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The Evergreen Courant's News Flashback for Feb. 3, 2015

Alabama Gov. Bibb Graves
FEB. 4, 1965

“Car-train wreck kills Isaiah Mims: Isaiah Mims, age 31 of Owassa, was killed instantly when his auto was hit by an L&N train Saturday afternoon on the main crossing in Owassa. Trooper Pitchford investigated the accident. Pitchford said that Mims evidently heard the train approaching too late to bring his 1957 Ford to a stop and skidded to rest on the tracks in the path of the oncoming train. Mims’ car was a total loss and the engine of the train received $3,000 damage.”

“Baptists begin new building: Construction will begin right away on the new addition to the educational building of the Evergreen Baptist Church, according to John Nielsen, chairman of the building committee.
“The new building will join the present building at the rear end and will be approximately the same size, 6,000 square feet in two stories. Approximate cost of the building will be $47,000 including heating, air conditioning and lights. The contract has already been let.
“The new building will be the latest in a major building program carried out by the local church in the past 15 years. The present educational building was completed in 1950. Since then the church has also remodeled and air conditioned the main building, built a parsonage and built the first unit of Bower Memorial Baptist Church.
“All of these programs were carried out under the leadership of the Rev. Sam Granade, who is complete his 17th year as pastor.”

FEB. 2, 1950

“Attendance Record Broken By Death: GEORGIANA, Ala. – Death Monday broke a veteran teacher’s 44-year record of never having missed a day of school.
“Mrs. Lola B. Harwell, fifth and sixth grade instructor at Georgiana Elementary School, died unexpectedly Monday morning in her classroom. She had just returned from a religious motion picture which was being shown to her students.
“Mrs. Harwell entered the teaching profession in September 1906 at Ebeneza in Butler County. She had never been absent or tardy since taking her first job.
“She also taught in Conecuh County and was principal at Avant in Butler County before coming to Georgiana.
“Mrs. Harwell was a graduate of Troy State Teachers College and attended the University of Alabama. She is survived by her husband, Grady Harwell of Georgiana.”

“Strawberry Shipments Move From Castleberry: CASTLEBERRY, Ala., Jan. 30 – For the second year in succession, the strawberry season has begun several weeks ahead of schedule.
“Several growers brought in crates today and many more patches will begin producing within a week or two – if the mild weather continues.
“Normally, the season begins between March 15 and April 1.
“Lonnie Beasley of the Hamden Ridge community got here with 1950’s first crate. They were Klonmores and were sold to R.T. Holland, local buyer."

FEB. 7, 1935

“Former Conecuh Citizen Appointed Prison Warden: Gov. Bibb Graves the past week announced the appointment of Mr. Chas. S. Kelly of Atmore as Warden of Atmore Prison, otherwise known as Moffat Farm.
“The appointment of Mr. Kelly to this post is a source of delight to his numerous friends in Conecuh County. He is a native of Repton and made his home there until a few years ago, when he moved to Atmore to accept a position at the prison farm.
“Mr. Kelly is the brother of Dr. E.L. Kelly, County Health Officer. Mr. J.E. Kelly, former representative from Conecuh and president of Union Bank of Repton, and the father of Senator J.L. Kelly of this city.”

“SCOUT NEWS: Troop 80, Evergreen Scouts, had an outdoor meeting on Monday afternoon at Stevens Pond.
“Monday night, we shall have our regular meeting at seven o’clock and next Wednesday p.m., we plan a trip to old historic Beulah cemetery.”

“MR. JACK ROBINSON ACCEPTS POSITION WITH I. LONG & SONS: Mr. Jack Robinson of Baltimore, Md. arrived Monday to assume a position with the firm of I. Long and Sons. Mr. Robinson is a nephew of Messrs. Robert and Haiman Long, his mother being a twin sister of Mr. Robert Long.
“Mr. Robinson was born and reared in Baltimore and this is his first trip south. He is making his home with the Longs on Belleville Street.”

FEB. 4, 1920

“Hon. and Mrs. J.M. Thomas are greatly distressed over the receipt of a message from the army hospital in San Antonio, Texas, announcing the serious illness of their son, Mabry Thomas, who is suffering with pneumonia. Latest advices stated that there was slight improvement in the young man’s condition.”

“Robert Long left yesterday afternoon for his semi-annual visit to New York and other eastern markets to purchase the spring and summer stock for his firm, I. Long & Sons. Miss Althea Burke accompanied him on the trip to assist in the selections. Miss Burke has long been identified with this store and will be of material aid to him in purchasing one of the most varied lines of ladies goods ever carried by this popular store. Miss Diaz, the trimmer, will also be with them to look after the selection of stock for the millinery department. They will be in the markets not less than three weeks.”

“The groundhog surely failed to see his shadow Monday, and we shall now see if this portends an early spring or the end of winter, whichever it means, if it means anything.”

“The first to break the ice in the local campaign is H.S. Hagood, who will stand for re-election to the office of tax assessor.”

“A.R. Peavey and D.W. Presley, two of the salt of the earth from Jamestown beat, were appreciated callers at the editorial sanctum a few days ago.”

FEB. 1, 1905

“O.L. Peckham was found dead on Friday afternoon near the place where he was building a home in front of D.G. Rutland’s. Mr. Peckham had recently removed here from Missouri and purchased land from Mr. Rutland and had contracted for the erection of a home, and was arranging for truck farming. About 12 o’clock Mr. Rutland happened to find the dead body of Mr. Peckham leaning against a tree and he had the body removed to his house. Investigation revealed the fact that the man had taken carbolic acid with suicide intent. An empty bottle was found at his side and a dipper out of which he had drank the deadly poison. The drug was bought on Saturday before from a drug store here. No cause could be assigned for the rash act. The only member of his family with him was his wife, who came here and has been with him. His remains were interred in Evergreen cemetery on Saturday morning at 10 o’clock. Mr. Peckham appeared to be an industrious farmer and seemed delighted with his new location and so expressed himself to man. The coroner was notified of the death, but after investigation decided it was unnecessary to hold an inquest.”

“FOUND: Purse containing large amount of money, picked up on the counter at the Racket Store; owner will identify and get same by proper claim.”

“Earthquake Felt at Gadsden: Gadsden, Ala. – The people of Gadsden were rudely awakened about 10:20 o’clock Saturday night with a distinct earthquake shock which shook houses, rattled windows and doors, broke up glassware and frightened the superstitious. The shock was also felt in Attalla." 

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