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The Evergreen Courant's News Flashback for June 21, 2016

John Hosea King
JUNE 22, 1972

Harvey held in fatal shooting: Andrew Harvey, 35, has been charged with the murder of Calvin Crenshaw, according to Sheriff James (Shorty) Brock. Action has been waived to the grand jury and bail set at $5,000.
According to Chief Deputy Bill Kent and Deputy Marshall Jones, Crenshaw was shot about 9:30 Saturday night at Harvey’s wife’s apartment in the housing project off Magnolia Avenue in Evergreen.
Kent and Jones were assisted by the Evergreen Police Department in investigating the shotgun shooting.

Fred Stevens has been elected Chairman of the Board and President of the Corporation of Sparta Academy. Charles Burt is vice-chairman and vice-president. John Nielsen has been elected treasurer and Mrs. Barbara K. Register is secretary.
Other members of the board of directors of the private school are Alton Johnson, Frank Pate, Wayne Hutcheson, Eugene Darby, James Street, Eldon Scott, Dr. Carl Wilson, John Law Robinson, William Ward, James S. Cook, James Ansley and Bill Johnson.

Interest and activity are increasing in the election for Mayor of the City of Evergreen and of five members of the City Council. The election is set for Tues., Aug. 8.
The race for mayor has drawn three candidates, dentist Joe Hagood, businessman Coy Harper and cosmetologist Robert Moorer.

JUNE 27, 1957

House Is Destroyed By Fire Late Tuesday As 13 Escape Injury: Late Tuesday afternoon a house on the outskirts of Evergreen was completely destroyed by fire. The Evergreen Fire Department answered the call, but was unable to hold the fire in check, as there were no fire hydrants nearby.
The house was located behind Southern Coach, beside the L&N Railroad. Occupying the house were two women, Annie Mae Holley and four children, and Lillie Mae Stallworth, and seven children. No one was hurt in the blaze.

Brooklyn Masonic Lodge Elects New Officials: The annual meeting of the Dean Lodge 112, F&AM, was held at Brooklyn Masonic Hall, Tuesday evening, June 18.
A splendid representation of members were present, most of the regular officers and visitors from several different states. After business was finished, the following officers were elected to serve the 1957-58 stations:
Worshipful Master, J.R. Barnes; Senior Warden, Wm. B. Bradberry; Junior Warden, F.D. Prestwood; Secretary, W.W. Overbey; Treasurer, R.V. McLendon; Senior Deacon, H.O. Moorer; Junior Deacon, J.W. Prestwood; Tyler, Wm. R. Brewer; Senior Steward, O.A. Bradberry; Junior Steward, G.W. Parker; Chaplain, J.C. Hallford; Marshal, J.F. Clements.

Eddie Clyde Tuggle Jr., age 19, a former resident of Evergreen, drowned while water skiing near Tampa, Fla. last Thursday morning. Eddie graduated from Evergreen High School in 1955.

JUNE 25, 1942

Small Child Is Drowned Tuesday: Frances Caroline Adams, five-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Adams of the Lyeffion community, was drowned about 12:30 o’clock Tuesday in a hole of water near the home in which she and several other children were playing. A younger brother of the drowned child also got into the hole and was at the point of drowning when help arrived, but he was revived.
According to reports, the tragedy occurred at a hole of water in a gulley near the Adams home. Evidently the recent heavy rains had washed the hole much deeper than anyone knew about, as it was discovered after the accident that the water was over a man’s head. The little girl, her younger brother and some other children were playing in the water and got beyond their depth. One of those who made it to the bank went to the house and gave the alarm. When the mother and neighbors reached the hole, the little girl had disappeared beneath the muddy water, but the little boy was clinging to something which enabled him to keep his head out of the water some of the time at least.

John Hosea King, age 71, well known and respected farmer, died at his home eight miles east of Evergreen at one o’clock Wednesday morning, following an illness of about two weeks. Deceased was a native and lifelong resident of the community in which he lived. He engaged in farming and sawmilling and was one of the leading citizens of his community.

JUNE 23, 1927

ANNOUNCEMENT: On June 21st, a deal was consummated whereby the entire holdings of The Conecuh Record were purchased by The Evergreen Courant Publishing Co., Inc., from Mrs. Alice Whitcomb, who had been its owner and publisher since the death of her husband, Mr. J.C. Whitcomb, about two years ago.
It is the plan of the purchaser to move all equipment and stock to the present offices of The Courant and combine the two, publishing one paper, The Evergreen Courant. Beginning with this issue, subscribers to The Record will be placed on the subscription list of The Courant.

Statement From Mrs. Whitcomb: To the Patrons of The Conecuh Record: I have sold The Conecuh Record and its printing office to The Evergreen Courant Publishing Co., Inc.
The Conecuh Record has been in the hands of the Whitcomb family for over 25 years, my husband, J.C. Whitcomb, having purchased the paper from Judge P.C. Walker about the year 1901 and since the death of my husband, more than a year ago, my daughter, granddaughter and I have conducted the business.
It is my hope that all the people who gave The Record their advertising and job printing will now patronize The Evergreen Courant, that this work may be kept in our town.

Castleberry Masons Elects Officers: At the regular annual meeting of the members of Downing Lodge No. 580 A.F.&A.M., held Friday at 2 p.m., the following new officers were elected: Robert H. Meachan, Worshipful Master; Allen T. Weaver, Senior Warden; Ernest B. Brewton, Junior Warden; Coleman T. Kirkland, Treasurer; Edward A. White, Secretary; Joseph R. Glass, Senior Deacon; Edward L. Conner, Junior Deacon; Martin L. Conner, Tyler.

JUNE 26, 1912

W.W. Pridgen and Walter Lee attended the Republican Convention in Chicago last week and this week they are at the Democratic Convention in Baltimore.

Judge Dean, C.P. Deming, W.M. Newton and J.F. Irwin are in Baltimore looking on at the Democratic National Convention.

The remains of Maggie Donaldson, who died on June 23 at her home in Montgomery, were brought and interred in Evergreen cemetery on Monday afternoon. Deceased was a sister of W.C. Relfe of West Side. She was 52 years old and is survived by her husband and three children.

Robert Relfe and Payne Robertson of Montgomery came down to the funeral of Mrs. Donaldson on Monday. Deceased was a sister of Mr. Relfe.

Wm. Bragg, a prominent banker of Ft. Deposit, was a guest of his brother, John Bragg, several days last week.

The annual meeting of the board of pension examiners will be held at the court house on the first day of July. J.C. Travis, W.F. Betts, M.D.

Dr. H.M. Hawthorn of Wallace was here on business yesterday.

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