Wednesday, June 14, 2017

100-year-old news highlights from The Wilcox Progressive Era

Boll weevil numbers were low in June 1917.
What follows are 100-year-old news excerpts from the June 14, 1917 edition of The Wilcox Progressive Era newspaper in Camden, Ala.

Prof. A.C. Moore of Gastonburg has accepted the position as Principal of the Public Schools at Midland City. Wilcox will lose one of her strongest educators in his removal and the school at Gastonburg where he has taught many years will find it hard to replace him.

The total (draft) registration for Wilcox County was 1,823 of which number 460 were whites and 1,363 were colored.

The county health officers of Alabama met in State Conference recently. They were instructed how to examine men drafted for military service and the methods in vogue in the army. Dr. Z. Moore of Lamison, County Health Officer, attended the meeting.

Mr. P.E. Wallace Jr. of Ackerville has passed the examination for admission to the Officers Training Camp and is now stationed at McPherson, Ga. He says that he is well pleased with the situation there and we predict for him success in his efforts.

So far, the boll weevil has not made his appearance in full force. All reports indicate that the number is far less than last year.

The Pine Hill Dramatic Club will present the “Prince in Buckskins” at the Camden Grammar School Auditorium on Fri., June 29. This entertainment will be a treat for Camden as it is one of the most popular plays of the season. Prof. Taylor of Mobile, a most gifted musician, has been engaged to play. A big house no doubt will great them.

Mr. J.F. Sills Suffers Painful Injury: On Saturday afternoon last while driving across town branch Mr. J.F. Sills was thrown from his wagon and suffered a broken him and other injury. He was given immediate medical attention and everything was done for his comfort. His many friends hope for him a speedy recovery.

Dr. W. Duke returned from New Orleans Sunday, where he was in attendance at the Southern Dental Association.

A nice shower of rain fell on Saturday evening last which helps the growing crops considerably but not in sufficient force to insure the crops.

Willard Savage, son of Mr. F.W. Savage, was taken to Demopolis on Monday morning where he will undergo operation for appendicitis. Later report says he stood operation nicely and is resting well.

Miss Mittie Harris will give a recital at the Grammar School Auditorium on Tuesday evening, June 19, 8:30 p.m. She will present the dramatic reading, “All of a Sudden, Peg.” Admission, 25 cents. Miss Harris is a gifted elocutionist and an enjoyable evening is assured.

School Improvement Association Head will meet the second Wednesday at five o’clock at the High School building. Please note this date and all interested attend. The following officers were selected at the last meeting: President, Mrs. W.J. Bonner; Secretary and Treasurer, Mrs. Warren Primm; Vice President, Mrs. F.H. Moore.

McWILLIAMS: Dr. V. Leon Maxwell, a recent graduate of the Southern Dental College in Atlanta is at home on a vacation.
Mr. Eliza Pierce, who belongs to the Alabama guards, spent the weekend with home folks.
Prof. J.B. Sellers left Monday for the University of Alabama, where he will attend the summer school.

GASTONBURG: The ladies of the Methodist Church gave a salad and ice cream supper Thursday evening, June 7, for local improvements. Quite a nice sum of money was made and it can be used very profitably.

FATAMA: Rev. A.P. Majors visited Natchez fourth Sunday. That was the first time he has been able to make the trip within six months.

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