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110-year-old news highlights from The Monroe Journal from June 1907

The Monroe Journal newspaper in Monroeville, Ala., under the direction of editor and proprietor Q. Salter, likely published four editions 110 years ago during the month of June 1907. Those issues, which were dated June 6, June 13, June 20 and June 27, can be found on microfilm at the Monroe County Library in Monroeville, Ala. What follows are a few news highlights from those editions. Enjoy.

JUNE 6, 1907

Sheriff Fountain went to Mobile last week on official business.

Prof. J.M. Sowell, who is teaching at Franklin, paid a brief visit to home folks this week.

Dr. D.R. Nettles of Peterman attended the annual meeting of the Royal Arch Chapter Tuesday evening.

The regular term of the county court was held Monday. Eighteen cases were disposed of, the fines aggregating $450. There were no demands for jury trial filed.

The Scotland and Franklin boys organized a baseball team Saturday afternoon.

We learn that Mr. G.W. Broughton has received the appointment as County Tax Commissioner made vacant by the resignation of Dr. R.A. Smith. Mr. Broughton has served as County Surveyor for the last several years and also assisted Dr. Smith in his work last year.

William Wiggins, an industrious colored farmer living near Monroeville, brought to this office on May 31st the first cotton bloom of the season, which is fully 10 days earlier than the first bloom reported last year notwithstanding the unfavorable weather conditions which have prevailed.

Dr. R.A. Smith was down from Nadawah last week. Dr. Smith has sold his practice and drug business at Nadawah to Dr. Bradford and removed to Brewton on June 1 where he has acquired an interest in the Star Drug Co. of that city and will devote himself to that business in connection with the general practice of his profession.

JUNE 13, 1907

BUENA VISTA: Dr. W.M. Hestle and Mr. Joe Holloway were among those who attended a meeting of the Masonic Lodge at Bell’s Landing last week.

Hon. N.J. Stallworth has been appointed postmaster at Monroeville, vice S.A. McDuffie deceased. We understand he will retain Mrs. Smith as his assistant.

Several prisoners confined in the county jail came near making their escape Monday. Sheriff Fountain let them out of their cells into the bathroom. As soon as he left the jail they began picking a hole in the wall, using a broken piece of a shovel which they procured in some way. They had succeeded in removing several brick from the wall before they were discovered. Had they been given a few moments more, the sheriff would have been treated to a lively chase for their recapture.

At a regular communication of Monroe Lodge No. 485, held June 7, the following officers were elected for the ensuring Masonic year: R.W. McCants, worshipful master; R.A. Newell, senior warden; J.D. McKinley, junior warden; J.R. McCants, treasurer; T.A. Poe, secretary; A.J. McKinley, senior deacon; A. Massey, junior deacon; G.C. Nettles, tyler; J.F. Burson, chaplain; J.W. Dailey Jr. and W.W. Hestle, stewards; N.M. Newell, marshal.
There will be a public installation of the officers at Tinela, Ala. on June 27. Everybody and our neighbors with well-filled baskets invited to attend and participate in the exercises.

JUNE 20, 1907

CHESTNUT: Our livelihood have stopped on account of smallpox. There has been 16 cases here. We haven’t any public gatherings at all now, though we hope to start our dear Sunday School again in the near future.

FIRE AT MANISTEE: News was received here yesterday of the destruction by fire on Tuesday evening of a portion of the plant of the Manistee Mill company together with a large quantity of manufactured lumber, entailing a loss of many thousands of dollars.
The fire broke out between five and six o’clock in the afternoon and raged fiercely for two hours or more. The mill was equipped with the best of fire apparatus, but owing to the highly inflammable material it was impossible to do more than confine the fire to the department in which it originated. It is stated that the dry kilns and planing mill and their contents, together with the company hotel nearby were entirely consumed.
There is no direct telegraph or phone connection between this place and Manistee, hence we are unable to give further details or to approximate the amount of loss sustained.

The local post office will be shortly removed to the vacant building adjoining Barnett & Jackson’s hardware store on the east side of the square.

Mizpah Lodge No. 667, F.A.&A.M., will celebrate St. John’s Day at Manistee on June 24. A basket picnic dinner will be served and visiting brethren will be cordially welcomed. Citizens living within convenient distance are invited to attend with well-filled baskets.

