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100-year-old news highlights from The Wilcox Progressive Era

Graves of Louise A. Merritt Knight

What follows are 100-year-old news excerpts from the May 30, 1918 edition of The Wilcox Progressive Era newspaper in Camden, Ala.

SOLDIER BOYS ENTERTAINED: One of the best executed and most inspiring patriotic send off to the soldier boys, yet staged, was given Friday evening to the 56 boys who left for Camp Sevier, S.C. Saturday morning. Chairman R.L. Spurlin of the Council of Defense headed the movement. Mr. E.W. Berry presided over the exercises. Inspiring speeches were made by Messrs. N.D. Godbold, J.M. Bonner, John Miller, P.E. Jones, S.C. Godbold and Rev. H.T. Strout. Patriotic reading by Mrs. John Miller was quite an addition to the program. Special hits with the soldier boys and audience were the songs by the High School girls. Mrs. Hardy had charge of the music and on short notice gave a most excellent program. This meeting was most appropriate and made a deep impression on the boys. They were served with ice cream and cake. Mr. Spurlin and associates are to be commended on the excellent results of their efforts.

Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Jones motored to Tuscaloosa this week to witness the graduation of their son Ellie, who receives his diploma from the University.

Mesdames B.M. Miller and D.H. Turner returned home Saturday from Marion and Greensboro, where they accompanied Judge B.M. Miller and Mr. D.H. Turner, on their circuit court duties.

Messrs. Will Albritton, Rob Hardy and Hunter Farish, who attended the University the past session are at home for vacation.

Mr. J.P. Buck of Selma, commercial freight agent of the Louisville & Nashville Railroad company, was in Camden Wednesday looking to the betterment of shipping facilities.

Memorial of Mrs. J.E. Knight of Furman: Mrs. J.E. Knight, wife of Mr. John E. Knight, was taken from our midst by death May 3, 1918 at 1 p.m.
She was 57 years of age, born in Kentucky and moved to Furman in 1903. Her maiden name was Miss Alice Merritt.
Those closest to her to mourn her death are her husband, Mr. J.E. Knight, and sister, Mrs. J.E. Callier of Fort Deposit, Ala.
Mrs. Knight was the mother of three children, only one having lived to reach manhood.
This son, Merritt, died last June in a Boston hospital, having volunteered for hospital service in the Navy.

Camden Grammar School Closes: The graduating exercises of the ninth grade mark the close of the Camden Grammar School on Friday morning last. The program was participated in by the different members of the seventh grade and a few from the lower grades. Quite a large audience was present and expressed their appreciation of the program. Each one of the participants revealed a thoroughness and effectiveness that reflected credit on the institution. Mrs. Foster, as principal of the school, has had a most successful year, and has been unanimously re-elected for the ensuing year. The total enrollment for the year was 143, which is the highest number in its history. Diplomas were awarded to the members completing the work by Supt. O.C. Weaver. Mr. S.C. Godbold, in a few well chosen words, awarded the McWilliams scholarship medal to Grace Wallace, who won over Hugh Dale by a very small margin. Other close contestants were Billy Bonner, Junius Cook and Camilla Jones.

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