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100-year-old news highlights from The Monroe Journal from June 1917

Hon. John McDuffie
The Monroe Journal newspaper in Monroeville, Ala., under the direction of editor and proprietor Q. Salter, likely published four editions 100 years ago during the month of June 1917. Those issues, which were dated June 8, June 14, June 21 and June 28, can be found on microfilm at the Monroe County Library in Monroeville, Ala. What follows are a few news highlights from those editions. Enjoy.

JUNE 8, 1917

REGISTRATION OF MILITARY SUBJECTS: Registration under the military selective draft act on Tuesday was effected throughout the county without friction or noteworthy incident. Reports coming to the county board indicate that the total for the county will probably be 2,000 or more. In the Monroeville precinct 245, of which 133 were negroes, were registered; 172 at Tunnel Springs, 189 at Jeddo and 69 at Beat 6. No instances of evasion of the registration requirement have been reported.

J.A. Hurry brought to The Journal office Monday the first cotton bloom of the season found in his field Sun., June 3. This is some eight or 10 days earlier than dates on which first blooms have been reported for the last few years.

The concrete pavement extending entirely across the roadway built for Lazenby Mercantile Co. will enable patrons of that enterprising firm to reach the store dry-shod on occasions of the most sloppy weather.

The Lazenby Mercantile Co. is now comfortably domiciled in their commodious and conveniently appointed new brick store on North side where their friends and customers are always assured of a cordial welcome and courteous attention.

The Journal sanctum was favored Friday with the fraternal visit of Editor Higdon of The Atmore Record, accompanied by a representative of the Mergenthaler Linotype company. The Record has just placed an order for a Linotype to meet the demands of expanding business.

JUNE 14, 1917

Judge N.C. Thames is back from the UCV Reunion in Washington City and reports the trip of his life. Judge Thames was accompanied by his grandson, John C. Felder.

The rain Saturday afternoon was accompanied by a vivid electrical display. With the exception of an incipient fire ignited at the home of Dr. Dennis and the burning out of numerous fuses in the local telephone system no damage has been reported.

Mr. T.T. Ivey had the misfortune to lose his sawmill at Beatrice by fire on Friday of last week for the second time within a little more than a year. The fire broke out from the slab-pit while the employees were at dinner and when discovered was beyond control.

Hon. John McDuffie and family are at home again after a few weeks spent with relatives and friends in Mobile. Mr. McDuffie is the recipient of the hearty congratulations of friends upon the able and patriotic address delivered before the graduating class of Barton Academy.

FIRE AT BEATRICE: Mr. and Mrs. T.T. Ivey of Beatrice wish to express sincere thanks to the many friends, both white and colored, for their ready response to the call for help at the burning of the portable sawmill between the hours of 12 and 1 on Fri., June 8. Due to a merciful providence and efficient service on the part of helpers from Beatrice, Pineville, Natchez, Tunnel Springs, Buena Vista, Chestnut, Turnbull and Peterman the flames were conquered in about three hours, before reaching the planning mill.

JUNE 21, 1917

Mr. E.M. Salter, foreman of the Journal composing room, is on the job again after several days sickness.

Mayor L.J. Bugg has returned after a week’s absence on a business trip to Georgia and South Carolina.

The southbound L&N passenger train was delayed several hours Tuesday on account of the burning of a trestle near Selma sometime Monday night. The fire was presumably accidental.

The demand for dwelling houses in Monroeville grows day to day. Material is being placed for the erection of two new bungalows in Monvil Park residence addition by the Dennis brothers.

Tuesday about noon the fire alarm was given from the residence of Dr. O.B. Coxwell and upon the arrival of the bucket brigade it proved to be the doctor’s auto. His amateur chauffeur had given the car a gasoline bath and “cranked up” with the result stated.


Monroeville, No. 153: Alvin B. Coxwell, worshipful master; Willard T. Bayles, senior warden; Jesse R. Carter, junior warden; Daniel J. Hatter, treasurer; James A. Lazenby, secretary; Richard I. Ryland, senior deacon; Marcus R. Sowell, junior deacon; Fred Holloway, tyler; Charles A. Williams, chaplain; F. Edgar Marshall, John W. Urquhart, stewards; Q. Salter, marshal.

Beatrice No. 691: William M. Hestle, worshipful master; J. Neal Andress, senior warden; Julius J. McMillan, junior warden; Stephen D. Andress, treasurer; Walter A. McPherson, secretary; Aaron P. Majors, chaplain; William W. Hestle, senior deacon; Leslie J. Robbins, junior deacon; John Sanders, senior steward; Mack Helton, junior steward; Wick W. Rilee Sr., tyler.

Excel No. 655: Riley Kelly, worshipful master; William Bradley, senior warden; W.H. Hasty, junior warden; Julius W. Brown, treasurer; Samuel Williams, secretary; Lee Cohron, senior deacon; John Roley, junior deacon; Quiney Powell, tyler.

Monroe Chapter No. 122: Q. Salter, high priest; Alvin B. Coxwell, king; John B. Barnett, scribe; John M. Sowell, captain of host; Charles L. Hybart, principal sojourner; Murdoch M. Fountain, royal arch captain; Hilliard J. Coxwell, master third vail; Arthur T. Sowell, master first vail; Edward M. Salter, secretary-treasurer; Riley Kelly, sentinel.

JUNE 28, 1917


Monroe No. 485: J.D. McKinley, worshipful master; J.B. DuBose, senior warden; J.W. Ruthford, junior warden; A.H. Johnson, treasurer; C.L. Johnson, secretary; J.M. Johnson, senior deacon; A. Massey, junior deacon; H.T. Rachels, tyler.

Burnt Corn No. 489: James K. Kyser, worshipful master; William G. Hairston, senior warden; E.M. Salter, junior warden; H.H. Brantley, treasurer; A.O. Brantley, secretary; H.C. Fountain, senior deacon; F.T. Thames, junior deacon; A.M. Stokes, tyler.

Tunnel Springs No. 578: F.S. Dailey, worshipful master; C.J. Jackson, senior warden; R.L. Lewis, junior warden; T.A. Nettles, treasurer; W.S. Nash, secretary; S.D. Morrison, senior deacon; T.A. Nettles Jr., junior deacon; Joe Jernigan, tyler.

Jones Mill No. 702: J.A. Barnes, worshipful master; J.H. Baas, senior warden; S.B. McMillan, junior warden; J.E. Kyser, treasurer; C.W. Adams, secretary; W.W. Grimes, senior deacon; J.J. Nicholas, junior deacon; J.W. Lisenba, tyler; J.J. Sessions, chaplain; Irvin Bailey, J.T. Sawyer, stewards.

At the recent meeting of the Board of Revenue, the lease held by J.B. Barnett, Esq., upon the old courthouse building was extended for a period of 25 years from the expiration of the present lease at an annual rental of $250 per annum.

The entertainment committee announces as a part of the program for the celebration of Independence Day at Lake Park next Wednesday the delivery of patriotic address by two of Alabama’s well known orators, Hon. John H. Wallace of Montgomery and Hon. Albert P. Bush of Mobile. Mr. Wallace will speak at 10:30 a.m. and Mr. Bush at 2 p.m.

A refreshing shower covering a limited area fell here Sunday afternoon. The shower was accompanied by a heavy fall of hail over a part of the area, resulting in some damage to crops. Other sections of the county received showers Monday afternoon.

Ice cream will be served at the Carter home near Mexia Friday evening, June 29, for the benefit of the Baptist church. Everybody invited.

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