilm at the Monroe County Library in Monroeville, Ala. What follows are a few news highlights from those three editions. Enjoy.

JUNE 7, 1906

CHESTNUT: We are sorry to hear of a sad accident that happened at Rikard’s Mill Sunday. Mr. Bob Stallworth Jr. was crossing the pond on the dam and fell below and would have drowned if he had not been rescued by his cousin Mr. John Lee Stallworth.

MANISTEE: Our town is on the boom. New houses continue to go up and the program now, is to erect a nice new church soon, which will add much to the pleasure of the citizens owing to the convenience.
Dr. G.H. Harper is thinking of resigning as post master at this place.
The patrons of Grimes school house expect to start a school at that place on the 18th inst., nothing preventing with Miss Annie B. Murphy as teacher, we trust that she may receive the hearty cooperation of all the patrons and her work here will be a grand success.
J.W. Wilkinson made a trip to Perdue Hill Saturday, attending the Masonic Lodge.
Mrs. Sarah McLeod and Mrs. Susan Stacey are both on the sick list at present.

REPTON: Mr. H.L. Dees is now having an addition built to the Brantley Hotel.

PINEVILLE: Mr. R.L. Stallworth Jr., while bathing with a companion, a few days ago, slipped off the dam in the creek, striking his head, which caused insensibility. It was some time before consciousness returned, he had to be carried home and is still sick from the effects of it.

Circuit Clerk John M. Coxwell and Dr. A.B. Coxwell were called to Mobile last week on business.

JUNE 14, 1906

Prof. W.S. Neal of Brewton, representing the Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co., spent a few days in Monroe last week. He was a guest of Hon. I.B. Slaughter Sunday.

Masonic Officers: The following were elected officers of Monroe Chapter No. 122, R.A.M., for the ensuring year: S.H. Dailey, High Priest; I.B. Slaughter, King; R.A. Smith, Scribe; C.H. Motley, Chaplain; T.M. McMillan, Capt. of the Host; Q. Slater, Principal Sojourner; J.M. Sowell, Royal Arch Captain; D.R. Nettles, Master 3rd Veil; G.H. Harper, Master 2nd Veil; W.S. Gray, Master 1st Veil; H.C. Dubose, Treasurer; J.B. Barnett, Secretary; D.K. Smith, Sentinel. Regular convocations on Tuesday evening before second Sunday in each month.

The following named officers were elected for the ensuing Masonic year at Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. 266 A.F.&A.M.: D.D. Cole, Worshipful Master; J.R. Montgomery, Senior Warden; W.H. Northrop Jr., Junior Warden; B.B. Lambert, Treasurer; Z. Turberville, Secretary; J.M. Hall, Senior Deacon; Tho. Harris, Junior Deacon; W.D. Lambert, Tyler; C.S. Dees, Senior Steward; J.W. Melvin, Junior Steward.

Officers elected for Cokerville Lodge No. 75 A.F.&A.M., McWilliams, Ala. – George E. Kyser, Worshipful Master; Thomas D. Forte, Senior Warden; David M. Maxwell, Junior Warden; DeWitt C. Sadler, Treasurer; John G. Vickers, Secretary; William P. Roberts, Senior Deacon; John D. Brantley, Junior Deacon; William H. Byrd, Tyler; W.L. Fort, Chaplain.

REPTON: Mr. Billie Boulware is the happy father of an 11-pound boy that arrived last week.

Confederate Soldiers: Take notice that the undersigned County Board of Pension examiners will meet in the office of Dr. T.M. McMillan in Monroeville, Ala. on the 2nd day of July, next for the purpose of hearing applications of Confederate soldiers for pensions. Such office will be open from nine o’clock a.m. to four o’clock p.m. each day for 10 days not including Sunday. This June 11th, 1906, (Signed) T.M. McMillan, Thos. S. Wiggins, Pension Examiners for County.

McWILLIAMS: On last Wednesday the Saw Mill here caught on fire, an alarm was given and men from all parts of town rushed with buckets of water and the fire was soon extinguished.

PINEVILLE: Mrs. John Sanders was very low again last week. They telegraphed for Dr. Daily and to Selma for a trained nurse. None could be procured in Selma, so they wired Mr. D.R. Burgess, in Mobile, to send them one; she came in good time. Mr. Burgess wrote that he would render any other assistance in his power. Mrs. Sanders experienced a change for the better Thursday evening and is doing very well now.

EXCEL: There was quite a crowd attended church at New Home last Sunday as it was their annual Communion Day.

JONES MILL: Mr. S.A. Harrison of Jay, Fla. has assumed charge of Prof. J.A. Barnes’ business while he is teaching a school at Poplar Springs, Ala.

JUNE 21, 1906

At a regular communication of Monroe Lodge No. 485, the following officers were elected for the ensuing Masonic year: R.W. McCants, Worshipful Master; J.G. Lambrecht, Senior Warden; A.J. McKinley, Junior Warden; J.R. McCants, Treasurer; H.P. Farrish, Secretary; J.D. McKinley, Senior Deacon; A. Masey, Junior Deacon; G.C. Nettles, Tyler.
Burnt Corn Lodge No. 489: James K. Kyser, Worshipful Master; Johnnie F. Salter, Senior Warden; Herbert S. Ellis, Junior Warden; Henry H. Brantley, Treasurer; Ajax O. Brantley, Secretary; Hugh C. Fountain, Senior Deacon; George C. Dean, Junior Deacon; Anderson M. Stoke, Tyler; I.S. Ridgway, Chaplain.

The case of Thomas Stevenson of Monroe County was reversed and he will have another chance to escape the sentence of 37 years fixed by the lower court. It is held by the supreme court that it is a question for the jury whether the expression and demonstration of the deceased were such as to justify the belief on the part of the defendant that his life was in imminent peril. Stevenson killed a man known as Judge Askew.

Mr. A.T. Simmons, who has been attending the Alabama Polytechnic Institute at Auburn, is spending vacation with his parents at this place (Monroeville).

Dr. J.A.B. Lovett was a visitor to Monroeville last week and addressed our citizens in behalf of his candidacy for Commissioner of Agriculture. Dr. Lovett has been for the last seven years president of the ninth district agricultural school at Blountsville.

JUNE 28, 1906

Miss Callie Faulk is teaching a flourishing school at Franklin.

Lightning Kills Negro and Mule: During a thunderstorm on Tuesday morning of last week, a negro man and mule were killed and three negro women severely shocked by lightning on the David Watts plantation in Wilcox County.
The unfortunate people sought shelter from the storm under a tree in the field where they were at work. Lightning struck the tree, killing the man and mule outright and rendering the women unconscious.

ACTIVITY: The smallpox is raging near Simpkinsville. We heard that Mr. Willie Chatman lost his wife.

EXCEL: Mr. Marvin E. Booker of Orange Hill, Fla. and Miss Corrie King of Mexia, Ala. have been elected to teach the school in the fall.

CHESTNUT: There was a party of young people gathered at Rikard’s Mill last Sunday to go boat riding, but they didn’t spend long in riding as they saw the tracks of an alligator on the bank of the creek. It seems that it kinder frightened them as they pulled for the shore.

McNEIL: Enon Lodge is going to have a public installation of Masonic officers on Saturday before the second Sunday in July, all sister Lodgers are invited to attend. The Lodge will make an effort to have Dr. R.M. Cunningham to be with them on the occasion.

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