Burnt Corn Lodge No. 489 elected the following officers for the ensuring Masonic year: J.K. Kyser, worshipful master; J.F. Salter, senior warden; H.S. Ellis, junior warden; H.C. Fountain, senior deacon; C.E. Dean, junior deacon; H.H. Brantley, treasurer; A.O. Brantley, secretary; I.S. Ridgeway, chaplain.

Monroeville Lodge No. 153 elected the following officers for the ensuring Masonic year: T.M. McMillan, worshipful master; W.G. McCorvey, senior warden; J.B. Barnett, junior warden; D.J. Hatter, treasurer; Q. Salter, secretary; F.W. Hare, senior deacon; I.B. Slaughter, junior deacon; D.K. Smith, tyler.

At a regular convocation of Tunnel City Lodge No. 578, A.F.&A.M., Tunnel Springs, Ala., held June 14, 1907, the following officers were elected for this year: S.H. Dailey, worshipful master; F.S. Dailey, senior warden; O.J. Day, junior warden; J.C. Morrison, senior deacon; C.J. Jackson, junior deacon; T.A. Nettles, treasurer; Asy Brantley, tyler; J.L. Tatum and J.R. Nettles, stewards.

Hall of Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. 266, A.F.&A.M., elected the following officers for the ensuring Masonic year: D.D. Cole, worshipful master; J.R. Montgomery, senior warden; S.E. Northrup, junior warden; Theo. Harris, treasurer; Z. Turberville, secretary; W.H. Northrup Jr., senior deacon; N.D. Montgomery, junior deacon; J.A. Montgomery, tyler; Rev. A.J. Lambert, chaplain; W.D. Lambert, senior steward; C.S. Dees, junior steward; Chas. Weatherford, marshal.

W.J. McCants, postmaster at Wawbeek, died at that place after a lingering illness with typhoid fever.
The deceased had passed the three score and 10 mark and owing to his age, it was seen from the first that the severe attack of fever would prove fatal.
He was a native of Bells Landing, Monroe County, at which place he was engaged in the mercantile business for many years afterward, moving to River Ridge in the same county, where he again took up the mercantile business several years ago.
He moved to Canoe in Escambia County, where he was appointed postmaster, acting in that capacity until a few years ago, when he moved to Wawbeek where he later secured the postmastership.
He was also a Mason since his early manhood.

JUNE 27, 1907

There will be a basket picnic at the Jones Mill baseball grounds on the 4th day of July. Two games played that day. Everybody is invited to come and bring plenty of dinner.

Later information confirms the early reports concerning the seriousness of the fire at Manistee last week. The planing mill, dry kilns and practically the entire stock of lumber on the yards were consumed, together with the company hotel and five dwellings. The loss is estimated at $250,000, which is partially covered by insurance.
We learn that it is the purpose of the company to rebuild at an early date. The Messrs. Herlong are held in the highest esteem by all our people and have their profound sympathy in this heavy loss.

Mr. T.H. (Hamp) Coker died at his home at Abbot, Conecuh County, June 24, aged 83 years. The deceased was at one time sheriff of Monroe County, and was held in esteem by those of our older citizens who knew him.

A little negro boy, about 10 years old, died in great agony near Peterman last week as the result of drinking carbolic acid. The boy and some other children were playing in an abandoned out-building when they discovered a number of old bottles, one of which was partly filled with some unknown fluid. The boy proceeded to satisfy his curiosity by taking a drink. His peculiar behavior alarmed the family and a doctor was sent for but arrived too late to save the child’s life. On examination, the contents of the bottle proved to be carbolic acid.

Miss Mary Stallworth left Thursday for Mobile where she will take a special course in music. Miss Stallworth has been re-elected teacher of music at the Moore Academy, Pine Apple, for the next session.

Mr. Elijah Gulsby died at his home near Peterman Sun., June 23, after several weeks sickness with typhoid fever.

Mr. W.L. Rikard and son, E.L., attended the burial of Mr. Gulsby near Peterman Sunday.

Hon. I.B. Slaughter went to McIntosh, Ala. to attend the funeral of his nephew, John Shomo Slaughter, who died at Fort Worth, Texas, June 20. The deceased was the son of Mr. and Mrs. John M. Slaughter, aged 21 years. Typhoid fever was the cause of his death.

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