Thursday, June 22, 2017

Senate designates Evergreen as the 'Official Bigfoot Capital of Alabama'

Wolff, Upton and Albritton.
The State Senate of Alabama issued a formal resolution last week that recognizes Evergreen as the Official Bigfoot Capital of Alabama.

State Senator Greg Albritton formally presented Evergreen Mayor Pete Wolff and Evergreen City Councilman Luther Upton on Monday with a copy of Senate Resolution No. 17-144, which recognizes the City of Evergreen as the Official Bigfoot Capital of Alabama. 

In the State Senate, Albritton, a Republican, represents Senate District 22, which includes portions of Conecuh, Monroe, Escambia, Baldwin, Choctaw, Clarke, Mobile and Washington counties.

The resolution recognizing Evergreen as Alabama’s Bigfoot Capital was officially filed with the Senate on Wednesday of last week, June 14, and comes just four months after the Evergreen City Council voted unanimously to approve a local resolution naming the City of Evergreen the “Official Bigfoot Capital of Alabama.” That decision took place during a city council meeting on Feb. 7 at Evergreen City Hall.

Last week’s Senate resolution was signed by District 12 Senator Del Marsh of Anniston, who is the Presiding Officer of the Senate, and Patrick Harris, who serves as Secretary of the Senate. The entire Senate resolution filed Wednesday of last week reads as follows:

Senate of Alabama, Montgomery, Alabama, Office Of The Secretary – Resolution – RECOGNIZING THE CITY OF EVERGREEN AS THE OFFICIAL BIGFOOT CAPITAL OF ALABAMA – By Senator Albritton:

WHEREAS, many people around the world believe in the existence of Bigfoot-like creatures, and hundreds of sightings of these mysterious creatures are reported each year; and

WHEREAS, numerous Conecuh County residents have reported multiple sightings of mysterious Bigfoot creatures in and around Evergreen for decades, and that Evergreen is the geographical epicenter of these reported sightings; and

WHEREAS, these reports have attracted local, state, national and worldwide media attention, causing Evergreen and Conecuh County to be heavily associated with the ongoing discussion and study of Bigfoot reports in Alabama; and

WHEREAS, Evergreen and Conecuh County have attracted Bigfoot investigators from across the country, including members of the cast of the television show “Killing Bigfoot,” to investigate reported Bigfoot sightings in the area, and leading them to find evidence of these creatures in the Evergreen area; and

WHEREAS, Bigfoot-themed events have been heavily incorporated into large, public events like the annual Evergreen Collard Green Festival, and those Bigfoot-themed events have attracted large crowds of interested, local Bigfoot enthusiasts to discuss Bigfoot sightings and evidence; and

WHEREAS, city officials recognize that many tourists, outdoor enthusiasts and visitors to Conecuh County are interested in Bigfoot and those same visitors stop in Conecuh County in hopes of seeing one of these legendary creatures, and at the same time patronize area businesses, including local restaurants, hotels and gas stations while doing so; and

WHEREAS, local officials see the benefit of supporting the educational, social and tourism aspects of Bigfoot research; now therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE OF THE LEGISLATURE OF ALABAMA, That Evergreen, Alabama is recognized as the official Bigfoot Capital of Alabama.

I hereby certify that the above is a true, correct and accurate copy of the Interim Resolution No. 17-144, filed with the Senate of Alabama on June 14, 2017, pursuant to Senate Rule No. 78.
(Signed) Patrick Harris, Secretary of the Senate
(Signed) Del Marsh, Presiding Officer of the Senate.

The copy of the resolution presented to Wolff and Upton on Monday also bore the official seal of Alabama’s Senate, a golden sticker over a short black ribbon with a heavy, navy-colored protective cover folder. 

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